Posted on Feb 11, 2015

7-8 Figure Systems

Virtual Online Business Automation & VA Recruitment Video & PDF

Systems and Automation – If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was the least “exciting” topic we could talk about on this blog BUT it’s for that precise reason you should pay EXTRA close attention, if your goal it to someday run a business and have the freedom to take the 4-hour work week lifestyle, or simply get more done in less time so you are aggressively more competitive.

Knowing how to effectively build a business with the correct systems in place ensures a very happy, healthy and essentially stress-free road to massive growth and profit.

WARNING: It takes more than 4 hours a week to build a highly systemized business where you are free from the every day tasks and running of the business.

  • It’s not push button (but it means you can ultimately run your business that way)…

  • It’s not instant (but means you can eventually choose how much and when you work)…

  • It requires some up front work (but only really once)…

The ‘secret’ to growing, running and enjoying a real and mega-profitable business in the shortest time possible… is to acknowledge and accept you can’t do everything yourself.

As an entrepreneur, your main role should be building teams, giving them direction and getting the most out of them.

At some point you have to bring in help, to take some of the work off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on the more ‘big picture’, high-level issues.

This keeps you fresh, productive, valuable… and it means you can accomplish infinitely more in your business.

Watch the video below, where I sit down with systems expert Joshua Bretag, and we lay out a road map for you, to systematizing and automating your business ASAP.

Be sure to click the button below the video to get the PDF Report that’ll help you put this into real action. 

Watch the Systems, Automation & Hiring Video Interview

(choose HD playback to ensure text on screen is readable)

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  • Great info as always Chris…

    One of the toughest hurdles to get over seems to be this – at the early phase, even with your systems set up, moving your funds from advertising into outsourcing isn’t easy. I guess that’s why it takes time to turn a profit in order to scale.. not easy in my experience!

    – Neil

    • Hey Neil,

      Josh here the other guy on the video.

      Whenever I start a business now I always have budget set aside for marketing and also for outsourcing/business process and automation.

      I find if you plan for it you can scale it faster


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