Posted on Apr 19, 2020

Covid-19 Key Business Events & Keywords

Local Coronavirus Marketing Plan

Don’t under-estimate how bad this will be and the massive impacts on business. I have a free report at the end of this article which describes the coming economic crisis and what you need to do…

But first, let’s look at the COVID situation…

Andrew, who leads our writing team, was recently asked back on the radio to report on COVID. Aside from leading our Amp team, he has a few more skills… As a long term health & infectious disease writer, he predicted the pandemic ahead of time, and has been advising us & others during this time. He’s one reason we closed our London office ahead of the quarantine in the UK.

Andrew went back on the radio in Australia because he was getting frustrated at the confusing messaging coming from the government and media (it’s amateur time in the media with this health crisis and that’s costing people lives)…

Unfortunately, we are some time from things returning to normal… in fact we should get used to some form of social distancing as the new normal for 6-24 months!

Here Are Some Key Events to Look For:

  • An effective drug treatment (probably 3-7 months). That won’t stop the spread and it won’t be a “cure” but it will take some pressure off the health system.
  • Widespread testing… most likely at home pin prick antibody blood testing. Hard to give an exact time frame and the logistics are huge but the test is cheap, easy and fast. Running two tests 14+ days apart through a whole region would identify most cases and also let you know who is likely to have some immunity.
  • A vaccine (probably 12-18 months…could be longer). That’s when things should return to somewhat normal. Then the main risk is the virus mutating but even that becomes a lower risk because it will no longer be a “novel” virus. Once people are vaccinated their immune systems will not be starting from zero with a different coronavirus.

Caution – The 2nd Wave

In some regions, case numbers will be driven down with strong social distancing and regions may lift restrictions.

But this could be a problem…

Historically it’s the second and third wave of infections that cause the most deaths. With restrictions lifted an area could see returning cases again, possibly after summer, either from existing infections in the region spiking back up or infections being reintroduced from areas of the world that are in winter.

Understanding that most regions are looking at 6-18 months of social distancing can help businesses plan their marketing…

Businesses should take aggressive precautions to stay safe and sanitary and get aggressive in educating clients about what precautions they’re taking. That will give people the confidence to do business with them…

We are already doing this in Amps & Press Releases for businesses where possible.

No-contact home delivery of any product or service is getting big and will become huge over the coming months (and possibly years since the world has been affected in a big way)…

Now is the time to reach out to your business clients to see how you can best help them minimize losses and maximize profits during the next 6-18 months and beyond.

Focus on the positive. Don’t be negative and buy into the fear and panic. Fear is a completely unproductive emotion that doesn’t produce anything positive when you’re in a state of fear or panic…

Amp campaigns, PRs, and video news releases are perfect tools for getting the word out about how well a business is handling the social distancing measures & keeping customers safe.

There are lots of keywords you can now target and rank quickly for with Amps… For example:    

  • non contact delivery
  • safe coronavirus delivery
  • social distancing delivery
  • temperature tested drivers
  • coronavirus precautions
  • safe coronavirus service
  • face mask precautionsand so on…

Think of ranking for local business terms like these:    

  • Riverdale Italian Restaurant Non Contact Delivery
  • Ipswich Plumber Social Distancing

There’s more keywords and critical advice on the huge economic decline that is unfolding and could be the biggest in over 100 years.

Get the free crisis report here:

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