Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Make 2017 Your Breakthrough Year For Your Online Business

When You Need A Change…

At many times in your life you realize you need a change.

You may want to change your financial situation… aggressively grow your business, or push for the 4 hour work week dream.

You may have a job you really want to leave so you can free up your time to do things you’re passionate about.

You may want to give more to your family.

Or you may have another cause.

And you may realize that the direction you’re going in right now is not taking you where you want to go…




This post is designed to help you change direction in the coming year, starting right now, and move onto a path of your choosing.


   Being Specific…

The main reason most people don’t achieve goals is they never set any concrete, achievable goals to begin with.

There are a couple of pitfalls many people fall into in setting goals.

The first is “dreaming” without ever setting specific goals that can be achieved in the next month, week, or the next few hours.

One of the biggest keys to success is to break down your huge goals into tiny bite sized chunks you can get done in 15 minutes to an hour.

When you break down a big dream into tiny bite sized pieces you know you can get done right now that’s empowering…




Instead of either getting overwhelmed that your dream is too big and you don’t know where to start or getting tied up in warm, fuzzy feelings about how wonderful your dream is you know exactly what you need to get done right now.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time. The second pitfall many people make in setting goals is not critically analyzing if their course of action is actually likely to get them to where they want to go.

Many people try to flog a dead horse instead of being realistic and get hung up on beliefs instead of looking at the facts rationally…




Are you trying to succeed in an industry that’s dying?

Are you in a field where the odds are stacked so heavily against you you really don’t have a reasonable chance of success.

Are you being squeezed into a mold trying to succeed in someone else’s business model (like an MLM based business) instead of building your own business where you can use your own creativity, innovate and act independently?

Can the financial goals you have be achieved with the action goals you’re setting?

It’s critical to take actions that can conceivably get you where you want to be and not get stuck thinking that repeating the same failed actions of the past will somehow miraculously bring you success in the future.

   Asking The Right Questions…

People who get stuck have a very common mindset that ensures they won’t break free and start making serious progress towards their goals.

These types of questions are common from people who are stuck mentally:

  • What product should I promote so I can make a lot of money?
  • What’s the fastest way I can make money this week without having to work too hard.
  • What method do you suggest to make money. I don’t have any internet marketing skills…I just want to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

The real question most people who are stuck mentally are really asking is…

How can I succeed with the same attitude, skill sets and actions
that have caused me to fail in the past?


Time for a reality check…

   You Must Be Willing To Change…

To succeed in any field requires personal growth on your part.

Usain Bolt didn’t wake up at the age of 21 the fastest sprinter in the world.

He started out as a kid who had a little talent.

Then he trained, got direction from highly skilled coaches, changed and refined what he was doing…trained a whole lot more.

And after years of incredibly hard, consistent effort he built and changed his body, his attitude, his methods until he was the fastest sprinter on earth…




If you want a successful online or offline business you have to look at yourself and your skills objectively…

Then work out what new skills you need to take your success to another level.

You have to be honest about how you need to change personally.

Also look at your current business objectively…no matter how small or large it might be…

And ask yourself what changes and improvements it needs to move to another level.

You can only make and achieve realistic goals if you’re brutally honest with yourself.



The average person who has been online studying internet marketing for 6 months or more has more than enough knowledge to be successful.

But knowledge can’t take you far unless you put it into concrete action.

It’s impossible to steer a car that isn’t moving…




If all you’re doing is soaking up knowledge and taking small amounts of action you’re not getting enough feedback from the real world to adjust what you’re doing so you can achieve some measurable success.

The more you do and the more honest you are with the results you’re getting the easier it is to make changes and refine what you’re doing so you can start moving in the direction you want.


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