How Trump is Manipulating Online Media & Facebook

A Simple Emotional Lesson For Online Businesses


Would you agree this has been one of the most interesting and engaging elections, and emotions are running high on both sides?

There’s an important lesson for your online business based on what happened in this election…

Before we get to that, I noticed something today about some of the most successful people I know… which might help you…

Can you have a guess at how they might have responded to the election?

They did not respond the way that most Clinton supporters did.

And they did not respond the way that most Trump supporters did.

They did something different to the majority… because the crowd tends to be wrong. What makes us, as humans, so powerful, is our ability to think independantly and rationally.

Yet at such an important time, we see emotions running high on all sides.

And when you find those energies are sucking you in a direction, it can be worth taking a moment of awareness…

What I’m about to say might change your day entirely…

The Ant…

I remember being stressed and emotional a few weeks ago after a draining few weeks of hard work and travel, and I took a moment to sit in the sun and reflect.

That’s when I saw the ant walking in the grass.

I’ll get back to Trump in a minute… but this Ant is important…

That ant had no clue, he didn’t care about all the crazy thoughts, problems, fears, challenges, desires and emotions in my mind.

In that moment I had never liked an ant more!

He brought me a moment of calmness…

That ant did not care about all the things going on in the world… he just worked away on finding his way through the grass, probably searching for food.

He had his purpose, and he went on with it, without care for anything else…

I learned a lesson from that ant that day, and he’ll never even know it.

He taught me to take a step back and explore what I have control over, and focus on that.

He made me realize I was small too. This is a big world, and we’re a little like ants finding our way around.

The best we can do at times is work on what we have control on, and hope that spills over to have a greater effect on the world…

So today I put this as my desktop background…

circle of control

Back to the Election…

This is not a political post. I would like to share some insights that may help you with your online business… you can create energy and direction that gives you force in the right direction whether what is happening in the world around you is good or bad… as long as you have a working mind and can move physically, you can do that.

I watched the election in my spare time with an aim to learn more about persuassion and marketing.

After all Obama’s campaign some years prior was also incredibly enlightening – after all he did hire some of the greatest & famous minds in marketing to help him. But the world is not the same as it was then.

Like you I could not help but get pulled in by this election… but my purpose was to grow my understanding and knowledge about persuassion, influence and marketing. There is a lot to learn from all sides, so let’s stick to that.

What’s clear is we’re not in the same world as 10 years ago and people are thinking very differently. That’s an important lesson and that’s out of our control.

So What Happened…

Last year in an email to subscribers I talked about Donald Trump’s skill at getting attention and framing narratives. Hillary Clinton is also incredibly skilled at this.

Simply getting more TV coverage drastically improves a candidates chance of being elected… and this is true for an online business  to some degree (usually minus the controversy). Traffic is the first part of sales or advertising revenue.

But there’s more to it…

Trump’s win in the presidential race is another demonstration of how radically media and persausion has changed since the advent of the internet…

Trump - Simple & Emotional = Viral

With so much noise out there, and such competing and sophisticated demands for attention, and being only a click away from the next inticing thing, it’s resulted in simple and highly emotional messages getting more attention.

That would explain why Bernie Sander’s more complex narratives failed… they did not fit into the current fast paced media and online cycle.

We could be upset about the state of the media, but it’s not something we have much control over.

However, we can learn about it for getting results in our own businesses, whether you do SEO, social media, paid traffic or something else.

Simple & Emotional = Viral

The Trump movement has revealed a critical aspect of modern persausion and marketing.

The effectiveness of a candidates campaign has been in their ability to create a narrative and draw people into that frame, and make it catchy and simple so it gets attention.

For example… A key narrative of Trump was fighting the corrupt establishment & corrupt candidate to bring radical change…

A key narrative of Clinton was to stop an unqualified, egotistical, risky maniac from getting into office, to bring togetherness.

These are highly emotional and controversial narratives that people can get attached to.

If you sit on one side of the fence, then your preferred candidate has narratives that probably resonate with you.

And you probably haven’t bought into the other candidates narrative. The story they are telling either does not resonate with you or you don’t beleive it.

Our own products, services, blog posts, advertisements and websites are subject to the same forces…

Is your messaging simple enough for your audience?

Does it grab attention?

Does it pull on emotions?

Does it have a compelling narrative they can relate to?

Simple messages and tapping into emotions now have huge viral power online and offline to a degree that didn’t exist before.

That change is due to the massively increased amount of data, news and entertainment now hitting all of us every day.

Compare the simplicity of their slogans…

  • Make American Great Again (he’s not the first to use this)
  • Stronger Together

Obama’s was also simple… ‘Change We Can Believe In

Over 100 years ago back in the 1800s Abraham Lincoln could get away with a more complex slogan…

“Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream”

In today’s fast paced attention lacking world simple emotional messages are memorable. They have real impact whereas we tend to discard nearly everything else simply because we have so little time (or attention spans) to analyze any particular message at depth.

Here’s the question for you. “In your business, website, advertisement, blog post or product, can you simplify your message down and also make it more emotional?”

That’s something you can control.

As a marketer it always pays to remember that people act based on emotion, over logic.

Cell Phone Marketing Ideas for 2016

Capitalizing On The New Mobile Age




The World Has Gone Mobile…

Today, you have to assume a large percentage of people visiting your website are doing it on a mobile phone or mobile device of some type.

Today, at least 37% of all website visits come from mobile devices and that number is growing fast.

80% of internet users own a Smartphone and there are over 4.6 billion smart phone users worldwide and again this number is growing fast.

A good percentage of internet users also use tablets and game consoles and the use of Smart TV is also on the rise.



There are now more Google searches from mobile devices than from desktop computers and that number is set to increase in the coming years.

In fact, 48% of internet users start any research they make on a mobile device by using a search engine.

And if you’re selling anything from your website, here are some growing figures you need to pay attention to…

18% of Americans use payments on mobile devices and that number is expected to triple in 2016.

Sales made to users on mobiles grew 38.7% in 2015 and the growth in this area will be huge.

In the near future, most businesses will start making it very easy to pay for products and services directly through a mobile phone…



So what can you do to both make sure you’re not left behind and to take advantage of this mobile trend?

This report will give you some insights and strategies you can start using right now starting with the basics…


   Make Your Site Mobile Friendly…

If your site is not mobile friendly, not only will you be losing visitors who are on mobiles, you can also get ranked much lower by Google.

So it’s important your site (or a version of your site) works perfectly on mobiles. You also want to sure it works perfectly on every type of mobile device including iPhones and Androids.

One way to check the mobile friendliness of your site is with Google’s checker. That should definitely be one of the checks you make…



You can also see what you site will look like on various mobile devices using mobile “emulators” like this one… is not mobile friendly at the time of posting, but that’s something being rectified. Over the past year we’ve pushed out a number of mobile initiative across our businesses, and the results have been solid.


   Check Your Site’s Loading Speed…

Slow sites cost you visitors and conversions and the speed a site loads at is part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Slow loading sites are penalized in the rankings by Google.

You can check your site’s loading speed here…



   Reduce Your Site’s Loading Time…

There are many different ways to get pages on your site to load faster depending on how much work you’re willing to put in or have done for you…

  • Optimizing the the size and reducing the file size of images by compressing them.
  • Editing elements off the page that have larger file sizes.
  • Compress elements on the page where you can.
  • Get rid of slow loading flash images.
  • Compact CSS code on your pages to reduce its size.
  • Compact HTML code on your pages to reduce its size.

One method that is fairly easy to implement if your website is WordPress-based. You can install a cache plugin which will help improve loading times on mobiles.


   Get Your Mobile Payment Options Streamlined…

This is extremely important.

In the coming months and years, people are going to be using the mobiles much more to make payments.

Expect it to become commonplace in many businesses within the next 2 years.

Many of the users of your site will have an expectation that they can buy online using their mobile and when it comes to spending money with you, you don’t want to disappoint your visitors!



To take advantage of this trend of buying using a mobile, make sure you have mobile payment options.

Also make sure your payment process works perfectly on mobile devices.


   Target Google Voice Searches With Your Content…

Google created Google Voice search specifically targeting mobile users.

With the right browser or app, you can speak into your mobile phone, your Android or your computer and perform a Google search.

You can speak a simple question like “How tall is the Eiffel Tower?” and you’ll get back Google results.

Google Voice searches have been rising and will continue to rise as the use of mobile phones and devices accessing the internet continues to increase…



There are many ways to take advantage of the rise in Google Voice searches:

  • People talk longer than they would if they were typing in a search so target longer tail keyword phrases.
  • Use more conversational and less formal content on your site so your content is more likely to include phrases people might say when they’re doing a Google Voice search.
  • Consider talking more about yourself and your experiences in the first person to pick up on first person type queries that are used more in Google Voice Search (words like “me”, “my” etc).

Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages on your website to pick up more of the long tail keyword phrases people using Google Voice search are likely to make in searches.



   Use Mobile Friendly Social Media Strategies…

Remember that a growing percentage of people visiting your site will be on Smartphones or mobile devices.

You want to make it as easy as possible for these visitors to link to your website when they’re using a mobile.

Clickable buttons on your site that make it easy to share their comments or share the site on social media like Facebook increase the chance of getting both regular and mobile traffic.



Don’t overlook other channels.

For example, Pinterest is used more by mobile users than any other social media. If it’s convenient to use on a mobile a social media platform is probably worth testing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Also if you’re advertising on social media or Adwords, remember you can target specific mobile devices.

If you go down this route, it’s vital that you test your ads to be sure they work perfectly on the devices you target.


   Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly…

One interesting fact is that people tend to be more engaged if they read an email on a mobile device than if they read an email on a computer.

The click through rate for emails read on a mobile device is now sitting at around 55% compared to 26% for computer users.

So there are opportunities for you for better engagement when your subscribers read your emails on a mobile phone or device.

The biggest key here is to make sure the emails you send work perfectly on mobile phones and devices.

Also be aware that the email client mobile users are reading your email with is likely to be different on mobiles…



The most popular email clients at present are Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Android and Apple Mail in that order.

You may want to become familiar with what emails look like on a mobile in each client so you have insights into how to write and format your emails to work more effectively for mobile users.


   Consider SMS Marketing…

SMS marketing (marketing by text to prospects and customers) is an emerging field that is very effective for some business types.

If you have a local brick and mortar business or you have clients who have brick and mortar businesses, SMS marketing is something you may want to consider.



One advantage of text marketing is that at present, a high percentage of texts are read (much higher than email).

And you can target prospects at the perfect time of day to get their attention.

In some cases, you may be able to target based on where they are (for example a takeaway restaurant targeting ideal prospects who enter 2 miles of their geographic area.

Text can also be used as a follow up to email marketing or in combination with other forms of marketing to increase their effectiveness.

Well timed texts with targeted offers are also an effective way for businesses to get repeat business from existing customers.

We’ve had great success getting more people on webinars using SMS webinars, and even built our own technology for that.


   Mobile Will Only Get Bigger…

We’ve seen huge growth in mobile usage online in the past few years and there is still a huge amount of growth to come both in mobile usage online and in making payments using mobile phones and devices.

Right now is a great time to start ramping up your website to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend.

4 Crazy Online Business Ideas That Worked!



What The Hell?

When you’re building your own online business, I’d always recommend going down a proven path.

Pioneers are the guys you find lying dead on the trail with their backs full of arrows!

Having said that, some of the most successful online pioneers had ideas that seemed really off the charts crazy even to savvy marketers.

And those marketers were even more amazed…when those wacky ideas worked!



Sometimes what seems to be a crazy idea ends up being a huge home run and we can draw inspiration and get ideas from the crazy online businesses that defied logic and ended up being huge.

The reasons behind the success of these businesses can also give us some concrete principles that can be used to help most online businesses...


   YouTube: How Will People Watch Online Video On Dial Up?

If you were online in 2005, then you know that YouTube has to be one of the most astonishing rapid success stories in history.


In 2005, the average internet surfer was on an incredibly slow dial-up connection.

Add to that, the average user not having a great way to record video and the early online videos being mainly really awful musicians doing covers of equally awful songs…

Things didn’t look too promising for YouTube to “savvy” online marketers.

The first video uploaded to YouTube was from co-founder Jawed Karim talking about how elephants have long trunks…




The videos that followed from users weren’t much better. Some were actually worse!

But what the YouTube founders saw was the reality that people prefer video over audio (think of the success of television compared to radio) and that technology would quickly catch up with the needs of online video.

YouTube also embraced a concept that was quite new at the time…sites built around user submitted content.

At the time this wasn’t considered to be the greatest way of building content on a site.

In fact, the majority of marketers saw it as a terrible way of trying to get a site filled with content people would actually want to consume.

As it turned out, the majority of marketers were wrong.

When people can interact on your site and feel like they’re a part of things, you dramatically increase user engagement and that dramatically increases the time they spend on your site and the chances they’ll come back over and over.

On October 16th 2006, just 18 months after the first video was uploaded, Google purchased YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars and at that point, the site was still running at a significant loss!

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine and every day, over 1 billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video. And yes, the site now makes significant profits from advertising.

Take home principles from YouTube’s success that you might embrace in your online business:

  • User submitted content and allowing user comments increases the engagement of visitors to your site, increases the time they spend on your site and the chances they’ll come back repeatedly.
  • Video is highly engaging compared to other media. That’s why movies and television have so much more impact and higher user engagement than radio. Video on your site can dramatically increase visitor engagement.


   Amazon: Operating At A Loss For 6 Years…

Today, we take for granted that you can buy almost anything you want online but this wasn’t always the case…in fact this has only been a fact for less than a decade.

The pioneers in internet retailing were considered both likely to get resoundingly rich and…depending on the year…crazies who were squandering the money of investors in wacky schemes that had no chance of ever producing a positive return on investment.

In the mid-90s, there was a huge boom in investment in Internet ventures.

Amazon was born during this boom and launched as an online bookstore in 1995.

Amazon’s stock went public in 1997 and during the .com boom, the value of the stock grew at an astonishing rate quickly re-valuing the stock of the company at over $1 billion…on paper.

When the .com bubble burst in the 2000s, Amazon survived but after 5 years it was still operating at a loss.

At this stage most online businesses were looked at with suspicion and many were considered pie-in-the-sky ventures that would be unlikely to ever turn a profit…




Online retailing was still considered a bit of a pipe dream (which is hard to imagine now).

Amazon was considered a curiosity with a high paper value but dubious genuine business value because in 2000, after over 5 years of trading, they weren’t looking too good in the profit department.

In 2001, the company finally made its first profit…a mere $5 million from sales of more than $1 billion.

The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos understood early on that the Internet was different to offline retailing and reputation and trust were huge keys in any online business.

Why did Amazon end up becoming one of the world’s most successful online retailers?

There are 2 keys you can take from Amazon’s success.




The first is Amazon’s transparency. They allow reviews of all kinds on all of the products they offer.

Product reviews are now commonplace online but they certainly weren’t when Amazon made them a part of their product listings.

Think about the power of transparency.

If you see a website where all the reviews from people are 100% positive these days, your immediate reaction is that the reviews might be fake! We’re such a skeptical, suspicious bunch.

But even a few negative or lukewarm reviews are enough to convince us that the reviews are probably genuine.

Second, Amazon understands that trust is at the heart of online retailing.

When you’re buying a product, you know that if it’s recommended by Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll get a quality product without having to worry about any dubious online retailing practices.

Amazon has built that trust through millions of sales where they’ve made sure every refund is honored and poor vendors are weeded out of their system.

Take home principles from Amazon’s success that you might embrace in your online business:

  • Be transparent. Having your customers see that there’s a problem with one of your products is not a big issue. It’s how you deal with it that builds loyal customers who’ll buy from you and recommend you for years to come.
  • Build trust by acting in a way that deserves trust and by weeding out and severing associations with vendors and other marketers who don’t act in a trustworthy way.


   Facebook: How Many Friends Do You Think People Have?

Facebook may have been the dumbest idea in history…until it worked!

Originally designed as a way for Harvard students to keep in touch with each other and rate which students were hot, Facebook has grown into a monster social media site.

As you’ll see shortly, this initial copying of the popular “Hot or Not” site ended up being a huge key to Facebook’s success.

When Facebook first started spreading beyond university students, most people saw the whole thing as a fad. “How many friends do you think people have and why would they want to communicate with them on a website instead of just emailing them?”

What Facebook did more effectively than most other sites is it expanded virally.

There were 3 main reasons for this.

First, Facebook makes it very easy to share content that you post and content that other people post…



That means interesting content quickly goes viral.

Second, Facebook allows you to “Like” content…also a method of sharing. The key here is that “liking” is emotional. The site allows you to share how you feel about the content.

This emotional component is surprisingly effective at increasing the number of people who will share content. Clicking a single button to do it also makes it very easy…



The Like button on Facebook is an evolution of the old Hot or Not website which influenced the design of Facebook and of YouTube.

Third, on Facebook you can build your list of friends and your number of friends is displayed openly on your profile.

This makes it easy for your existing friends to make friends with your circle of people and it also makes it almost like a competition to see who can build the biggest list of friends.

This increases the viral growth of the website.


Twitter: You Think People Really Want To Know What You Ate For Breakfast?

Twitter may be the craziest idea of all the ideas here.

When Twitter was launched in 2006 critics were asking, “Who wants to know what you’re doing every hour of every day except possibly some crazed stalker?”

What the critics missed was the huge growth in mobile phones and devices over the preceding years and the even bigger growth to come…



Twitter made it easy to send and receive really short messages (tweets) on mobiles letting people know what you’re up to.

The real key to Twitter’s success is giving users that ability to share from a mobile phone easily.

Mobile phone use exploded from 2006 to the present day and Twitter’s user base exploded right along with it to over 284 million active users as the the time of writing this report.
The simple take home principles from Twitter’s success:

  • Make your site mobile friendly.
  • Make it easy to share content on your site from mobile phones and devices.


Principles You Can Apply…

This exploration of successful online businesses that were once considered crazy ideas should help you realize that no matter how much you know about traffic and online marketing, you can’t afford to assume your knowledge is 100% correct or anything close to complete.

There’s always more you can learn, more you can discover and the newest thing that is sure to catch you by surprise will be just around the corner.

Here are a list of the principles that some of these crazy online business ideas used that you can use in your online business:

  • Consider encouraging user submitted content on some of your websites and blogs to increase engagement.
  • Consider allowing user comments one some of your websites and blogs to increase engagement and returns.
  • Use video to increase visitor engagement.
  • Be transparent. Let customers see how you deal with problems and deal with them quickly and effectively.
  • Build trust by being honest, open and trustworthy and associating with vendors who are trustworthy.
  • Make it easy for visitors to your site to share your content.
  • Make it easy for visitors to your site to share how they feel emotionally about your content (you might use the emotional traffic optimization widget Wookle for this).
  • Make your site mobile friendly.
  • Make it easy to share content on your site from mobile phones and devices.

What crazy online biz ideas are happening right now that have huge potential over the next decade? Post in the comments below…


Boost Readers 5000% by Plagiarizing Your Own Content on Medium, Linkedin & Reddit




Plagiarizing is normally bad, but if it meant that your content would be seen by a lot more people and you’d have a level of control would you do it?

It is as simply as copying your original article and then paste it elsewhere. It can give you up to 5000% increase in readers of your content.

It’s not exactly plagiarizing if you do it with your own content. It’s really “republishing”. By republishing I mean literally copying your content to other websites in hopes of getting referral traffic back to the original source, which is your website.

10,000+ More Views On Your Article

By keeping your content just on your website you are literally missing thousands of people that might be interested in your content.

The reason why republishing is a good strategy lies in the audience of each platform.

Suppose your blog generally only reaches around 10,000 people monthly. But of course you want more, right?

The simple answer to that is by “letting go” of your content and republishing it to places that already have the same audience as you are. This strategy works best for small to medium blogs, as they can literally feed off the more popular site’s popularity.

Think of it as leeching your way up to more traffic. It is completely legal and many sites want you to do this.

It’s very similar to posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has a very different set of people that you might want as an audience, and so does Twitter. If you only publish updates on Facebook, you are basically missing on the Twitter folks.

A Word About Duplicate Content…

You don’t have to worry about your site getting penalized for duplicate content. As long a few days before republishing your content on other platforms, Google will almost always recognize you as the source. Where possible ensure you always link back to your site as the source, or at least have a link back to your site in there somewhere.

Another trick I really like to do is to change the headline and intro slightly. This helps you customize it for the other audience, test out a different headline, and have this adjusted version of the article rank for a slightly different set of keywords.

5 Republishing Tips:

  1. The content you publish on your website and elsewhere is a reflection of who you are. If you publish sub-par content and republish it elsewhere, you are basically announcing to the whole world that you are bad at what you do. As with any content strategy, focus on great engaging content.
  2. Always aim to inform, educate, entertain and/or help people, while also keeping in mind the primary aim of your content… whether it be to increase awareness of a product or idea, grow subscribers, or something else.
  3. Republish strong content. You don’t have to republish everything to other platforms. Just the great ones. Whether you choose to keep the best content for your own site only is a call you have to make… the smaller your audience, the better it is to simply republish.
  4. Do not simply post an excerpt and tell people to continue reading on your website. Many sites won’t accept that. Instead you can reference other articles on your site. One or two is enough. Over do it and it looks desperate and spammy.
  5. Of course it is a given that your “flagship” content should remain on your own website.


That’s Stupid, Why Give Others My Audience?


Darth Vader is actually turning seawater into drinkable water. Stupid? Nope!

So, is giving away your content for other sites stupid? Good question. But a better question is: Will I ever get those audience for myself with my website alone? The answer is probably not.

Imagine if your low-key blog that has an audience of 10,000 people monthly gets one of its blog posts republished on Forbes (with permission from you, of course). According to SimilarWeb, Forbes commands 117.20M visitors monthly. That is a stellar difference between your site’s potential and theirs.

And if your content is a hit and manages to snag 1% of their audience…can you imagine the numbers? That’s 1.7M people who will see your content that otherwise wouldn’t on your little blog. And suppose among those 1.7M people only 1% of them click the link you will place at the bottom of the article. That’s 170,000 referral traffic.

Of course this is an oversimplification, and unlikely (but possible!) but you understand the point. It opens you up to a much bigger audience.

“That’s Actually Brilliant!” So Where Do I Republish My Content?


According to Alexa,’s traffic is ranked at 268 in the United States. Meaning, several millions of people actually visit the website each month.

Here’s an example of an article republished on Medium which got hundreds of responses. Originally posted on Link to the original post was placed at the bottom of the page.



Reddit, on the other hand, is ranked at 9 in the US. It is also popular for crashing web servers due to immense traffic it can give. They call it the “reddit hug of death” for a reason.

Here’s an example of a republished article on Reddit:



LinkedIn has 433 million users. Of course the amount of audience will depend on your niche. In our case, blogging and marketing might have a collective of 500,000 audience in these websites (and this is just an extremely rough estimate).

Here’s an example of a republished article on LinkedIn. The post was originally published on MIT Sloan Management Review.


Here’s a comparison of the three taken from SimilarWeb:


Other sites covering your niche… do some outreach

Try It NOW…with a Caveat


It’s a simple strategy, really. But 90% of bloggers do not do this due to the idea of exclusivity. A lot feel like republishing their content elsewhere is just giving it away without any of the benefit, but there is value in increasing awareness of your content and ideas. It’s a way to piggyback off bigger sites and grow your audience.

It’s why many writers even provide completely unique content to high traffic sites. In this case you get to post the content on your site first!

If you provide good content outside of your own website/product and people like it, it follows that they will seek you out, right? And with great content that’s exactly what happens and why people do it.

But some final reminders:

  • Only republish content that is at least a few days old to make sure that Google has already crawled your website and indexed it. If your website is very new and unknown, you may need to wait longer.
  • There is always a risk that your blogpost on other bigger websites will rank higher on search engines than your own blog, so don’t be surprised.
  • Don’t forget to provide a link at the bottom of the republished post to remind people where it was originally published.


The Challenge

Here’s what we’re going to do to prove, or disprove, this post. We are going to republish this article on Medium, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Storify and in a few days we will post an update about the traffic we received from each website.

Subscribe to Munchweb below to be notified of the update.

Until then!

Rapid Mailer Review & Coupon Code

How Marketers Are Losing $1000s Daily With Email


email opens rapid mailerHow many internet marketers and businesses are losing a lot of profits by not setting up their email marketing platform & redundancy properly?

This video digs into the common mistakes in choosing an email autoresponder & broadcast service and how to ensure you get continuous great deliverability without interuption.

Compares self hosted set up of IMSC Rapid Mailer vs. GetResponse & Aweber.

Watch it now:


Get Rapid Mailer:

Best Niche for Marketers

5 Reasons Selling To Businesses Is Highly Lucrative


businesses need customers mini mall

A Huge Income Source…

If you’re thinking of making money online or making money using your online skills then it’s important to think through who your best markets are likely to be for your products or services.

Many people think that to make great money you should follow the “discount store” model…selling things to the great masses at the lowest possible price.

The reality is this business model brings the lowest return on time and investment and requires huge expensive infrastructure to run…




That makes it possibly the worst business model when you want a high income and high return for effort without having to invest millions of dollars.

That’s just one reason selling services to businesses is a much better choice.

Let me explain why…


   1. Businesses Have Money To Spend With You…

Businesses have money and they spend it every month, every week, every day.

Even a small business doesn’t think twice about paying out $500 to $2,500+ if you can deliver any kind of value to them.

They’re making payments like that every week. For medium sized businesses with 10 to 30 employees making payments of $5,000 to $15,000+ is something they do every week.

When you come to a business with something that has value to them they’ll usually be willing to pay you for it.




The higher the value to them the more they’ll pay.

And the bigger the business the more they’ll be willing to pay too.

So instead of trying to sell to a wage earner who is making $500 to $1,000 a week and has a disposable income of probably under $100 a week you’re selling to businesses who are used to paying out $500 to $15,000 at a time.

The numbers are many times better.


   2. Businesses Know They Need Help…

Most businesses know they need help and can’t do everything themselves.

When you start dealing with businesses that have more than 3 or 4 employees it’s a huge part of their operating methods to hire either employees or other businesses to supply them with services…




That means when you offer a service that has real value to them it’s already part of the way they do business to pay you for the service.


   3. It’s Relatively Easy To Deliver Value…

It’s relatively easy to deliver value to a business that’s already making a profit and is doing serious sales.

For small to medium sized businesses selling $10,000 to $20,000 worth of products or services is every week is pretty modest turnover.

Help a business to increase $10,000 weekly sales by 10% and you’ve made them an extra $4,000 in sales a month…




It’s fairly easy to charge a business $500 to $1,000 a month when you’re making them an extra $4,000+ in sales.

When you work with businesses doing higher sales then the figures get even better. You can deliver more value and charge more money.

   4. You Can Make Ongoing Income From The Same Client…

It’s very difficult to run a business that relies on getting new customers all the time.

Life is much easier if you can charge the same clients over and over, month in month out for supplying the same service.

That gives your income stability and it massively reduces the number of new clients you have to pick up to keep your income at the level you want.

The good news is business clients will keep paying you if you’re making them profits…




That means you can build a client base and know with reasonable certainty how much you’re going to get paid each month.

   5. The Business Market Is HUGE…

When you’re selling products or services to businesses it’s a HUGE market…there are businesses everywhere.

Even if you narrow down to a small niche like dentists there are 190,000 practicing dentists in the USA alone.

That’s a market you could never serve in your lifetime even if you scaled up to build a huge operation with multiple employees working for you…




What Service Can You Supply…?


Andrew Cavanagh, who works with the Munchweb family & PressCable, is an expert in offline/local marketing having worked in the industry since 2008.  As one of the leading experts in helping internet marketers sell their services to brick and mortar businesses with a following of over 14,000 local marketers,  Andrew recommends:

“The first thing I tell people is to use a marketing skill you already have and adapt it to help brick and mortar businesses make money. It’s amazing how many internet marketers have skills that convert really well into helping brick and mortar businesses…



“If someone hasn’t developed any skills yet my primary recommendation is to use PressCable and deliver an online press release service to businesses.

“There are several reasons for this:

  • You can develop the skill to write online press releases yourself very easily. And if you don’t want to do that you can use the PressCable writing service to get press releases written for you.
  • PressCable press releases get really fast visibility online…under 24 hours… often show up for quite competitive search terms that have real value to brick and mortar businesses. That makes it really easy to impress a business with fast results.
  • We’ve noticed that a few good press releases can improve rankings on Google Maps.
  • The positive effects accumulate the more online press releases you have. As more press releases help drive traffic, and more people become aware of the company, then things begin to fall into place.
  • You can charge for an ongoing service as you continue to deliver leads to the business.
  • That means you can sell your service at a monthly ongoing fee…$250 to $2,000+ per client.
    If you deal with medium sized businesses…10-60 employees…you can charge in the $1,000 to $2,000 a month range per client delivering multiple online press releases each month for various locations.
    It’s easy to make a good living that way because you only need 4-10 clients to be doing really well.”

The opportunity to subscribe to the PressCable online press release distribution and writing services comes up periodically as the service expands. It is currently in beta and you need to sign up to the waitlist on their site.

Signing up to the email list below will ensure that you’re notified when PressCable opens up again to new customers.

You also get PDFs of valuable reports like this one, the latest search optimization tips, business tips and much more…

The 275-Year-Old Secrets To Online Business Success

Benjamin Franklin’s Leadership Tips



Benjamin Franklin Nailed It In 1751

Benjamin Franklin in his early 20s developed a system for achieving almost anything in life that has proven the test of time.

In fact for over 275 years pretty much every person who has achieved significant success has been using this method either consciously or without knowing that Benjamin Franklin developed it all those years ago.

The great news is this method is simple and incredibly effective and will definitely work to help you build a successful online business or a more successful online business.

This is the same method that helped Franklin:

  • Invent bifocal glasses.
  • Make series of critical discoveries about the nature of electricity and how to harness its power.
  • Invent the lightning bolt for buildings to prevent them burning down from lightning strikes.
  • Developed the highly efficient Franklin stove.
  • Developed a flexible urinary catheter.
  • Developed the first public library.
  • Ran his own successful newspaper and printing company.
  • Helped to form a new country…the United States of America and helped to write its constitution.
  • And much more. Franklin was a highly prolific, writer, statesman, businessman and inventor.

So what is the method Franklin developed as a young man that helped him become so prolific and successful?

The answer lies in the habits you form…


   Your Habits Make Or Break You…

We’ve all seen people who have a habit that’s out of control and how it can destroy their lives…drinking, smoking, drugs.




What many people are less aware of is how the daily habits you form have such a huge impact on your success in life and in business.

Exceptionally successful people have developed successful habits…either by design or as a normal part of the process of getting things done. Athletes are a great example of this…




What’s powerful is that you can consciously choose to form the habits you need to be successful…and in many cases it’s a whole lot easier than you might think.

Ask yourself this question…

Do you have anything you know you should be doing right now that will move your business to another level? Something you just never seem to get around to doing?

What Benjamin Franklin discovered all those years ago was that he could condition himself to get things done and to become the type of person who go things done simply by focusing on and developing one success habit at a time.

This may sound too simple but it a huge key to pushing through any barrier that’s standing in the way to your success.

Here are some of the keys to making this work…

   Make a List of Important Things You Need to Get Done…

The first step is choosing the tasks and habits that will make the biggest difference to you, your life and your business.

It helps enormously if you get these into bite sized chunks you can get done in 15 minutes or less.

Examples might be:

  • Scheduling 2 posts on social media each day.
  • Writing one new content post each day.
  • Making contact with 2 new potential joint venture partners each day.
  • Writing and submitting and online press release each day.
  • Creating and uploading a YouTube video each day.
  • Writing and sending an email to your list each day.
  • Doing ONE short task that moves your business forward each day.
  • Anything you know you need to get done broken into a short bite sized daily chunk.


   Choose ONE Thing To Work On For A Month…

The more tightly focused you are the more likely you are to succeed at developing one habit that will change who you are and what you do permanently.

You can still perform all those other tasks but you need ONE thing you do every day without fail for an entire month…




   Get The Resources You Need To Get It Done…

When you’re developing a new habit you want to make sure there’s nothing obvious standing in the way of getting it done every day.

You’re going to have enough obstacles without dealing with the ones you can see right now.

Get things together so you know you can do this every day. If a particular task requires more resources than you have right now choose another task you do have the resources for.


   Get Started Right NOW…

Ultimately you can only become successful by taking action. Don’t over think this.

If you add any type of positive action you perform every day to your daily schedule and you keep doing it week in and week out you’re going to have more success than if you didn’t perform that action.

And you’re also going to become a more successful person…



So start right NOW doing something that moves you forward in your business.


   It Takes 21 Days To Form A Habit…

If you have a waste paper basket next to your desk and you put it on the other side of the desk it will take 21 days before you completely stopped throwing your garbage from the side you used to throw it in and throw it into the waste paper basket without thinking.

That’s what you’re looking for…doing the most important tasks for your business success automatically.

There’s magic in this when you get it working for you.

Just get laser focused almost to the point of obsession on of doing something every day for 21 days. More difficult habits can need 6 months to really enforce them.

I have some quick tips of my own here:

  • When building a new habit where you do something, pick something you already do daily, and do it after that. That’s why brushing your teeth after you wake up is so ingrained – getting up is the trigger to brush your teeth. Look for existing actions that you can use as triggers for good habits.
  • When starting a new habit it is very hard… put notes and reminders everywhere to help you keep the focus you need, as it’s all to easy to forget.
  • If it’s a habit you need to break, then use a replacement habit that you enjoy and can look forward too. For example, instead of the drink after work, you might go to the gym instead, play football, hang out with your kids, go to a class, walk your dog, go for a walk with friends. If you are trying to eat less sweets and chocolate, replace those choices with healthy alternatives like fruit, nuts or cheese.
  • Avoid people who reinforce your bad habit while you try to break it.

Click to Tweet: “If you are trying to eat less sweets and chocolate, replace it with healthy alternatives like fruit, nuts or cheese”

   Never Let An Exception Occur…

Once you start working on a new success habit the biggest key is to make sure you perform that task you’re developing every day.

Don’t accept excuses for not getting it done. If you go to lie down in bed at the end of the day and you realize you haven’t done it get up and do it.

By never letting an exception occur…by following through every day…you’re telegraphing to your subconscious that you’re serious and committed to this.

Over time you’ll find this type of self-discipline will pay huge rewards.


   Do It First Thing…

The ideal way to make sure you get that key task done every day is to do it first thing…before you do anything else.

Don’t check email, don’t look at messages on your phone…don’t do anything until you’ve performed the success habit you’re working on for the month.

That will ensure that it gets done regardless of everything else going on in your business and your life.


   Keep Doing It…

After you’ve successfully performed one task for a month keep doing it and move on to another task.

Over the course of a year that’s 12 different successful habits tasks you’ll take on.

Your business will look entirely different and you’ll be a different person too…




You’ll find some tasks and habits you’ll refine, some you might replace with others and some you’ll need to go back and do for another month to solidify the habit you were developing.

Over time you’ll get smarter at identifying the habits and tasks you need to work on and the process will actually become easier because your subconscious stops fighting you and starts working with you each time you take on a new daily habit.

Now you have one of the most powerful business and people building tools ever devised. Take it and run with it.

I am human and have faults, and a work in progress. I do my best to apply all of these methods, and they work incredibly well. The better I apply them, the better I do.  My strongest area is building powerful habits, but the habit I find the hardest is ‘first things first’ as being teh CEO of a small start-up I’m often pulled in lots of different directions… but I am certainly getting better at this and seeing the results!

What Franklin Tips have you tried that has worked, and what have you had difficulty with? Comment below…

Highest Facebook Traffic Times 2016

When to Post & Image Hacks


FB posts


If you want traffic and sales from Facebook there are really 2 big keys:

  • Engage Facebook users
  • Give them a great reason to buy from you or to go to your site.

The hardest part is really engaging them. There are multiple factors involved including the time of day you post, the type of post you make and posting something that appeals tightly to your target market.

In this report I’ll reveal some insights that can give you a huge head start in the Facebook engagement and traffic game.


What Days To Post On Facebook…

If you post on Sunday your post is likely to get around 30% higher rate of engagement than a weekday.

Post on Saturday and your post is likely to get around 15% higher rate of engagement than a weekday.




Weekdays all get around the same rates of engagement…a little lower than posting on the weekend.


What Times To Post On Facebook…

This tip might surprise you.

If you’re not paying to boost your Facebook post then you’re relying on the organic reach of your post for it to be seen.

The people who see it will be drawn from the people who have liked or followed your Facebook page in the past.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

You’d think the best time to reach the maximum number of those people is when they’re most active on Facebook.

Actually it’s the opposite because there’s so much activity on Facebook at that time that the competition from other posts massively reduces the organic reach of your post.

The best time to post is most likely to be between 9pm and 11pm in the time zone most of your followers live in.

The difference in engagement can be quite dramatic with one study showing posting in the 9pm to 11pm time zone doubles the number of shares a post is likely to get.

So combining day and time posting on a Sunday between 9pm and 11pm is likely to get you the highest rate of engagement followed by posting on Saturday between 9pm and 11pm.

Remember every niche and audience can be different, so this is something you should test.




Scheduling Posts In Advance…

Chances are you don’t want to be online every Sunday between 9pm and 11pm or any night for that matter.

Fortunately you can schedule multiple Facebook posts in advance.

You do this by making a post on your timeline then instead of clicking on publish, clicking on the little arrow to the right of the publish button.


You’ll then get the option of scheduling your post any time you want.

Scheduling posts allows you to set up multiple posts for the future at the same time so you can have a steady stream of cool posts engaging people who like your post.


Keep Your Facebook Posts Short…

Most Facebook users don’t like doing a lot of reading there.

Short posts with text under 50 characters long (less than around 10 words long) get the most engagement.

When posts get over 150 characters long (over around 30 words long) they get around half the engagement level so keep your Facebook posts short.

You can always link to more detailed content on your website.




Hashtags Probably Aren’t Helping…

Including hashtags in your posts may not be all that helpful.

Posts without hashtags get around 34% more interactions than posts with hashtags.




Post A Question With An Image For The Highest Engagement…

A post that includes a question targeted to followers and an image can get 4 times the engagement rate of just a post with a question.

Posts with just questions outperform every other kind of post with images coming a very close second and the combination of the 2 is a clear huge winner.




Upload Your Images To Instagram & Post To Facebook Via Instagram…

When you’re uploading photos upload them to Instagram and use Instagram’s “Post to Facebook” option.



This serves 2 purposes…

First you get double duty from the same photo and short description…engagement from followers, fans and friends on Instagram and Facebook.

Second total interactions on images posted on Facebook via Instagram are around 23% higher.

Inspiration For Creating Your Own Facebook Posts…

Here are a few resources where you’ll find highly successful high engagement Facebook posts or viral images…


How To Find Or Create Viral Images…

There are sites when you can find or create viral images in a few minutes or a few seconds.

NextHaHa has plenty of them being updated constantly…




You can put your own captions on highly popular memes at and imgflip.

You can use background images and add your own text at livluvcreate.


Post A Video If You Want The Most Shares…

Different types of posts get different types of intereaction. If you want to get your poast shared more video comes out number one with images close behind.

Combining videos with a question is also a great idea for engagement.


Upload Your Video Directly To Facebook…

It might seem appealing to post the link to a YouTube video but that could be a mistake.

Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook get over 6 times the engagement level of YouTube videos embedded in your post.



Link To An Article 1,000 To 3,000 Words Long…

If you’re linking to content on your website and you want the maximum level of interaction, linking to an article on your site that’s 1,000 to 3,000 words long is most likely to get you a higher level of interaction from Facebook users.


The Only Rule Is There Are No Rules…

Every niche and every market is different so it’s vital that you be flexible and watch what kind of results you’re getting with each post.

Pay attention to the posts you make that get the highest engagement and do more of what’s working for you.

What is working for you? Comment below…

The Magic Of Appreciation in Business & Sales

One Teacher…100 Cards…


Teacher Brittni Darras was deeply shaken at a parent teacher night when a parent told her one of her students had been absent for an extended period because she’d tried to take her own life.

The student was in the act of committing suicide when police got a Safe 2 Tell report. They broke in and saved her.

The teacher, upon hearing this, asked if she could write a letter to the student.

When the student received the letter she cried saying “How could somebody say such nice things about me? I didn’t think anybody would miss me if I was gone.”


   Teacher telling kids what she likes about them

Brittni Davis realized many more of her students might be close to committing suicide so over the next 2 months she wrote them all cards telling each of them what was special about them.



She hand wrote every card…so every student would know she was genuine when she said they were special.

My guess is that most of those students would hold on to those cards for the rest of their lives.


Because in our fast paced world people who show us genuine appreciation are rare.

And the people who do show us appreciation hold a special place in our hearts for a long, long time.


    Free Hugs…

People are so desperate for a show of acceptance and appreciation in our society that the giving people free hugs without any strings attached became a global movement.



   Show Appreciation To Everyone You Come In Contact With…

There’s a magic in showing appreciation to your family, friends, associates and the people you come into contact with every day.

First you lift their spirits…maybe just a little, maybe a lot.

They’ll also like you more and be happier to see you and be around you.

That makes life more pleasant and fulfilling for you and for them.



And you’ll also feel better about yourself and your life because the one thing you can always take control of in your life is how you interact with other people.

There’s some real magic in that.

And there’s also some real power.

If you don’t believe me just try handwriting and mailing a thank you note to one different person every day for the next 7 days and see what happens.


   13,000 Cards A Month = World Record Sales

Selling automobiles is a tough job.

And in his time Joe Girard was as good as they come.

Joe sold so many automobiles he was entered into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the greatest selling retail salesman in the world.

But Joe had a secret that very few people are aware of.

He used to send out cards to everyone he came into contact with.

At his peak he was sending over 13,000 cards every month.



Joe worked out that in sales showing people genuine appreciation is an incredibly effective way to build relationships.

And when you build relationships you dramatically increase the chances someone will buy from you.

Joe Girard was averaging 72 retail car sales every month…that’s a lot of cars!


   Getting The Appreciation Habit…

In life and in business the people who are saying thank you and showing appreciation to others have more fun, have more fulfilling relationships, build more valuable business contacts and more customers.

So getting in the habit of showing appreciation by email, by mail, on social media sites like Facebook, when you meet people in person…that can make a huge difference in every area of your life.


12 Example Joint Venture Types & Ideas

Profitable Benefits of Successful Alliances


animal joint venture

A joint venture (JV) is where two businesses agree to do something mutually beneficial and leverage each other to make more money.

It is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience and business. In my own business Joint Ventures have exploded my business into 6 and 7 figure revenue in weeks. I’ll share some example a little later…

First, let’s take a look at 3 critical elements of a successful business:

  • Targeted niche traffic
  • Products or services to sell that are targeted to that niche.
  • Multiple ways to build relationships with people in that niche (eg. high quality content, effective email sequences, video, audio etc etc.)

One of the fastest way to fill in the elements you don’t have in that business model is to do a joint venture with someone who does have them.

  • Have traffic, but not a product… do a JV.
  • Have lots of relationships, but no way to monetize those contacts… do a JV
  • Have a great product, but no audience… do a JV

Getting the idea?



If you already have a successful online business joint ventures can give you access to large lists of highly targeted customers rapidly increasing your sales, customer base and email subscribers.

In brick and mortar businesses joint ventures with other related but non competitive businesses can also be highly lucrative, again by opening up markets and customers you don’t currently have access to.

The great power of a well executed joint venture is they cost little or nothing to do and you can be bringing in sales almost immediately.

Example Joint Ventures:

  1. Parcel Ads – When you deliver a physical product include an advertisement for a complimentary service to reduce delivery costs and increase profit margins
  2. Co-Reg – If you have an email list you could allow people to tick a box to register to a list of a complimentary website, and that other website does the same for you
  3. Affilliates – Do you have a product but no audience? Consider getting affilliates. For better or worse, the Internet Marketing launch market is built on affilliates and cross promotions.
  4. Financing – Could you get more customers if you offered financing using a third party? This is a big revenue source for many car dealers, but can be applied to many business models.
  5. Add-On Services & Upsells – Can you increase your client value by offering other upsells from third parties like insurance after buying a vacation, or an SEO audit after buying web design… Could your service be that add-on for others? I am growing PressCable on this very principle.
  6. APIs – Could your technology or data enchance another service in return for payment or exposure to their audience… many SaaS business are based on the API model.
  7. Republishing – Do you have great content that other sites, newsletters or email lists would benefit from publishing to their audience on an ongoing basis, in return for exposure of your brand, and traffic back to your site or offer.
  8. Events & Conferences - Does an event need a speaker or workshop that you could deliver in return for exposure? Click here for a comprehensive list of marketing conferences.
  9. Retargeting Sharing – If you have a retargeting list could you advertise another business on your retargeting list if they do the same for you?
  10. Solve Another Business’ Customers Problem – A company that can generate traffic for a business might lose customers if those customers cannot convert the traffic, which could be solved if they sell a third party whitelabel conversion tool. Can your product or service help another business’ customers succeed or vice versa?
  11. Recommendations – An accountant could send out a letter or an email to his best business clients recommending a cleaning service or a printing service or a marketing service, in return for a commission or recommending their accounting firm.
  12. Social Media – A website on business could retweet and share on facebook content from a economic analysis site, and vice versa, to help increase their viral exposure and list.

All these examples generate rapid revenue, customer satisfaction, or traffic with minimal costs.




If you’re working with multiple brick and mortar businesses as clients you can also engineer joint ventures between businesses that are non competitive but target the same types of customers.

Finding the Opportunity…

  • Who do you know that has a large audience that would be interested in your product, services or website?
  • Do you have a number of contacts or potential clients within an industry, that is useful to someone else who has a number of different contacts or potential clients that is useful to you?
  • Who can you find that has a product that your audience would be very interested in?
  • Is there someone that is great at building sales funnels and drive more sales to your product in return for a share of profits or other benefits?
  • Who could train, educate or coach your customers so they get more out of your product, and you share in the fee?
  • Is there a charity that contains your target market that could benefit from your finances or other help?
  • Do you know someone that is well connected in your industry, who could grow your business, and join in from the profit?
  • Can you help another business that is weak in an area you are strong, and vice versa?
  • Is there someone who produces brilliant content in your niche that you could give more exposure too?
  • What other businesses share your target audience but don’t directly compete where you could trade advertising real estate to cross promote?


   What’s In It For Them…?

Once you’ve identified a potential joint venture partner who has something you need (like traffic, an email list, the ability to create products or sales pages etc) then you have to think through why they should do a joint venture with you.

Put simply…what’s in it for them?




Also be aware that for many of the best joint venture partners making money is NOT the first thing they think about when they’re thinking of a potential joint venture.

It’s more likely they’ll be thinking of things like:

  • How would this product serve my customers?
  • Will this add to or compete with products and services I’m already offering my customers?
  • Is this person going to fulfill their promises? Are they committed to great customer support?
  • How is this going to effect my relationship with my customers? Will they appreciate it or will it burn them and kill their trust in me?


You need to think through what’s likely to appeal to them the most based on their current business and things they’ve said and done in the past.

Doing some research on them will help enormously. Read their emails and their blog posts. Ask anyone who knows them well about them and how they operate.

Any insights you get can dramatically increase your chances of building a successful relationship.


   It’s All About Building A Relationship…?

So once you know you can deliver something of value and you’ve done some research what’s the first step in making a joint venture with someone?

This is like building any other relationship.

You need to do what’s appropriate at each stage to get to the point where the person will trust you and be open to doing business with you.

If it’s clearly a slam dunk for them (for example you have a huge targeted email list or massive traffic you can send their way) then it can be as simple as contacting them with the idea.

On the other hand if they’re already very successful it’s probably going to take a little longer to make it into that inner circle of people they trust.




In this situation you can start by doing something useful for them. You might create a special add on report for one of their products that you give to them or you might send them a testimonial for one of their products.

You might also just send an email telling them how much you appreciate what they do in the niche and why. Posts on their Facebook page might work in a similar way.

The key is you want to think through how you’re coming across with any contact you make and be patient if that’s what’s needed.

Some relationships take time and you want to be the guy they’re happy to communicate with…not the annoying intrusion in their life.


   Put It In Writing…

What is important is to be very clear about what each of you is expected to do and when.

If there’s money involved it’s vitally important to put in writing who gets back what, how they get paid and when they get paid.

Putting this into a written document or an email is fine…




What’s important is that both parties understand exactly what the arrangement is and what’s expected of them.


   Do You Need Contracts…?

In a large percentage of cases contracts are a waste of time and money.

Are you really going to to take legal action against your joint venture partner if they don’t fulfill their part of the deal?

When you’re doing a joint venture it’s more effective to take the time to ensure your joint venture partner is honest and has a good track record of dealing with people fairly.


   Be Fair & Flexible…

As your joint venture progresses you’ll have a lot more information.

One party may be putting in a lot more work than expected or may have more costs than expected.

It pays to be fair minded and flexible…willing to change your deal a little so both parties stay happy.




Remember that you’re co-operating because you can make income that you wouldn’t earn working alone so try nurture that relationship and help keeping to working for both of you.

In niches where joint ventures are common getting a reputation as a person who goes out of their way to look after your joint venture partners will also help you pick up other highly valuable joint venture deals.

One tip: if you change your initial agreement put the changes in writing too. You want your agreements to be clear and easy to refer to so there are no misunderstandings down the road.


   Remember It’s A Process…

Putting together successful, profitable joint venture deals is a process.

You might get lucky and have a highly profitable deal first time out of the gate.

But it’s more likely you’ll have to grow your skills and your business a little before you have a home run.




The good news is you can do this over and over until you hit on a joint venture partnership that works for you.

Share your experiences and questions for joint ventures below…