Highest Facebook Traffic Times 2017

When to Post & Image Hacks


FB posts


If you want traffic and sales from Facebook there are really 2 big keys:

  • Engage Facebook users
  • Give them a great reason to buy from you or to go to your site.

The hardest part is really engaging them. There are multiple factors involved including the time of day you post, the type of post you make and posting something that appeals tightly to your target market.

In this report I’ll reveal some insights that can give you a huge head start in the Facebook engagement and traffic game.


What Days To Post On Facebook…

If you post on Sunday your post is likely to get around 30% higher rate of engagement than a weekday.

Post on Saturday and your post is likely to get around 15% higher rate of engagement than a weekday.




Weekdays all get around the same rates of engagement…a little lower than posting on the weekend.


What Times To Post On Facebook…

This tip might surprise you.

If you’re not paying to boost your Facebook post then you’re relying on the organic reach of your post for it to be seen.

The people who see it will be drawn from the people who have liked or followed your Facebook page in the past.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

You’d think the best time to reach the maximum number of those people is when they’re most active on Facebook.

Actually it’s the opposite because there’s so much activity on Facebook at that time that the competition from other posts massively reduces the organic reach of your post.

The best time to post is most likely to be between 9pm and 11pm in the time zone most of your followers live in.

The difference in engagement can be quite dramatic with one study showing posting in the 9pm to 11pm time zone doubles the number of shares a post is likely to get.

So combining day and time posting on a Sunday between 9pm and 11pm is likely to get you the highest rate of engagement followed by posting on Saturday between 9pm and 11pm.

Remember every niche and audience can be different, so this is something you should test.




Scheduling Posts In Advance…

Chances are you don’t want to be online every Sunday between 9pm and 11pm or any night for that matter.

Fortunately you can schedule multiple Facebook posts in advance.

You do this by making a post on your timeline then instead of clicking on publish, clicking on the little arrow to the right of the publish button.


You’ll then get the option of scheduling your post any time you want.

Scheduling posts allows you to set up multiple posts for the future at the same time so you can have a steady stream of cool posts engaging people who like your post.


Keep Your Facebook Posts Short…

Most Facebook users don’t like doing a lot of reading there.

Short posts with text under 50 characters long (less than around 10 words long) get the most engagement.

When posts get over 150 characters long (over around 30 words long) they get around half the engagement level so keep your Facebook posts short.

You can always link to more detailed content on your website.




Hashtags Probably Aren’t Helping…

Including hashtags in your posts may not be all that helpful.

Posts without hashtags get around 34% more interactions than posts with hashtags.




Post A Question With An Image For The Highest Engagement…

A post that includes a question targeted to followers and an image can get 4 times the engagement rate of just a post with a question.

Posts with just questions outperform every other kind of post with images coming a very close second and the combination of the 2 is a clear huge winner.




Upload Your Images To Instagram & Post To Facebook Via Instagram…

When you’re uploading photos upload them to Instagram and use Instagram’s “Post to Facebook” option.



This serves 2 purposes…

First you get double duty from the same photo and short description…engagement from followers, fans and friends on Instagram and Facebook.

Second total interactions on images posted on Facebook via Instagram are around 23% higher.

Inspiration For Creating Your Own Facebook Posts…

Here are a few resources where you’ll find highly successful high engagement Facebook posts or viral images…





How To Find Or Create Viral Images…

There are sites when you can find or create viral images in a few minutes or a few seconds.

NextHaHa has plenty of them being updated constantly…




You can put your own captions on highly popular memes at MemeGenerator.net and imgflip.

You can use background images and add your own text at livluvcreate.


Post A Video If You Want The Most Shares…

Different types of posts get different types of intereaction. If you want to get your poast shared more video comes out number one with images close behind.

Combining videos with a question is also a great idea for engagement.


Upload Your Video Directly To Facebook…

It might seem appealing to post the link to a YouTube video but that could be a mistake.

Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook get over 6 times the engagement level of YouTube videos embedded in your post.



Link To An Article 1,000 To 3,000 Words Long…

If you’re linking to content on your website and you want the maximum level of interaction, linking to an article on your site that’s 1,000 to 3,000 words long is most likely to get you a higher level of interaction from Facebook users.


The Only Rule Is There Are No Rules…

Every niche and every market is different so it’s vital that you be flexible and watch what kind of results you’re getting with each post.

Pay attention to the posts you make that get the highest engagement and do more of what’s working for you.

What is working for you? Comment below…

The Magic Of Appreciation in Business & Sales

One Teacher…100 Cards…


Teacher Brittni Darras was deeply shaken at a parent teacher night when a parent told her one of her students had been absent for an extended period because she’d tried to take her own life.

The student was in the act of committing suicide when police got a Safe 2 Tell report. They broke in and saved her.

The teacher, upon hearing this, asked if she could write a letter to the student.

When the student received the letter she cried saying “How could somebody say such nice things about me? I didn’t think anybody would miss me if I was gone.”


   Teacher telling kids what she likes about them

Brittni Davis realized many more of her students might be close to committing suicide so over the next 2 months she wrote them all cards telling each of them what was special about them.



She hand wrote every card…so every student would know she was genuine when she said they were special.

My guess is that most of those students would hold on to those cards for the rest of their lives.


Because in our fast paced world people who show us genuine appreciation are rare.

And the people who do show us appreciation hold a special place in our hearts for a long, long time.


    Free Hugs…

People are so desperate for a show of acceptance and appreciation in our society that the giving people free hugs without any strings attached became a global movement.



   Show Appreciation To Everyone You Come In Contact With…

There’s a magic in showing appreciation to your family, friends, associates and the people you come into contact with every day.

First you lift their spirits…maybe just a little, maybe a lot.

They’ll also like you more and be happier to see you and be around you.

That makes life more pleasant and fulfilling for you and for them.



And you’ll also feel better about yourself and your life because the one thing you can always take control of in your life is how you interact with other people.

There’s some real magic in that.

And there’s also some real power.

If you don’t believe me just try handwriting and mailing a thank you note to one different person every day for the next 7 days and see what happens.


   13,000 Cards A Month = World Record Sales

Selling automobiles is a tough job.

And in his time Joe Girard was as good as they come.

Joe sold so many automobiles he was entered into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the greatest selling retail salesman in the world.

But Joe had a secret that very few people are aware of.

He used to send out cards to everyone he came into contact with.

At his peak he was sending over 13,000 cards every month.



Joe worked out that in sales showing people genuine appreciation is an incredibly effective way to build relationships.

And when you build relationships you dramatically increase the chances someone will buy from you.

Joe Girard was averaging 72 retail car sales every month…that’s a lot of cars!


   Getting The Appreciation Habit…

In life and in business the people who are saying thank you and showing appreciation to others have more fun, have more fulfilling relationships, build more valuable business contacts and more customers.

So getting in the habit of showing appreciation by email, by mail, on social media sites like Facebook, when you meet people in person…that can make a huge difference in every area of your life.


12 Example Joint Venture Types & Ideas

Profitable Benefits of Successful Alliances


animal joint venture

A joint venture (JV) is where two businesses agree to do something mutually beneficial and leverage each other to make more money.

It is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience and business. In my own business Joint Ventures have exploded my business into 6 and 7 figure revenue in weeks. I’ll share some example a little later…

First, let’s take a look at 3 critical elements of a successful business:

  • Targeted niche traffic
  • Products or services to sell that are targeted to that niche.
  • Multiple ways to build relationships with people in that niche (eg. high quality content, effective email sequences, video, audio etc etc.)

One of the fastest way to fill in the elements you don’t have in that business model is to do a joint venture with someone who does have them.

  • Have traffic, but not a product… do a JV.
  • Have lots of relationships, but no way to monetize those contacts… do a JV
  • Have a great product, but no audience… do a JV

Getting the idea?



If you already have a successful online business joint ventures can give you access to large lists of highly targeted customers rapidly increasing your sales, customer base and email subscribers.

In brick and mortar businesses joint ventures with other related but non competitive businesses can also be highly lucrative, again by opening up markets and customers you don’t currently have access to.

The great power of a well executed joint venture is they cost little or nothing to do and you can be bringing in sales almost immediately.

Example Joint Ventures:

  1. Parcel Ads – When you deliver a physical product include an advertisement for a complimentary service to reduce delivery costs and increase profit margins
  2. Co-Reg – If you have an email list you could allow people to tick a box to register to a list of a complimentary website, and that other website does the same for you
  3. Affilliates – Do you have a product but no audience? Consider getting affilliates. For better or worse, the Internet Marketing launch market is built on affilliates and cross promotions.
  4. Financing – Could you get more customers if you offered financing using a third party? This is a big revenue source for many car dealers, but can be applied to many business models.
  5. Add-On Services & Upsells – Can you increase your client value by offering other upsells from third parties like insurance after buying a vacation, or an SEO audit after buying web design… Could your service be that add-on for others? I am growing PressCable on this very principle.
  6. APIs – Could your technology or data enchance another service in return for payment or exposure to their audience… many SaaS business are based on the API model.
  7. Republishing – Do you have great content that other sites, newsletters or email lists would benefit from publishing to their audience on an ongoing basis, in return for exposure of your brand, and traffic back to your site or offer.
  8. Events & Conferences – Does an event need a speaker or workshop that you could deliver in return for exposure? Click here for a comprehensive list of marketing conferences.
  9. Retargeting Sharing – If you have a retargeting list could you advertise another business on your retargeting list if they do the same for you?
  10. Solve Another Business’ Customers Problem – A company that can generate traffic for a business might lose customers if those customers cannot convert the traffic, which could be solved if they sell a third party whitelabel conversion tool. Can your product or service help another business’ customers succeed or vice versa?
  11. Recommendations – An accountant could send out a letter or an email to his best business clients recommending a cleaning service or a printing service or a marketing service, in return for a commission or recommending their accounting firm.
  12. Social Media – A website on business could retweet and share on facebook content from a economic analysis site, and vice versa, to help increase their viral exposure and list.

All these examples generate rapid revenue, customer satisfaction, or traffic with minimal costs.




If you’re working with multiple brick and mortar businesses as clients you can also engineer joint ventures between businesses that are non competitive but target the same types of customers.

Finding the Opportunity…

  • Who do you know that has a large audience that would be interested in your product, services or website?
  • Do you have a number of contacts or potential clients within an industry, that is useful to someone else who has a number of different contacts or potential clients that is useful to you?
  • Who can you find that has a product that your audience would be very interested in?
  • Is there someone that is great at building sales funnels and drive more sales to your product in return for a share of profits or other benefits?
  • Who could train, educate or coach your customers so they get more out of your product, and you share in the fee?
  • Is there a charity that contains your target market that could benefit from your finances or other help?
  • Do you know someone that is well connected in your industry, who could grow your business, and join in from the profit?
  • Can you help another business that is weak in an area you are strong, and vice versa?
  • Is there someone who produces brilliant content in your niche that you could give more exposure too?
  • What other businesses share your target audience but don’t directly compete where you could trade advertising real estate to cross promote?


   What’s In It For Them…?

Once you’ve identified a potential joint venture partner who has something you need (like traffic, an email list, the ability to create products or sales pages etc) then you have to think through why they should do a joint venture with you.

Put simply…what’s in it for them?




Also be aware that for many of the best joint venture partners making money is NOT the first thing they think about when they’re thinking of a potential joint venture.

It’s more likely they’ll be thinking of things like:

  • How would this product serve my customers?
  • Will this add to or compete with products and services I’m already offering my customers?
  • Is this person going to fulfill their promises? Are they committed to great customer support?
  • How is this going to effect my relationship with my customers? Will they appreciate it or will it burn them and kill their trust in me?


You need to think through what’s likely to appeal to them the most based on their current business and things they’ve said and done in the past.

Doing some research on them will help enormously. Read their emails and their blog posts. Ask anyone who knows them well about them and how they operate.

Any insights you get can dramatically increase your chances of building a successful relationship.


   It’s All About Building A Relationship…?

So once you know you can deliver something of value and you’ve done some research what’s the first step in making a joint venture with someone?

This is like building any other relationship.

You need to do what’s appropriate at each stage to get to the point where the person will trust you and be open to doing business with you.

If it’s clearly a slam dunk for them (for example you have a huge targeted email list or massive traffic you can send their way) then it can be as simple as contacting them with the idea.

On the other hand if they’re already very successful it’s probably going to take a little longer to make it into that inner circle of people they trust.




In this situation you can start by doing something useful for them. You might create a special add on report for one of their products that you give to them or you might send them a testimonial for one of their products.

You might also just send an email telling them how much you appreciate what they do in the niche and why. Posts on their Facebook page might work in a similar way.

The key is you want to think through how you’re coming across with any contact you make and be patient if that’s what’s needed.

Some relationships take time and you want to be the guy they’re happy to communicate with…not the annoying intrusion in their life.


   Put It In Writing…

What is important is to be very clear about what each of you is expected to do and when.

If there’s money involved it’s vitally important to put in writing who gets back what, how they get paid and when they get paid.

Putting this into a written document or an email is fine…




What’s important is that both parties understand exactly what the arrangement is and what’s expected of them.


   Do You Need Contracts…?

In a large percentage of cases contracts are a waste of time and money.

Are you really going to to take legal action against your joint venture partner if they don’t fulfill their part of the deal?

When you’re doing a joint venture it’s more effective to take the time to ensure your joint venture partner is honest and has a good track record of dealing with people fairly.


   Be Fair & Flexible…

As your joint venture progresses you’ll have a lot more information.

One party may be putting in a lot more work than expected or may have more costs than expected.

It pays to be fair minded and flexible…willing to change your deal a little so both parties stay happy.




Remember that you’re co-operating because you can make income that you wouldn’t earn working alone so try nurture that relationship and help keeping to working for both of you.

In niches where joint ventures are common getting a reputation as a person who goes out of their way to look after your joint venture partners will also help you pick up other highly valuable joint venture deals.

One tip: if you change your initial agreement put the changes in writing too. You want your agreements to be clear and easy to refer to so there are no misunderstandings down the road.


   Remember It’s A Process…

Putting together successful, profitable joint venture deals is a process.

You might get lucky and have a highly profitable deal first time out of the gate.

But it’s more likely you’ll have to grow your skills and your business a little before you have a home run.




The good news is you can do this over and over until you hit on a joint venture partnership that works for you.

Share your experiences and questions for joint ventures below…

The Most Profitable Online Business Idea

2017 Strategies to Monetize a Website Without Ads


Where’s The Money? The Critical Revenue Mistake for an Online Business

Most people start an online business with the major goal of making some good profits.

But many struggle to make substantial profits despite being in an industry experiencing dramatic growth over an extended period with a whole lot more growth to come.

Why is it that some people build large, highly profitable online businesses while others struggle to make any kind of income?

When I first started online I was making over $1000 per month selling an eBook on eBay which took me about 2 hours a week while I was at University… but along the way I drifted of course and ended up working a lot harder, getting millions of visitors, and while successful, getting a much smaller return on my time…

What did I do wrong?

online website profitable ideas

This report reveals a few of the most common reasons for failure in the profit creation area and the simple key to generating revenue online.

These basic principles will help if you’re not making money yet with your online business.

They’ll help if you’re not making enough money and they’ll also help if you want to identify how to increase the profits of an already profitable business.

What Are You Selling…?

Sometimes you can get so focused on building traffic, building a site with all the bells and whistles and chasing after the latest cool online technique that you overlook the most obvious business basic…actually selling something.

You don’t make any money until you sell something.

I’ve seen sites that are fantastic, generating good traffic with no significant revenue.

In fact I had a site like that myself and everything changed when I created and started to sell a product specifically targeted to the kind of people who were coming to my site.


Repeatedly I’ve seen people working hard to build an online business fall into the trap or not getting clear on what they’re selling or not making any attempt to sell anything themselves.

Trying to monetize a website in 2016 and beyond with ad revenue is only going to give you a tiny fraction of the money you could be earning if you sell a product tightly targeted to your niche. It might work for huge sites like the Huffington Post or Reddit, but for the average business focusing just on ad revenue is highly risky and not a great ROI on your time.

If you’re not selling a product yet start thinking that way. Think about where you’re getting traffic from or where you’re going to get traffic from and what’s important to them.

Think about what moves them emotionally and what they’ll put their hands into their wallets to buy.

Take Your Product Creation To A Different Level…

Another big mistake is to create a pile of different products that are unrelated.

Once you have a product or service that’s selling ask yourself the question “what do the people who bought this want?” “What other product can I create for them?”

To maximize your profit opportunities you need to be something specific to a niche market…


By creating a whole range of products and services that appeal to the same niche market you get multiple chances to sell to the customers that you create. You don’t have to make all these products yourselves, you might recommend other products for a commission, or if applicable get people to subscribe and buy more of the same product… the point is you have to think past the first sale and about the lifetime value of that customer!

And that typically means specializing in a particular area.

It also makes it much easier for anyone who wants to promote you or send traffic to you to know exactly who you are, who your best audience is and what you deliver.

Even if you’ve never created your first product you can start thinking this way…about creating a range of products or repeat purchases instead of just one product.

That does not mean making the mistake of spreading yourself thin chasing every product idea that comes into your head, but about adding ongoing sequential value to your customers… whether it be buying related products, repeat purchases or subscriptions.

Is any of this making you rethink or refine your current strategy so you can make more money?

Who Are Your Best Prospects For What You’re Selling…?

Knowing who is most likely to buy from you and why they’ll buy from you is a huge part of getting you tightly focused to build pages on your website that help convert visitors into email subscribers or buyers.

It helps you create follow up sequences by email that convert subscribers into buyers.

It also helps you keep subscribers happy staying on your email list so you can sell to them later.

Of all the things you can have in a business an intimate knowledge of who your best prospects are and what their emotional triggers, needs, wants and backgrounds are is the most valuable.

With that knowledge you can build products, services, web pages, social media and every other component you need to be profitable.

If you’re trying to build your traffic this can help you narrow down to exactly the type of traffic you want.

Being really specific about traffic makes it much easier for you to compete for paid traffic to because you can weed out all the types of traffic that can be less profitable for you.

Does What You’re Selling Have Genuine Value To Your Prospects…?

In our modern information age with the proliferation of social media failing to deliver value to customers can kill a business incredibly fast.

When you create products or services for a market you want to be sure that you’re going to deliver something that has real value to them…a great return on investment (dollar value) or some type of emotional return they’re looking for.

If you’re giving people the type of emotional return they’re willing to pay for they’ll buy from you over and over again like Taylor Swift fans buying concert tickets.

taylor swift

If you’re giving a good dollar return it becomes a no-brainer for customers to buy more from you because the more they buy the bigger their return on investment becomes.

Gear Your Marketing Material To Communicate That Value…

Once you know who your prospects are, what you’re selling and the type of return your product and service will deliver to them it becomes a whole lot easier to gear all your marketing material, your social media, your emails, your web pages etc etc to sell that value in a way that appeals to your best prospects’ emotions. When FedEx first started they nailed it…


So how does this apply to your online business?

You can produce great free content, and that content can be structured to help lead people to the product you are selling. Your visitors might start reading an article (just like this one), join your list, and then become interested in the product/s you are selling. You just have to be sure you are providing value along the way.

People make the decision to buy based largely on emotion then they’ll often justify that purchasing decision with logic. This can be incredibly hard for some people to accept… but science proves it over and over, and any top copywriter or sales guy will agree.

The more tuned in you are to your best prospects and what they want, what pains they have, and how they feel, the easier it is to sell to them effectively.

It’s also easier to continue to deliver products and services they want.

Focus On Building A Business That Serves People…

While some people get into an online business with the aim of building something great, the majority of people start out just wanting to make some money online.

Then they jump from one idea to the next trying to find an easy push button way to get that fast easy income. They fight for the scraps hoping a loophole will last just long enough for them to make a quick buck… the fail rate is tremendous!

But the vast majority of people who actually succeed online are building serious businesses that have at their core the idea of serving real people with real needs and charging for delivering those people something of value.

Once you start focusing your attention that way and start selling what people want and need in a niche you’ll find it many times easier to start making serious money.

And that really is the biggest revenue key… that is the most profitable idea for your online business that you can run with…


The Big Hiring Mistake

Advantages & Disadvantages of Freelance Virtual Assistants vs Experienced Talent



Watch this short video below which explains a critical mistake that over 90% of entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business and hire people to help them. The shift in perspective that is revealed in the video is the key to rapid growth.

Traditional Offline vs Online Digital Marketing

Advantages of Combining Fundamental Sales Strategies



This post reveals the key fundamentals & advantages behind combining both traditional offline marketing methods with online marketing strategies, from email to direct mail, so you get bigger results for your effort, and more sales and profits.

Breaking Out Of The Online Marketing Rut:

It’s all about marketing.

Marketing foundations don’t change.

At it’s core marketing is about:

  • Finding and making contact with people who can buy from you.
  • Creating a process that gets them to buy from you.
  • Following up with those people in a way that compels them to buy from you again and recommend other people to buy from you.

Most internet marketers immediately recognize methods to do that online…


Finding & Making Contact With People Who Can Buy From You…

To do this online marketers use:

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other platforms.
  • Pay per click marketing.
  • Media buying.
  • Joint ventures with marketers who have email lists in the same or related niches.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Video marketing on sites like YouTube.
  • PR, media outreach & Press Releases like PressCable
  • Content marketing.
  • Viral marketing.

Creating A Process That Gets People To Buy From You…

Common methods to do this online include:

  • Follow up by email
  • Lead generating reports delivered online that educate prospects on the value of a product or a service to them
  • Videos that educate prospects on the value of a product or a service to them
  • Online sales letters
  • Webinars
  • Articles that persuade prospects to buy

Follow Up To Get Repeat Buyers & Referrals…

Online marketers do this with:

  • Follow up by email.
  • Follow up with social media platforms
  • Follow up that leads to content or sales letters promoting other products or services.

The Most Important Foundation Of All…

What’s more important than the strategies used is that most good marketing is about building relationships and trust with real people.

That’s what leads to sales, follow up sales and referrals.


Here’s where things get interesting.

Most (but not all) online marketers are leaving huge sums of money on the table because they’re ignoring the marketing potential of offline strategies.

Some clever online marketers have embraced the combination of online and offline marketing strategies and their returns and profits increase almost exponentially.

Smart marketers have discovered that offline strategies like direct mail, telemarketing, physical seminars dramatically increase the price they can sell products and services at over online marketing alone.

And they also dramatically increase the depth of relationships that the marketers build with their prospects and customers.


Offline Strategies…

This report is not meant to be a step by step guide.

It’s an introduction to the idea of combining online and offline marketing strategies.

Any one of these offline strategies might require a whole pile of education to use effectively.

Old school marketers are already very familiar with most of these strategies.

They’re not new and they work in much the same way as online strategies except for a few key and very important factors:

  • Most offline methods are far more effective. You can sell a much higher percentage of prospects at much higher prices using offline methods.
  • Offline methods can often be scaled up in a huge way. Businesses have been built from shoestring budgets into enterprises worthy hundreds of millions of dollars in the direct mail industry because of the potential to scale up direct mail pieces that produce a positive return on investment.
  • Most offline methods have a physical cost which means there can be an element of risk if you’re not careful. You need to be constantly aware of your costs and returns and ensure whatever method you use makes you a profit.


Different Offline Marketing Strategies…

The huge range of offline marketing strategies include:

  • Direct mail…letters
  • Direct mail…postcards
  • Direct mail…lumpy mail (packages and letters with some kind of physical attention grabber in them).
  • Referral direct mail to a list of customers from a business in a related niche.
  • Telemarketing…cold calling
  • Telemarketing…calling prospects who have already expressed an interest in a product or service.
  • Telemarketing…calling customers who’ve already purchased to sell other products and services.
  • Referral telemarketing…calling customers from a business in a related niche.
  • Personal one-on-one appointments.
  •  Physical seminars and conferences.
  • Trade shows.
  • Parties and get-togethers.


Sequences Combining Online & Offline Elements…

A highly lucrative area that’s barely been touched is using processes that combine online and offline strategies.

Some parts of the sales process work better online, some work better offline and some work better when you include both.

To complicate things more different types of prospects and prospects in different niches all respond to different combinations of marketing strategies in different ways.

So there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

You need to test different methods and combinations to see what works for the particular situation you’re dealing with.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to narrow down your options:

  • What is the ideal way to move a prospect in this part of the sales process forward?
  • What is the lowest cost way of taking the next step in this process? It will probably be online.
  • What is the most effective way? It will probably be offline.

You can weigh up the different factors and remember that you’re not limited to using just one strategy. You can use multiple strategies at the same time to increase your results and to see which strategies are getting you the best return.


Always Going Back To Foundational Principles…

Adding offline marketing strategies into your marketing mix can create an exciting and bewildering array of different options.

The easiest way to avoid making costly mistakes and to stay focused on what’s really important is to keep yourself tapped into the marketing fundamentals I mentioned at the start of this report.



Remember at its core marketing is about:

  • Finding and making contact with people who can buy from you.
  • Creating a process that gets them to buy from you.

Following up with those people in a way that compels them to buy from you again and recommend other people to buy from you.

Also keep asking yourself as you’re setting up marketing strategies:

What is the ideal way to move a prospect in this part of the sales process forward?

Staying focused on those foundations will help you get a good percentage of positive results.

Gary Vaynerchuck Tips on Twitter Video Reply & Follower Engagement


Sometimes a new free tool comes along and we miss just how powerful it can be…

When Twitter came out with their new video feature I really didn’t pay much attention…

twitter-phoneUntil Twitter expert Gary Vaynerchuk revealed how he was using Twitter video to dramatically increase engagement, increase the depth of his contacts and increase real sales.

Vaynerchuk built millions of dollars in sales in the wine niche by searching out people asking questions about wine on Twitter and answering them right there on Twitter.

He pointed out how with Twitter’s new video feature you can post a video reply on Twitter in under 10 seconds and the impact is enormous

RankReveal & Serpsuite Comparison Review

Reverse Keyword Rank Tracking & Intelligence Tools


Serpsuite vs RankReveal Keyword Tools

Two new software, RankReveal and SerpSuite, have hit the market with cutting edge technology that is changing the way we get rank tracking data and intelligence, and making traditional rank trackers obsolete.

If your reading this right now you might have seen some hype from afilliates, or you’re just doing the smart thing and researching. This comparison gets right down to the critical details, without the hype, so you get the true real skinny right here on Munchweb. So let’s dig in…

As you may know, discovering how well you’re doing in the search engines and where to focus your efforts can be a real challenge. With most regular keyword tools you enter a keyword and it gives you back a result telling you where your site is ranking for that keyword. But that’s not enough…

It is difficult and tedious because you don’t always know what keywords you’re likely to be ranking for and compiling and entering a pile of different keywords is time consuming.

Worse still you’re going to miss a whole pile of keyword phrases that might be highly lucrative for you.


This New Technology Spins Keyword Tracking On Its Head

The exciting news is there’s now a new generation of keyword tools harnessing the latest technology to monitor search engines for changes in rankings and traffic.

Instead of having to enter keywords and see how you rank on each this new technology allows you to enter a domain name and get back a list of keyword phrases your site is already ranking for.

This is incredibly valuable because it helps you focus on the areas where you’re getting results and also helps you to see opportunities in the keywords you’re ranking for now where you can expand your content to bring in more traffic.

But which of these keyword intelligence tools is right for you?

Here’s a direct comparison of the features and pricing of the two next generation keyword software that have innovated to reveal the keywords you rank for… RankReveal and SerpSuite:


RankReveal SerpSuite
Keywords tracked & monitored daily Keywords tracked & monitored daily
Okay interface for data Easy to comprehend interface for data
Local rankings option Rankings options from non US search engines regional and local rankings
Keyword rankings for press releases
Google & Bing rankings Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, YouTube & Google Video rankings
New Google & Bing keyword alert Custom email alert notifications
Scheduled customised email reporting for you and unlimited clients
Analysis & keyword change graph Tracking & historical analysis with trendlines
Custom advanced reports
Portal allowing custom white label access for unlimited clients
Unlimited team member access: you control access levels
$19/month for 200 keywords* $29/month for 250 keywords*
$69/month for 800 keywords $49/month for 750 keywords
$99/month for 1,200 keywords $79/month for 1,250 keywords
$199/month for 2,500 keywords $149/month for 2,000 keywords
$299/month for 5,000 keywords

*All prices listed are standard pricing. Special launch pricing may be different.


Using SerpSuite Vs RankReveal

The interface for finding keywords in SerpSuite is simple. You click on the “Discover” button, add in your domain name, add a “base keyword” and click on Add Keywords and you’re done…


With RankReveal it’s not immediately obvious how to search for keywords you’re already ranking for but it’s not hard to work out. When you make a search the keywords you’re already ranking for show up in blue…


Both SerpSuite and RankReveal are easy enough to use. Both will require a bit of a learning curve so you can get the information you want out of them.

One important point: with both SerpSuite and RankReveal you need to enter a root keyword or keywords to get the process of finding keywords you’re ranking for started. Neither software will simply give you a list of keywords without some kind of “priming” with a root keyword, and neither software will discover all the keywords you can rank for. There is no tool on the planet that can currently do that, but these are by far the most effective tools for finding a good chunk of the keywords you do rank for.

In our side by side tests SerpSuite was able to discover slightly more keywords at this time, but the technology in development by RankReveal could break through that barrier.


Keyword Reporting In SerpSuite

In SerpSuite you can export any keyword report with a single click in csv format, pdf or pdf with graphs…


At the time of writing this review with RankReveal I couldn’t find a reporting feature.


Keyword Reports For Your Paying Clients

Keyword reports are highly valuable when you’re working with paying clients helping them to rank in the search engines.

The reason is simple: they like to see the results you’re getting them for the money they’re paying you.

Being able to give them regular updates on the keywords they’re ranking for and giving them this information in professional looking graphs and reports can dramatically increase the fees you charge and your client retention.

Working with paying clients the obvious choice is SerpSuite.

You get:

  • Custom pdf or excel keyword reports you can share with clients.
  • A portal that allows you to give 24/7 customised access for each of your clients including ranking position data, reports and more.
  • You can set up automated, in depth reports to go to your clients’ inboxes on a schedule you choose making client reporting and retention easier and more efficient.



YouTube & Google Video Keyword Tracking

If you need to track keywords for videos again SerpSuite is the best choice with tracking for YouTube and Google videos, which is currently not available in RankReveal.

Just enter the URL of the video and SerpSuite will give you back a full range of keywords that video is ranking for…



Press Release Keyword Tracking

If you’d like to see how your press releases are doing SerpSuite will give you the keywords your press release is ranking for even though they’re on a bunch of different domains (watch the video below to see how this works)…


Minimum Keywords At Minimal Price

If you’re looking for a robust but affordable service to track less than 200 keywords on your own websites then either solution would work but you might favour RankReveal as it has a good deal at $19 a month for 200 keywords.



For most purposes SerpSuite would which has been on the market for longer is currently ahead on features and usability. You can find more details on SerpSuite and try it out by cliking here.

At the time of writing RanReveal has only just launched, so while a little bit behind SerpSuite has a lot of very promising features. Right now RankReveal is offering a launch special and you can get more details on RankReveal by clicking here.
(NOTE: RankReveal page will not launch publicly until 9am EDT 24th March)

What do you think of these tools? Tell me below?

Disclaimer: Munchweb.com is an affilliate of for both SerpSuite and RankReveal. This is an honest review of both products and if you found this review helpful and a nice break from the hype, please share this post.

7-8 Figure Systems

Virtual Online Business Automation & VA Recruitment Video & PDF



Systems and Automation – If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was the least “exciting” topic we could talk about on this blog BUT it’s for that precise reason you should pay EXTRA close attention, if your goal it to someday run a business and have the freedom to take the 4-hour work week lifestyle, or simply get more done in less time so you are aggressively more competitive.

Knowing how to effectively build a business with the correct systems in place ensures a very happy, healthy and essentially stress-free road to massive growth and profit.

WARNING: It takes more than 4 hours a week to build a highly systemized business where you are free from the every day tasks and running of the business.

  • It’s not push button (but it means you can ultimately run your business that way)…

  • It’s not instant (but means you can eventually choose how much and when you work)…

  • It requires some up front work (but only really once)…

The ‘secret’ to growing, running and enjoying a real and mega-profitable business in the shortest time possible… is to acknowledge and accept you can’t do everything yourself.

As an entrepreneur, your main role should be building teams, giving them direction and getting the most out of them.

At some point you have to bring in help, to take some of the work off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on the more ‘big picture’, high-level issues.

This keeps you fresh, productive, valuable… and it means you can accomplish infinitely more in your business.

Watch the video below, where I sit down with systems expert Joshua Bretag, and we lay out a road map for you, to systematizing and automating your business ASAP.

Be sure to click the button below the video to get the PDF Report that’ll help you put this into real action. 

Watch the Systems, Automation & Hiring Video Interview

(choose HD playback to ensure text on screen is readable)

Want the PDF Summary of this Video?

Set Up Google Plus Authorship

Use AuthorRank for Higher Rankings & Traffic



Google Authorship is a key part of any site’s success to rank higher, gain more followers, and get more traffic.  Google is looking to put user identity at the forefront of a number of its products, including search via what it call ‘AuthorRank’. If you don’t take part, you are going to get left behind.

You can follow me on Google+ here.

Executive Chairman of Google has stated that profile verification will be directly linked to search engine rankings:

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

google-authorship-SEO-SERP-traffic-brandingAs you know from reading this blog, creating a brand is incredibly valuable for building and strengthening relationships via social media and otherwise.

People have more trust in recommendations from their circle of “friends”, including companies they follow on social networks. Google Authorship has made it easier for authors and businesses to get their brands in front of prospective customers and improve ranking — they can now represent themselves alongside their content within Google’s search engine results pages (SERP).

Establishing a direct link between you and your articles or posts enables Google to display your picture next to the titles and descriptions of your site’s content so you stand out from the crowd.


How to Set Up Google Authorship

Set up a Google+ account

Go to https://plus.google.com and create one. If you have a Gmail account, you can use that profile to get started. Make sure the domain of the email address you use is the same as the domain of the site for which you’re creating content — this will help Google connect your Google+ account to that domain.

Google has made it easier to edit all your personal details with a new card-like format for profile information under the “About” tab on your Google+ profile.

Each of these cards now has its own prominently-displayed “Edit” button, so you can easily control who sees what for categories like Work, People, and Places. View your profile as “Yourself” or you won’t see the Edit buttons under each section.

Make sure your Google+ profile name matches the byline on the blog posts you want to associate by doing one of two things:

  1. Change your byline on the site you contribute to so it matches your Google+ name, or
  2. Change your name in Google to match your byline:
    • Go to https://plus.google.com
    • Click “Profile” (in the left column)
    • Click on your name in the header
    • Change your name
    • Click “Save”

Upload a Google+ profile photo

  • Go to https://plus.google.com
  • Click “Profile” (in the left column)
  • Click on your avatar/photo
  • Upload a clearly visible headshot
  • While doing this I also recommend setting up a Gravatar account with the same image. Gravatars are your avatars linked with your email address and can be found publicly by anyone that has your email address. WordPress posts and comments often show gravatar pics by default for their readers and authors. Its possible Google cross checks info with Gravatar so it can help Google recognize you. The more often Google recognizes your content, the more it helps build your authority.

Make your Google+ profile visible in search

  • Go to https://plus.google.com
  • Click “Profile” (in the left column)
  • Click the gear icon for Settings to the right of your tabs
  • Scroll down to the “Profile” section and make sure the box next to “Help others discover my profile in search results” is checked
  • On your site when a post is made, make sure you include ‘By Author Name’ somewhere on the page. This is called the byline, and Google looks for this to help decide who wrote the post.

Add the blog to which you contribute to your Google+ page

  • Go to https://plus.google.com
  • Click “Profile” (in the left column)
  • Click the “About” tab
  • Click “Edit” at the bottom of any of the sections
  • Click the “Links” icon, second from the right at the top of the module
  • Under “Contributor to”, add any sites for which you create content
  • Click “Save”


How to associate your site with Google+

If you have an email address with the same domain as the site you want to associate with Google+:

Is your blog running WordPress?

If so, there are a variety of plugins that will create Google Author tags, including:


Test to make sure Google Authorship is set up correctly

It can take from a few minutes to several weeks for Google to show your picture along with search results, so use Google’s Rich Snipit Testing tool to make sure everything is as it should be.

  • Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
  • Enter the URL of one of your blog posts that you believe should be associated
  • Click “Preview”
  • If the results page returns green text that says Email verification has successfully established authorship for this webpage, you’re all set and you should begin to see this in search results:
    20 social media marketing b Use Google Authorship to Improve SEO and Drive Traffic

About the Author:

Originally published by Pam Dyer at Pamorama under Creative Commons. Her blog helps businesses use social media marketing programs to improve branding, find leads, and increase sales.

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