Posted on Dec 2, 2010

Online Products & Customer Development [video]

Serial Entrepreneur Steve Blank’s Stanford Lecture

Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur who has helped found 8 internet startups in Silicon Valley, and has a number of internet success stories behind him.


In this series of videos he discusses his Customer Development model for companies in their early stage. Munchweb shares the belief with Steve that building a successful internet company is not a hit and miss art form, but something that can be achieved and managed through best practices.

In other words, listen to what Steve has to say and put it into action as it will drastically improve your chance of success with your internet start-up. While the video focuses on the idea of having a product, it really applies to any business since every business has a product in some form. A blog for example, has it’s product within its content, and the content must live up to its audiences wants, needs & desires.

Sorry about the autoplay but it was the only way to embed all the videos together. Enjoy!

[Source: Stanford University]

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