Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Rapid Mailer Review & Coupon Code

How Marketers Are Losing $1000s Daily With Email

email opens rapid mailerHow many internet marketers and businesses are losing a lot of profits by not setting up their email marketing platform & redundancy properly?

This video digs into the common mistakes in choosing an email autoresponder & broadcast service and how to ensure you get continuous great deliverability without interuption.

Compares self hosted set up of IMSC Rapid Mailer vs. GetResponse & Aweber.

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  • Kofi says:

    How many sequences does Rapid Mailer allow for drip campaigns?

  • Tony Gill says:

    Does RapidMailer allow for some form of automation to allow list members to migrate through different stages of the purchase cycle so that they get different emails appropriate to their stage in the cycle? GetResponse does allow this but you do not recommend it.

    • Chris Munch says:

      You can do this with segmenting in rapidmailer. Getresponse has more features, but deliverability is ultimately what counts.

      If you need higher level of automation I recommend having one platform for automation, going for the more expensive ones like marketo, pardot which have good deliver (but very expensive) and using something like RapidMailer for broadcast emails and simple autoresponder sequences.

  • AnneMarie Callan says:

    I’m paid up with Aweber until November, so will put the alternative you mentioned Chris, in my diary. Thanks. 🙂

    • Chris Munch says:

      If you are serious about email marketing you should always have an active backup.

  • Jay McGrath says:

    hey chris – i’m getting this error when i try to go buy

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

  • We bought the the whole Rapid Mailer (last year?) system with upgrades and have unable to utilize it
    because we are hosted by GoDaddy and they don’ support the “ion loaders” Rapid Mailer needs
    to operate. We would really appreciate some support from you guys to get Rapid Mailer working
    after all these months. Needless to say we have tried and used Constant Contact and Get Response–waste of money–incredibly difficult to get good looking emails.

    D.Chance DeBoe
    Operations tTA Pub Grp

    • Chris Munch says:

      Go with a different host… there are better ones that godaddy – ask around in hosting forums.

  • Wallace says:

    My only concern is that many of Donahues products have been notorious with not being updated regularly after launch. It seems like the original launch of this software through clickbank has been taken out of their marketplace for this very reason…

    • Chris Munch says:

      Clickbank has very higher fees. I checked the update history of RM and it’s been updated regularly.

  • Ross Bryant says:

    I have used RM in the past and liked it but didn’t like the database handling utilities for after the fact editing. Has that gotten any better or will this be enhanced with Sean’s new LeadFlowPro?

  • John Miller says:

    Hi Chris. I’m new to listbuilding and so don’t have a list. What are the limitations to having just one license on one website?

  • Ganka Wolbers says:

    Hi Chris,

    Does this work for an affiliate marketing too or it’s just for physical products orders?

    • Chris Munch says:

      it’s for email marketing, so for building a list in any niche.

  • Izak says:

    Hey Chris,

    I bought Rapid Mailer on 04/17/2014 4:36 AM PDT – I haven’t used it because I came across a site that says Rapid Mailer simply doesn’t work – that is is dysfunctional. Is that true? How many people actually experienced problems with it?

    When was Rapid Mailer updated – or is still as it was when first introduced?

    Thank you,

    • Chris Munch says:

      yes it works… 2+yrs ago when launched i think there were some issues affecting some people but that’s all resolved. Rapidmailer is updated regularly. Sean has a great team.

  • Rob Mullins says:

    While I like the idea of “one-time-lifetime” products, I’m concerned that Sean and his team will be committed to Supporting this plugin for the long haul.
    As WordPress continues to update WP, some plugins break and no longer work.
    This could be a disaster to my email marketing strategy.
    RapidMailer looks good, I’m just wondering your perspective.
    Thanks Chris

    • Chris Munch says:

      sean has been supporting and upgrading it for 2+ yrs now. I avoid many one time fee products for the same reason unless i trust the vendor… sean i trust.

  • Mandie says:

    Tried to purchase this twice but keep getting the error message that they can not process the order. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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