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Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Best Niche for Marketers

5 Reasons Selling To Businesses Is Highly Lucrative

A Huge Income Source…

If you’re thinking of making money online or making money using your online skills then it’s important to think through who your best markets are likely to be for your products or services.

Many people think that to make great money you should follow the “discount store” model…selling things to the great masses at the lowest possible price.

The reality is this business model brings the lowest return on time and investment and requires huge expensive infrastructure to run…




That makes it possibly the worst business model when you want a high income and high return for effort without having to invest millions of dollars.

That’s just one reason selling services to businesses is a much better choice.

Let me explain why…


   1. Businesses Have Money To Spend With You…

Businesses have money and they spend it every month, every week, every day.

Even a small business doesn’t think twice about paying out $500 to $2,500+ if you can deliver any kind of value to them.

They’re making payments like that every week. For medium sized businesses with 10 to 30 employees making payments of $5,000 to $15,000+ is something they do every week.

When you come to a business with something that has value to them they’ll usually be willing to pay you for it.




The higher the value to them the more they’ll pay.

And the bigger the business the more they’ll be willing to pay too.

So instead of trying to sell to a wage earner who is making $500 to $1,000 a week and has a disposable income of probably under $100 a week you’re selling to businesses who are used to paying out $500 to $15,000 at a time.

The numbers are many times better.


   2. Businesses Know They Need Help…

Most businesses know they need help and can’t do everything themselves.

When you start dealing with businesses that have more than 3 or 4 employees it’s a huge part of their operating methods to hire either employees or other businesses to supply them with services…




That means when you offer a service that has real value to them it’s already part of the way they do business to pay you for the service.


   3. It’s Relatively Easy To Deliver Value…

It’s relatively easy to deliver value to a business that’s already making a profit and is doing serious sales.

For small to medium sized businesses selling $10,000 to $20,000 worth of products or services is every week is pretty modest turnover.

Help a business to increase $10,000 weekly sales by 10% and you’ve made them an extra $4,000 in sales a month…




It’s fairly easy to charge a business $500 to $1,000 a month when you’re making them an extra $4,000+ in sales.

When you work with businesses doing higher sales then the figures get even better. You can deliver more value and charge more money.

   4. You Can Make Ongoing Income From The Same Client…

It’s very difficult to run a business that relies on getting new customers all the time.

Life is much easier if you can charge the same clients over and over, month in month out for supplying the same service.

That gives your income stability and it massively reduces the number of new clients you have to pick up to keep your income at the level you want.

The good news is business clients will keep paying you if you’re making them profits…




That means you can build a client base and know with reasonable certainty how much you’re going to get paid each month.

   5. The Business Market Is HUGE…

When you’re selling products or services to businesses it’s a HUGE market…there are businesses everywhere.

Even if you narrow down to a small niche like dentists there are 190,000 practicing dentists in the USA alone.

That’s a market you could never serve in your lifetime even if you scaled up to build a huge operation with multiple employees working for you…




What Service Can You Supply…?


Andrew Cavanagh, who works with the Munchweb family & PressCable, is an expert in offline/local marketing having worked in the industry since 2008.  As one of the leading experts in helping internet marketers sell their services to brick and mortar businesses with a following of over 14,000 local marketers,  Andrew recommends:

“The first thing I tell people is to use a marketing skill you already have and adapt it to help brick and mortar businesses make money. It’s amazing how many internet marketers have skills that convert really well into helping brick and mortar businesses…



“If someone hasn’t developed any skills yet my primary recommendation is to use PressCable and deliver an online press release service to businesses.

“There are several reasons for this:

  • You can develop the skill to write online press releases yourself very easily. And if you don’t want to do that you can use the PressCable writing service to get press releases written for you.
  • PressCable press releases get really fast visibility online…under 24 hours… often show up for quite competitive search terms that have real value to brick and mortar businesses. That makes it really easy to impress a business with fast results.
  • We’ve noticed that a few good press releases can improve rankings on Google Maps.
  • The positive effects accumulate the more online press releases you have. As more press releases help drive traffic, and more people become aware of the company, then things begin to fall into place.
  • You can charge for an ongoing service as you continue to deliver leads to the business.
  • That means you can sell your service at a monthly ongoing fee…$250 to $2,000+ per client.
    If you deal with medium sized businesses…10-60 employees…you can charge in the $1,000 to $2,000 a month range per client delivering multiple online press releases each month for various locations.
    It’s easy to make a good living that way because you only need 4-10 clients to be doing really well.”

The opportunity to subscribe to the PressCable online press release distribution and writing services comes up periodically as the service expands. It is currently in beta and you need to sign up to the waitlist on their site.

Signing up to the email list below will ensure that you’re notified when PressCable opens up again to new customers.

You also get PDFs of valuable reports like this one, the latest search optimization tips, business tips and much more…

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  • Stan Jackson says:

    Good information! Great stuff!

  • John Miller says:

    Chris, you’re awesome! Glad to see you’re still using Wookle too! 🙂

    Warm Regards,

    John Miller

  • Jon says:

    Yes, great info .. I know everything is relative but frankly “$1,000 to $2,000 a month range per client” just for PR, it really depends in which city you live and the type of clients too. Local clients have a hard time to pay for EVEN good SEO work at $550/month nowadays.

    • Chris Munch says:

      Hey Jon… great points. I’ll clarify…

      – We do start our agency packages out at $500/mo and that is quite typical for small local businesses, but it’s better if you can target better industries that pay more.
      – Track results… emails, traffic, & phone calls and you can easily justify higher prices as you are providing something tangible. Sell SEO which they cannot quantify and you’ll struggle to close.
      – Where you live is an excuse. I do not live in the markets I sell, and a marketer on our team lives in Poland and played around for fun and landed a dentist in San Francisco paying $1500 up front.

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