Posted on Aug 11, 2011

$50,000 in 3 months

(failure rate = 75%)


TRUE STORY: In a fresh internet chat room 20 strangers made a pact together to make $50,000 revenue in 3 months by getting their ideas out there as fast as possible. It was a big but serious dream, especially considering some members were close to broke!

In just 9 weeks two of the people in the group exceeded $50,000 and a few more are close behind and making great progress. However, at the same time over half the group is barely making a dent.

So what’s the difference? Why are some racing ahead and others being left behind?

All 20 people work in the same niche and market to the same audience, they are all intelligent people, but the difference between the winners and losers is in how they act and how they think…

The Winners…

The personality traits of winning entrepreneurs. Do you pass the test?

  1. The winners set launch dates, deadlines and aggressive goals like releasing a new product/update/offer every two weeks. They may miss, but they try hard to hit them.
  2. The winners focus on this one project with pinpoint precision. They make more money because they can say no to pursuing other projects. That makes sticking to #1 much easier.
  3. The winners don’t focus on perfection and are more focused on getting something good out there quickly, that getting something perfect out there sometime in the distant future.
  4. The winners accept “flops” as inevitable, and embrace the “flop”. They know their early attempts probably won’t do great, so it is important to get those early attempts done and dusted as quickly as possible.
  5. The winners hunt out their mistakes. This is against our natural emotion to accept we did things wrong but it is vitally important to improve. The winners know that mistakes are normal and are not wrong at all. They hunt out what they did wrong so they can improve next time.
  6. The winners say “If they can do it so can I”, and they find out how they did it. They network, analyze, scrutinize, and reverse engineer to find out why someone else did better than they did.
  7. They focus on a few USPs (unique selling propositions) and copy the rest from other winners.
  8. The winners focus on extending their strengths (after identifying them) and rely on using or copying others in areas they are weak.
  9. The winners hunt out successful people they can learn from and put a big effort into networking.
  10. The winners are generous to their partners and stakeholders. They pay generous commissions, good wages, share profits and help others. Their generosity stands out against the competition. This motivates their partners and creates opportunities.
  11. The winners focus on marketing more than the product/idea/service. In fact the marketing drives the product creation.
  12. The winners block out distractions and set time aside to get things done. They are disciplined to turn off email, chat, television and any other distractions that stop them from working.

The Losers…

  1. The losers drift and don’t held themselves to deadlines or targets. Ask the loser when his next deadline is and he won’t know.
  2. The losers can’t say no to shiny objects and have a lot of projects on the go and find it too hard to abandon any one project to focus more on others. Quite simply they can’t focus.
  3. The losers focus on perfection. They want everything ‘just right’ for when they make that all important launch. Perfection takes a long time and they miss opportunities and the learning process from launching NOW!
  4. The losers fear the flop. So much so that they may never launch, and if they do they may hide away or seek to blame others and not accept responsibility when things don’t go to plan.
  5. The losers are stubborn and blame others. They don’t want to be shown or face their mistakes. They want to prove to the world that what they did was right, and that it was others that were wrong. They’ll even go as far as calling their customers stupid for not buying their product, they’ll highlight the stupidity of the ad-network that does not approve their ad, they’ll blame a guru or teacher for their failures, and they’ll blame their friends and family for lack of support. They will be very reluctant to change or admit where they went wrong, despite the fact being wrong is NORMAL.
  6. The losers look at the winners and make excuses about why they can’t do what the winners have done. Instead of looking for ways to emulate the winners, they hunt out differences which they can identify as excuses for not being a winner.
  7. Losers forget about having any USPs at all and just try to copy someone else (and do a worse job). Just as common in losers is that they think they must do things differently to all the winners to stand out, and that doing this gives them a USP. So they choose not to do everything that the winners do to be “unique” and “clever”, and fail at the same time.
  8. The losers focus on trying to handle and be good at everything, and are reluctant to put their weaknesses in the hands of others.
  9. The losers avoid talking with successful people, or agitate successful people, because they don’t take advice and criticism well. Just being around successful people depresses them rather than motivates them because it shows that they have made mistakes and need to change, so they avoid it.
  10. The losers are greedy. They don’t want to share their profits and success with others and will offer lower commissions, wages, profit share and less help to others. They ultimately alienate themselves from opportunities.
  11. The losers focus on their product foremost and marketing second. They may produce an awesome product, but without solid marketing it flops.
  12. The losers are easily distracted. In fact they unconsciously routine their day to have distractions like email alerts, chat, television, news, chores, phone calls etc. so they don’t have to face the music. They invite distraction rather than actively take steps to block it out. Even though these distractions lower their quality of life and stop them from achieving their dreams, they will defend them like a drug addict.

So are you a winner or a loser?

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  • Chris – I must admit, I DO have about 50% or more of the loser characteristics pointed there.

    I also have about 50% from the winner’s ones .. still, didn’t quite make a dent yet.

    Indeed, a GOOD kick in the butt. And of course, taken with the most open mind possible, so thank you Chris from all my heart!

    What I found to be the most important thing that usually an Internet Marketer lacks, is a partner to be accountable to.
    We are lone wolfs in this industry, most of us.

    The reason why I joined a mastermind was exactly this – I needed some people to have as close role models, to copy the good things from them, learn from their successes and flops, etc..
    Also, to find someone to partner with directly and speed up my launches.

    The biggest gap I have to hop is in my case the perfectionism – I am aware of it and fight against it … but somehow I didn’t prevail yet.

    So here I am, trying to follow the advice.

    I am going to setup a true deadline for my next launch: Monday, Aug 15th, 2011

    Hope my friends will help me keep accountable to that.

    If I fail to meet it, feel free to call me names 😛


  • Lester Lim says:

    The difference between the “winners” and the “losers” can be just one fine line. Once you decide to step up a gear and move out of your personal comfort zone, you are another one step ahead in your pursuit of excellence.

    In a nutshell, you just need to stop being afraid, derive a plan and action upon it. You can always learn along the way.


  • Bolaji O says:

    Whatup, Chris?


    You’re not going to win any popularity contests on this one! LOL!

    Brilliantly written. Sometimes, the truth HURTS! 🙂

    If I may discuss a few of the items on the WINNERS list?
    All the points were SPOT ON.

    But these are the areas in which I need to personally improve:

    Hunt out mistakes after a flop + If they can do it so can i.

    Having experienced a lot of failure (as we all have),
    I suspect that I and others in the same boat need some sort of anchor
    to maintain this deep self-belief about our ability to achieve that desired success.

    Every time we run a project and it fails, our brains are left to process the meaning of this.

    With every success, whether small or large,
    the impact of each subsequent failure is given
    a more appropriate context and weight.

    Each of these successes gives us more resilience against
    any negative thoughts or self-doubts, that may cause us to
    internalize the failure. vs looking at what we did, to find out
    where we went wrong (and course-correcting.)

    Nothing breeds Success like Success.

    So how do you get to the chicken without an egg?

    How do you get a resilient success mindset in the face of persistent failure
    if you’ve never had a big win?

    Perhaps you play up your small wins?
    Celebrate them, declare them, share them, and remind yourself of them often?

    Perhaps you leverage other people’s assets
    (ideas, accountability, traffic, expertise, moral support),
    to speed up the acquisition of that first milestone success?
    (Blue = something borrowed) 😛

    Perhaps you serve as an apprentice
    to a successful marketer…

    Thus experiencing the feeling of success while working with them
    And the realization that they are human like you:
    not necessarily smarter,
    but doing things more smartly?

    Food for thought.

    Many people don’t like to talk about mindset
    in our business…
    but it’s key to dealing with failure appropriately.

    Without the proper mindset,
    we may as well be trying to learn Alchemy.

    With the proper mindset,
    we can take a scientific approach to failure
    And systematically (not randomly) eliminate what doesn’t work

    With the right mindset,
    we can have the certainty that there is no reason
    we shouldn’t (eventually) succeed

    And so we consistently work like WINNERS
    way before that inevitable BIG WIN ever comes.

    Great post Chris – very instructive.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing Bolaji, great advice there!

    • RuthLee says:

      Bolaji and Chris, thanks so much for this wise message, both of you has said it in a way that prompted me to analyze what is going wrong, why I have not make it yet, I have allowed all this information and promises overwhelmed me and it has to stop. Thank you guys, advices like these are greatly appreciated. Ruth

      • Sharon says:

        Thanks for a great article! I am also in the 50% part but will be focusing more on improving my outlook and slowing down my gravitation toward those other promises!

  • Frank says:

    Hey all,

    Is this a step-by-step approach to working a program to make money? If so, can I get in? I saw in my email day 5 of 7 days. My guess is I didn’t notice the other emails.

    • admin says:

      Hey Frank. No the group mentioned in this blog post its not a step by step program to make money. We just share ideas and hold each other accountable. It’s a private group.

  • MikeR says:

    Steve Lorenzo’s damned lucky to have only 50% of the loser’s character…. MikeR has every item on the losing list.

    Nor does Mike have a clue about #13 on the winning edge…. the one about how to correct all the desperado’s dozen.

    Anybody know any mafiosi banksters who are hiring?

  • Chris says:

    OMG I am loser!! 😉

    There are a few disturbing home truths in there Mr Munch… This is being printed off and stuck on the wall next to my mac as a constant reminder what I should or should not be doing.

    Thanks you for some perspective.

  • James says:

    My weakness seem to be points 10 and 11. I hesitate in giving generous commissions or money to people whom I employ. And I don’t focus as much on marketing.

    Do you have any recommendations for me?

    • Philip says:

      Having also been in this camp, I had a very wise successful person explain it to me like this: “If you can not afford to share your profits with the people that help you make them, you are at risk of losing good people, profit streams, or both.”

      My experience has also taught me a lot about marketing. Knowing your market is important to see sucess. As an example, In selling an mp3 player, attaching speakers might limit who purchases your product. Using an audio jack and selling separate speakers and headphones and even pairing a few of these together broadens your demographics. Additionally providing a clear picture of what you have to offer the general public and creating branding where potential customers are anchored to your product gives more people reason to purchase and can even put them in the middle of the sales funnel immediately.

  • Dude you are 100% right about everything. I see this everyday. To win it really takes less work then loosing.

    The pain of loosing to me is harder then what it takes to win..

    Charles Kirkland

  • Absolutely right man. I didn’t know it, but I’ve followed a good portion of all the stuff on this list. I’m about to break 50k revenue right now, and I took the pact a month ago.

    My advice to everyone? Try hard, always reverse engineer, always show appreciation to your affiliates, and get out there and meet people.

    If you don’t meet people, you won’t make it anywhere.

    Oh, and enjoy it!


  • Great post on the many characteristics that “separate the men from the boys,” so to speak (no offense to the ladies out there).

    I’ve found that some of the Loser traits hit a bit close to home, and have had to work on improving those. But I’m getting better at it.

    It’s all about FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!

  • Jimmy Wrex says:

    Awesome post Chris. I definitely have traits from both sides, but everything changes when the deadline is set and made public. The fear of letting others down is worse for me than letting myself down, so I make it happen once that date is locked in.

  • Mary Greene says:

    Chris, this post is so valuable, I printed it out! Thanks for the terrific qaulity of your posts and products.

    Mary Greene

    P.S. Please make your font larger!

  • Gerry Murphy says:

    Chris, I’m really glad I found this – you have articulated what I have been feeling myself, especially about the facing the truth about yourself and taking fullresponsibility for it. As a fellow Dub you make me proud that there are some real online entrepeneurs out there giving really good advice for free.


  • Shols says:

    Interesting insights…. some observations from my own experiences…

    1) The winners are keenly focused on the numbers, the metrics. Once you know the numbers that are important in a marketplace, it becomes easy to hit a goal. What isn’t measured can’t be managed. Very few people in IM take the time to understand the numbers. For instance, from my own experience, the first thing I sought to do was understand the numbers that mattered in the WSO marketplace. As an example, I sought out other successful marketers to answer this question “what numbers do I need to hit in order to sell xyz units”. Numbers like:
    -Number of page views to a sales thread
    -Number of clicks
    -Front end Conversion rate
    -Backend conversion rate
    -Front End Sales Price
    -Backend Sales Price
    -Affiliate Commission rate
    -Affiliate EPC
    -Total Profits
    -EARNINGS PER SUBSCRIBER —-HUGE!!!! There are people who are doing “lead gen” WSO and they don’t have a clue about this
    -Avg. Lifetime Value of WO Subscriber*** (how anyone expects to run a stable business that will last in the long term and doesn’t know this is beyond me…..)

    Once you know these numbers, reverse engineering a hit whether it’s WSO of the Day or $50k is very reachable.

    I would also say that winners have the ability to “course correct”. As an example, thanks to some of your insights after my first “hit” WSO I took the time to sit down and really assess the profits/hour a person could make doing WSOs vs. different projects. This caused me to shift my priorities some what. Most “winners” don’t like setting goals or deadlines and not meeting them. But sometimes you have to know when to hold them and no when to fold them.

    For me the real money from WSO’s comes not from the few bucks you can make doing WSO’s but taking the testing and learning from that small Microcosm to more mainstream markets where you can truly crush it.
    In the “real world” larger companies might spent $50,000 just testing an idea – you can do it on the WF for just $40…

    A WSO with $2+ epcs will be a hit. Once you figure out how to create an offer that will deliver these kind of epc’s for your sales partners, what I learned is THEY WILL deliver the customers (this what learned…I spent more time figuring out how to create an offer that delivered the right epc’s to partners than a “perfect product”. This meant figuring out where to set prices, commissions and getting the right conversions. I knew going in what front end conversion rates to shoot for and what backend conversion rates and prices to shoot for. I didn’t hit the target perfectly but it was close enough that I was so pleased with the results).

    I wouldn’t have learned any of this had I not known the importance of knowing what numbers “mattered” and focusing on those…
    Just my thoughts….

  • Shols says:

    Oh my other point – sometimes the best question you can ask a more successful and/or experienced entrepreneur is “what numbers do I need to focus on, what metrics” . Not only that “what’s the relationship between the numbers”. For instance, I spent about 2 weeks trying to understand the relationship between numbers in the WSO marketplace. This is a fact more to me than a 20,000 subscriber buyers list – because I know what to do with it. For instance this leverage point – that a small, small % change in your front end conversion rate could lead to MASSIVE long term estimated backend profits. So of all the metrics a person could be focusing on this leverage point when it comes to a product launch – not sales prices, not how many JVs you have signed up, not % rates – not of that shit. If you plug in all the numbers in a spreadsheet a play with them – the one that will explode your estimated backend profits the most with just a SMALL change is that metric. Then I had to figure out why and that took me a few weeks. Until I came across an article that gave me the answer – that the backend of your funnel is the least price sensitive. In other words, the reason why the expected backend profits change so drastically when you’re modeling and shift the FE conversion rate is because of price sensitivity. Like I said, sometimes the willingness to do just a little extra thinking in the IM niche will produce astounding results.
    Here’s to an 8 figure 2012!

  • Chris:

    That’s definitely someting to think about. Like Steve said, I’m sure we all have some of the winner and loser characteristics. Messages like this remind us about the improvements that we need to make.


  • Joel says:

    Wow Chris,

    I can’t believe I found this post this morning. Now that I have all the software and tools I’ve collected over the last six months, reading everything I could find on making money on the Internet, I’m just thinking this morning about how I am going to attack this in 2012. This fantastic article and feedback is putting me on the right course. Thank you everybody.


  • Christophe says:

    Awesome synthesis. I wish I head read it in August. It is so easy to become a loser when one really wants to be a winner. The more I learn about IM, the more difficult it becomes for me to act. Thanks for your support.

  • Kent Hovland says:

    WOW. Can I outsource the math and “Numbers” part of it? LOL

    Nice job of comparisons Chris, I’m sure we all have our good points and bad that need working on. I’ve been learning a lot about Mindset and the important role it plays in our everyday lives and how it impacts our success.

    The fact I’m reading and replying to this email shows my Mindset is following the right path 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement and passing on of knowledge, both are essential in growth

    Kent Hovland

  • Paul says:

    Well-written Chris. Looking back to my corporate marketing days, my product launches, marketing program launches and general day-to-day tasks would have been a cluster (#%*Q!! had I bounced around as much as I often currently do.

    Back then, I had accountability to my team, my boss and the field sales force that was expecting structured programs and results.

    Like others, I’m printing this off and pasting it in an obvious location.

    From the flip side, if I’d sent a new marketing or sales program out to the field every other day (a la the gurus promoting affiliate launches) proclaiming it was the best sales strategy in the world, I’d have been tarred and feathered before getting fired.

  • Nicely said Chris,

    And do you know what – it is a harsh truth that we all somehow aware or understand who are winners and who are losers and all these characteristics but there is a HUGE difference between TO KNOW WHAT TO DO and actually TO DO/ACT/CHANGE.


  • Ralph Morton says:

    When I was a kid, I worked down the mines in England. To get my point across, we were allowed to drink at 16. We worked hard, however, for leisure we spent lots of time in the pubs.

    We spent that time complaining about how bad the world was treating us. Not a positive word was ever said. What a great start in life.

    I got away from those guys came to Canada, and applied for a job selling vacuum cleaners. Just a good old pit boy trying to get ahead..

    When I went into the office, the atmosphere was dynamite, every salesman was positive.

    Now instead of talking stupid, I was mixing with the right people and it rubbed off.

    I became the top salesman in the company, plus I have been a millionaire, not now but i was. Still trying, even at 83.

    Following what you say, if you stay with the wrong crowd it is completely your own fault. Wake up and smell the roses. Look to right people to help you.

    Have a prosperous New Year


  • What a great post Chris! Especially since 2012 is just around the corner and New Year’s resolutions must be done. This is a great IM model to follow on to base one’s plans and goals for the next year.

    I especially love the part about – Focus, but not on perfection! If I can strengthen this and use this more, then I will move forward at the timetable that I could be at. And I think the rest will all fall into line and I will finally leap forward on a massive scale.

    So why not – I think I will make for myself a pact of my own – a profitable number goal.

    To work towards it $$$ for all of 2012 – and not just a plan or goals list, but an actual number – to work for.

    IM Focus and Speed for $$$ and the rest will follow!

    Go go go!!!

  • Kathy says:

    This is is just so spot on! I see myself in many of the ‘loser’ points. But I also see some in the ‘winners’ column. I’m another who will print this off so I can refer to it often.

    I’m in the process of planning my direction for 2012 and just where I want to focus – my Amazon sites and writing my own PLR for sale. And keeping my authority site up there in the rankings. I’m fairly sure my mindset is right but am happy to go back to TED and learn from the masters.

    I know I can focus and work hard – I did it in the private sector and was editor of our town’s newspaper for 10 years. The paper grew and had the reputation of the best Community Paper in Australia.

    So now I need to regain that focus and lose the shiny object disease that I have. I’m determined and I know I will succeed. Failure is not an option. I’ve had the flops (and learned from them). However I do need to learn to test and analyze the results so I can improve. And get rid of that perfectionist streak I have.

    I can be very disciplined, I just forgot for a while. I am looking forward, not backward and 2012 is going to be so exciting.

  • Aidan says:

    oh, the distraction point is a biggy for me – right, new years resolution, I must cut all ties to the loser list! Thanks for the hard to read, truthful post!

  • Allison says:

    Great article again Chris, this is really helpful for those like myself who are definitely making that push or stride to $50,000 in 3 months or even $100,000 in 6…thanks

  • Alex says:

    Excellent analysis! I’m bookingmarking this puppy.

    Deadlines is the killer for me. I say “ASAP” but tough deadlines make it faster.

    Good ol’ Captain Kirk knew this! Scotty said “we need 6 hrs capt’n!”. “OK Scotty you have 3” 😉

  • Loloy Diango says:

    Wow, thanks for a great read, Chris!

    I believe focus and the ability to adapt are key to succeeding in business – online or offline. I must admit I am having a hard time dealing with distractions like email, browsing through forums and, the worst, getting attracted to new shiny objects. These all ruin my focus and keep me dragging my timeline.

    What I’ve done is set achievable goals and have them posted in front of me when I’m on my computer where I see them most of the time and check those that I’m done with, then add new goals as the days go by. So far, I feel it’s getting me the needed amount of focus I’ve been wanting to have and I hope this will eventually create in me a habit of focusing with laser-target precision on everything I do concerning my online business.

    Thanks again for sharing this so generously!

  • Kevin J says:

    Excellent post, Chris. I’ve enlarged and printed out the winners and losers traits and highlighted what I’m good at and highlighted areas that need improvement. Unfortunately my losers printout has a lot more highlights, but I’ve now got a physical, visible chart in front of me every time I sit at my pc and can concentrate on eliminating one bad trait.

    My biggest problem is not putting all my efforts into one task and spreading myself too thin. After reading your post I’ve set today’s task as choosing ONE AND ONLY ONE product to promote, together with a mapped out traffic plan. If that plan does not pull enough traffic after one months effort then I’ll look at modifying it until it works. After that it’s just a case of choosing the right products/services for the next effort.

    Thanks again and all the best for 2012.

    Chow chow,

  • Chris – what an excellent post! Thank you for including it in your Christmas email (I missed it back in August)!

    I started practicing “uni-tasking” about a couple of months ago and it really helped! I get easily overwhelmed by a lot of versatile tasks that are part of an internet marketer’s ‘normal’ life… Even when I tried writing things down in a “to do” list, I would still be “all over the place” – doing random stuff and not moving forward with what really needed to be done… So now I just write ONE task on a sheet of paper and attach it to my monitor, and then I work on THAT task only – until it’s finished. I have already noticed a lot more progress doing things this way.

    Now – to work on not being a perfectionist… 🙂


  • Adrian says:

    Ouch, the truth can certainly hurt but thanks for writing an excellence piece. It serves as a useful reminder for those of us who grab at too many things.

  • diweho says:

    It hit me like a ton of bricks why I just cannot get ahead with my website. I have too many of the characteristics of the losers and too little of the successful ones.

  • Nick says:

    Chris, wow man great website/blog you have. Only read a couple of posts and they we’re full of valuable insight and info! Liked this one about the $50,000 pact! Gotta work on my winner .characteristics..

  • Pat Helms Pat Helms says:

    Chris, you really nailed it as I can see many of my own characteristics there. I wish I had this information about 4 years ago. All together, I probably have about 100 websites and haven’t made a sale on a single one of them. I am praying that what you are going to be teaching me will result in sales on every one of them (ideally)! I have put the all of my eggs into your basket so please, help me, teach me and turn 2012 into the best year ever! I hope that isn’t asking too much…..

  • Daniel Hemenway says:

    what a eye opener, like a lot of people, I am a little of both

  • Rhonda says:

    I really love this…and have bookmarked it to read often for motivation. I’m definitely focusing to be a winner…no “buts” or “ifs” about it!

  • Wow. Excellent post. I am bookmarking to reread. The one that jumped out at me because sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t is setting deadlines. Do I have them right now? No. But, having read this I will create project deadlines for myself by end of today. There, now I have ONE deadline. Thanks.

    I am generous (I think) though — both with praise, good cheer and thank you’s. That’s one of 12. Actually from that point of view, instead of bookmarking this, I am printing it. Second deadline is after making deadlines, go through this list and ask myself honestly do I do this, or not.

    THANKS! If you can do it SO CAN I. Oh, wait….. I think I got another one!

  • Excellent post. The one that really stood out to me was to focus more on marketing than on the actual product itself. Definitely guilty of not putting enough emphasis on marketing.

  • Trevor says:

    Hi Chris,

    Your list is action either way. You would hope us all as individuals could get to the winners circle sometimes quicker than we do. But have to admit, try as I might there are always hurdles.
    My desire to overcome keeps me moving to find answers and go to the next level. Thanks for your reality.

  • Andrew Tate says:


    Sad to say it, but I appear to have been in the “Losers” enclosure for the last few years!!!

    Many thanks for the lists, they’ve given me some long awaited direction.
    Printed them off and now they are on the wall behind my monitors.

  • Hey chris I have gained alot from your teachings on and off forums ! appreciated.
    your list abve also rings true but this is a very long road which most donnot get due to all the hype out there !
    I work a day job but also very passinate about this topic so pleased to find you also have this blog up.
    thanks again.

  • Maryjoy says:

    Seems like we have the loser side more! Oh well we learn. Thanks Chris .

    Got to work harder now on my loser side and stump it out to get to the winner side!

  • Sammy says:

    Hi admin…

    Great post…
    It remind me to get focusing on the winner personality. It makes me thinking what I want to do must be succeeded or getting failed at all….


  • Craig says:

    WOW… I’m such a Loser!

    I think I know enough to succeed… I have purchased enough tools to succeed… I’ve read enough reports and books to succeed… I’ve joined enough webinars to succeed… I’ve listened to enough experts and gurus to succeed…

    … yet I don’t!

    I’d like to point out a few of the “Winner” attributes that I have… but I can’t… there are just too few.
    I’d like to point out a few of the “Loser” attributes that I have… but I can’t… there are just too many.

    I’m going to print this, I’m going to post this where I see it constantly, and I’m going to TRY to break all those bad (loser) habits, and replace them with Winners!

    … and I need all the help and support of this great community!

    If we can get together online to form a support group, and to share ideas, problems, and successes… Count Me In!


    • Darren says:

      What worked for me was to follow a few steps.

      – I stopped thinking about how to make the money I wasn’t making because it tends to depress, and instead focused on the current project one at a time. I had faith that I would eventually get paid and I did.

      – I unsubscribed myself to a whole bunch of email lists that I called “noise emails” and I only have subscriptions to 3 “Gurus” including Chris’. The rest were too distracting and confused me.

      – Failure became a friend, actually a very comforting teacher. I had over a dozen websites running and all were absolute duds no matter what I did, so I went through them one by one and tried to figure out what could be the problem and fix it and then test it again. Now I have 10 failures (lol) and two that are doubling in profit each month. It’s awesome when even just one project becomes a success, because it motivates you to want to tackle everything else and duplicate the success of the one that takes off.

      – Quitting was never an option. When I got frustrated, no matter how negative I felt at the time, not once did I consider quitting. Because when you break it down and look at your business, and in my case I realized that it costs less than $60 dollars a month to run so it’s basically my time that I put into it that was my biggest cost. Running this business is cheaper and more profitable than any other type of business out there.

      – Eliminating all outside distractions for focus on my “store hours”
      I couldn’t tell you right now what is popular on TV because I don’t watch it. I could care less about what movies are playing right now because I’ll never bother to see them. 6 to 7 hours of my day are my store hours where I look at my big whiteboard in my office and do what I tasked myself to do the day before.

      – I became confident in myself to know that I wasn’t missing the next biggest thing out there. The fundamentals of marketing in general are always the same, it’s the little adjustments to conform to things like seo changes that are implemented by Google etc.

      – I became strong in mind and ignored all the negative people (family and friends ) who thought I was wasting my time with this business. I also say no quite a bit to offers and JV’s projects because I focus only on what works for me.

      -Shelve the vanity projects. Build your empire first then create fun projects at your leisure.

      That is what works for me.

      Best of success to everyone!

  • Jon Lutz says:

    HI Chris:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you A Million Times Over. MMMMMMAAAAAANNNNN, did you hit me right between the eyes and right in my heart, with this The Winners and The Losers List. I have about 90% of The Losers… List, and ONLY about 10% of The Winners… List.

    I definitely drift and get easily distracted a lot during the day, and get easily distracted. I’ve never been a good goal setter, not just in terms of goals and actions to reach those goals, but especially in terms of setting solid numbers (metrics) on marketing and sales goals, rather than just daily goals, for like 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months out, every year.

    I definitely fit number 8 on The Losers… List, trying to be a jack of all trades, rather than laser focusing on one or 2 things at a time, and go for the shiny objects in IM (Number 2 on The Losers… List).

    I printed this The Winners… List and The Losers… List, and starting today, April 1, 2012, will get
    more attuned and in tune with The Winners… List from now on. I even Emailed a VA in the Philippines with these problems I’m having with The Losers… List, and want him to hold me accountable to him from this point on.


  • Yeeeeah, thanks Chris! I have enough Winner traits that… well, LOOK OUT WORLD, here I come!


  • Cararta says:

    A large percentage in the winner circle however
    like to buy!
    biggest fault is having more than one project at a time in the works.

    stop buying (except did buy legal documents for websites think I need)

    Do one thing until done…..ignore all those
    tantalizing emails…….

    beginning to hate videos……I can read thousands of words faster

    than most people speak. some videos are nice if showing how to set up something

    step by step…..but the rest are “glut verbage” or diarrhea of the mouth.

    used your hook pigeon method but because I was taking your class, waited too long to put it up, but I still made google page 1 think still hanging around there!

  • Richard says:

    Wow ! now i know, i am the loser type, perfection, distractions, not wanting to share and more but I must say i want to change that and seeing is believing it at least i know now- thanks -rich

  • Steven says:

    Yes- its important to get all your pigeons in a row. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Kurt says:

    Ahh the shiny object. One of the big problems you run into when you are learning the ropes is you get on Sooooo many “lists”.

    This was a great message and reminder about what is really important.

    Focus and getting things done that you want to get done are extremely crucial.


  • Mike says:

    I’m a loser. Thanks for pointing that out. You’re right, I should give up.

  • Caleb says:

    Dude! This is such an eye-opener and I sincerely appreciate the reminder! FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS is key to making things happen!

  • Urban Pinay says:

    This is great read. I am guilty to “can’t say no to shiny objects “. I tend to accept projects even if it is beyond my workload. Thanks for the share. I do hope I can do some winner moves on my next project!

  • Allen says:

    It’s hard to look in the mirror and see a loser … and then have to admit it to yourself, at least in terms of not being a good enough entrepreneur to make any money.

    Alex Goad put it another way when he said …

    “When the hurt of not doing it becomes greater than the fear of trying to do it … then you are ready to do it.”

    Are losers destined to wait all their lives to ” do it” and go to their graves mad at themselves that they hadn’t, or do they say to Hell with that and finally break the thought barrier … TODAY I’m just gonna do it!

    Thanks for again kicking over the bucket of fear Chris.

  • Cindy says:

    OUCH!!! THAT HURT!!!!!

    I am so guilty of many of the “Losers” traits, but then on the otherhand I also have a lot of the “Winners” traits…

    Thanks for the post, it was well worth my time to read it!!!!

  • Tobi says:

    Hi Chris.
    You’re right on it.
    I think the biggest difference is losers are easily distracted, losing focus on their goals and the path they need to walk through to actually get there, while jumping on the next shiny promise that someone throws in their faces.
    Was guilty of it myself when I first started. and it’s hard t blame newbies for doing so, when there’s so many opportunities and little background to back it all up against.

    My recommendation is follow limited trustworthy tutors, stick to the plan, be patient, and food things will happen.

  • Susan says:


    I always thought I was a winner! Being a perfectionists has certainly held me back.

    Now to not be so perfect and become a winner! Thanks Chris for letting me see ‘why’ I wasn’t making it ‘right’ 😛

  • Kim says:

    WOW! As has been said previously, Thanks For The KICK in the Butt! I have some of both traits but now will work on replacing all traits with the winning ones. Even though I have some of the so called loser traits, I am not a loser. My mindset is “I`m a winner” and I have to just work on perfecting it. People, don`t call yourselves losers! You are valuable and you can apply all the winner traits and work on them, if you choose to.

  • Kate says:

    Excellent article, Chris. In the past I have SERIOUSLY failed when it comes to the details, numbers and analysis of projects. BUT this is my business and I’m going to take that bull in the china closet by the horns and approach my new venture like the business that it is.

    I’m going to embrace the details. 🙂


  • Tim Dawes says:

    So Chris. How do you find something you believe in enough that you can go heads down on it and ignore the other options that could work?

    I’ve gone heads down and thrown myself into projects led by web gurus who swear they will week-by-week teach a select group of us to make lots of money in one way or another.

    I’ve built big architectures or small armies of sites only to have them do nothing. I’ve worked on teams where no one makes any money or progress at all. And the guru disappears and stops answering emails or posting on the forum.

    How do you know when you’ve found the one thing you should give all your attention and effort to?

    • admin says:

      You pick one thing and see it through.

      Why is your life and business in the hands of some ‘guru’? Why are they choosing which path you go down, and why are you not making those decisions?

      If your current venture does not work out, do not quit, pivot…

      You only fail when you stop.

  • Joe says:

    Wow! Powerful… and EXACTLY what I needed to get off MY ASS! Excuse the language, but this was a direct to point comparison that shows us exactly what we need to do and exactly what we should stay away from! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

  • Emma says:

    Right on Chris.

    This is really inspiring and hell if you can do it so can I =)

    Emma & Ryan =)

  • Dude, being someone who is just starting out, this information is invaluable. What you shared could literally put anyone, new or experienced, either miles ahead or miles behind, depending on what they choose to make their reality.

    Here’s to choosing the road of WINNERS.

    Good stuff.

  • Greg says:

    Man, this is the sh**, man. I watched you pump out all those productss and could never figure out how you did it so fast. Now I know there is DEFINITELY a method to this madman’s madness!

    I am going to start pumping out and testing WSOs like crazy now. I’m tired of being a freakin’ chickenheaded loser myself. I don’t know about the rest of you.

    Any ideas where I should roll out the successful WSOs? I’m thinking I should probably grab the PRO version of JVNotifyPro so I can hang with the dudes that are killing it over there like Michael Jones, Rob Benwell, Chris Freville, etc. I know I have to be able to build up my list bigger so I can reciprocate, but the beauty is I can build up a list of BUYERS with WSOs!

    Munch-man, where have you been all my life!!! Rock on!

  • Leah says:

    Hi Chris

    Great post! I’m a strategist and your strategies are in the list that I’m studying! Love looking at the mindset and activities of those who are proving the models work.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep watching!

  • Matt Clark says:

    Excellent article Chris! I too am like some of the others above who are too focused on perfectionism. I think the issue becomes not wanting to put something out there that you aren’t proud of. Of course you can only edit, revise and tinker with things so much, until you have to take a leap of faith.

    Bookmarking this one to refer back to, very motivational and on point!

  • BL says:

    This post was originally posted over 1 year ago now but the sound advice in it is timeless and very much rings true today.

    This is one of a handful of posts that I’ve printed, keep posted on my wall, and refer back to when I need to calibrate my goals and refocus.

    Awesome Share Chris. Greatly appreciated!!!!

  • M. Bari says:

    This message is just a starting point for me towards the position of a BIG WINNER. My next post here will come with my success story. I’m truly thankful for this post.

    Better and Better
    -M. Bari

  • widyan says:


    must be focus to be a winner. focus focus and focusss!!
    i wanna be a winner!!


  • Kishor says:

    Such a wonderful article. Thanks Chris for showing mirror to us !!

  • James Hughes says:

    Hi Chris

    Very well written and very true.

    Thanks for sharing this insight.

    James Hughes

  • Wim says:

    As of today I’m certainly one of the losers . Thanks for this wake up call Chris !

  • Vincent says:

    This article really hit the nail on the head. My head especially.

    – Focus
    – Focus
    – Focus

    Set new target goals for the coming new year – FOCUS.

    Thanks Chris for this wonderful article.


  • Tony Clingan says:

    Hi Chris

    Sometimes the truth hurts but it also highlights that it’s actually easier to be successful than it is to fail if you just get your thinking straight

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  • Oz Dougs says:

    I’ve got one thing to add to the Losers camp:

    ALL WINNERS come from the LOSERS CAMP!

    A Winner was once a Loser.

    A Loser with persistence will end up a Winner.

    All Winners went through perfecting a Loser.

    Without being a Loser you can’t simply be a Winner!


    • admin says:

      very true 🙂

  • Ray Burton says:

    Hi Chris,

    I think this post has lasted a long time because it gets the occasional promotion, but most of all because the points are tried and tested and found to be true.

    Well done Chris you walk the walk and show by example the path of success. You inspire us.


  • Rev. Scott U says:

    Thank you Chris, great post–equally applicable to success or failure in many endeavors besides business!

    Your lists can definitely apply to how we handle our personal challenges & spiritual interactions, for example.

    We all appreciate you haven’t NAMED ANY NAMES of who amongst has–or lacks–these winning traits ha.

    Instead through scrutinizing your lists each of us is encouraged–or tarred & feathered–or both–by our unblinking accurate self evaluation!

    I hope your 2013 is even greater than your 2012, & everybody who reads & comments here is emboldened to SEIZE THE DAY.

  • Doron David says:

    I admit I’m a total loser. Always been. You just put it on paper in front of me. I started with marketing less than 3 months ago. Learning. Any way of joining a mastermind anywhere?



  • What a brilliant post, so glad I found it! I’m surprised, but very happy, to see that I’m a definitely winner! I do currently meet a couple of the loser criteria but I can and will iron those things out. I’m definitely feeling more energised now after reading this post, thanks Chris!

    Glenn 🙂

  • Great post Chris and you have stirred up a hornets nest of engagement which was probably your intention.

    An important distinction also is that you can be a winner in one field but a loser in another where you have less or limited experience.

    The importance here though is recognizing that you are no longer a winner out of your environment and seeking out the winners to emulate rather than banging your head against the wall, rather like your failing quickly.

    Make mistakes, learn from them and seek out opportunities to learn from market leaders.

  • Jim Sickonic says:

    Chris this is one if those posts that just makes ones skin crawl. While reading the Winners list I felt like i could certain brush up on some of those traits and at the same time felt as though I was already doing them. When I read the losers list.. I started to feel a huge capital L forming on my forehead… Wow.. What apiphenies you have made.. This is being shared to all my friends. Thank you thsnk you thank you.

  • Eva says:

    Great post, Chris.
    Something that opens eyes to all of us to a certain point. And yes, every winner was once a loser, a spammed guy and a knocked down person. Your insight will surely help many struggling marketers stand up again and run with your words in mind. Thank you.

  • MarieDi says:

    So when you you start a new group and where do I sign up? (Hopefully for an initial cost a loser can afford 🙂 )

    • Chris Munch says:

      It was something I organized privately. I recommend to anyone to organize a small mastermind of people with similar goals in comparable or related businesses. It’s the best way to learn and have support and encouragement to move forward.

      This can often just happen naturally. It doesn’t need to be an organized thing.

      • MarieDi says:

        How do you deal with competition? I mean, if you have a mastermind of people with similar goals but also in comparable or related businesses, don’t they start competing against each other? I’ve seen that happen all too often: not everyone knows how to cooperate and understand win-win relationships.

      • Chris Munch says:

        Don’t have direct competitors in the mastermind, just comparable businesses which have similar goals, type of customers, technology, marketing, etc.

        And pick the right people who you feel will add value.

  • Joe Finn says:

    We should do this again!

  • Dan says:

    Can this mastermind still be joined for the $50,000 PACT. This appears to be old info. Is this still just as good as it was when you first launched it?

    • Chris Munch says:

      The information is timeless. Its human nature. The mastermind’s I do are typically private and invite only. I suggest getting to know people and identify people with similar goals and in similar niches/businesses and set up your own mastermind.

      • Not sure if you still read these comments but it’s amazing how this article is written now 6 years ago yet I’d say its even more relevant today because there are so many darn new shiny things, apps…you know like PressCable 🙂 . However, my small trial investment i actually think is worth it, not because of PressCable but because of this message right here. I feel sick from how much it describes my distraction. thanks.

      • Chris Munch says:

        Your welcome:)

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