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Posted on Jul 13, 2020

Never Waste A Crisis

Discover My Next Big Investments & How To Survive A Major Economic Crash

I’m soon to action some of my biggest bets on the future outside of marketing and if you keep reading I’ll share them with you… 

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But before I can even explain what that is, it’s important to be aware that Covid did not cause the crash in the U.S stock market, nor the start of the current economic decline.

Yes, it made the economic situation worse, but it was not the cause.

This graph says it all…

Covid is NOT the cause of the crash.

This crash was one of the fastest in recent history yet it started BEFORE the virus was considered even a big issue.

And in China and Southern Europe, which were hit first, stocks & the economy had been in a decline for years since topping over a decade ago!

As I’ve said before in our Economic Crash Survival Guide , pandemics tend to hit when the economy is ALREADY in trouble, and society is somehow weakened. That’s how it’s played out historically.

We just don’t know how bad it really is yet!And don’t you think it’s weird that we hit record unemployment in March due to the lockdown and then stocks stabilized and went up?Something is VERY WRONG in how the news is teaching us to think about cause & effect.

People are going to get caught our and lose out big time… there’s something much bigger going on that you need to be aware of.

I was shocked…I found out an unknown economist accurately predicted several decades of growth following the great depression before the world of super computers and algorithms.

But he also warned of a HUGE crash that was going to happen after…That was back in the 1930s! Now this huge crash he predicted could be around the corner…

Is a major decline around the corner?

Global recessions have begun in 1975, 1982, 1991, and 2009. They are often economically devastating and can last for long periods of time.

Now it’s important to be humble when trying to make predictions, because even the best in the world get it wrong, and I’m only saying what is possible…

But you need to be prepared!

It’s well known that the best times to make serious profits, even starting out, is when the world is undergoing major changes… you can put yourself on the right side of a trend.

But the first rule is to MINIMIZE THE RISK!

I’m preparing to make big moves in the next week, but I’m also a beginner when it comes to doing this, even though I’ve had some great success already.

So I am bringing a friend and expert on live tomorrow to help show me how to do this THE RIGHT WAY and you can see just how this works.

You’ll find out exactly what I will be doing, and how you can potentially do it too.

Although it seems like the worst possible time to be focusing on revenue-generating business activities, if the current crisis around has shown us anyting, it’s the need to be flexible, fast on your feet and online. You still need to be making choices – only better than ever have before.

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