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Posted on Aug 12, 2019

100K ShoutOut Review Price Demo & Bonus: Omnipresent Digital Marketing Training Course by Chris Munch

We’d like to give you advance notice and a review presentation of 100K ShoutOut, a brand new digital marketing course by Chris Munch.

Here’s what you should know before you make your decision whether to invest your time and money in this powerful training course or not.

100K ShoutOut reveals the best and most effective method to create omnipresent content amplification campaigns and generate buyer traffic on demand.

The launch of the training course is scheduled for August 20, 2019. The official sales page is available at
https://100kshoutouts.com/begin .

100K ShoutOut And The HUGE Shift In The Digital Marketing World…

Those who are familiar with the 100K ShoutOut training content know that 100K Shout Out is the type of online course that completely shifts the way businesses do their online marketing.

It’s a six-week live training course that reveals proven techniques for finding profitable niches and closing clients. It helps students learn how to create viral content amplification campaigns and unlock a flood of buyer traffic…

It’s designed to help you quickly learn from some of the world’s greatest minds and experts in digital marketing and traffic generation.

It features plenty of useful information and step-by-step instructions on how you can stack $500 to $2000 payments per campaign and scale to $100K/year and beyond.

100K ShoutOut includes practical lessons on how to find clients, close deals, structure the online business processes and create powerful marketing campaigns…

During the course students are invited to join weekly and monthly group and individual tasks and challenges which can help them move forward in their quest in becoming successful $100K business owners.

All that immediate knowledge…

To rapidly upgrade key areas of your professional career…

100K ShoutOut is perfect for people who want to start building a better future with a proven strategy.

Who Is This Digital Marketing Course For?

  • absolute beginners to online business and digital marketing;
  • people with some online business experience;
  • successful online business owners and marketing experts.

The course maps out a tested path to success. The course material includes real case study examples of work Chris Munch and his students have done together to promote various offers online and generate new income streams.

These case studies demonstrate what the 100K ShoutOut strategy is capable of. They can be useful for both experienced online business owners and newbies in the digital marketing industry.

Insights from the 100K ShoutOut training have allowed users with no experience in digital marketing to start their profitable businesses. The training has helped many marketing experts to grow their agencies and scale to $100K/year and beyond.

If you enroll in the training, you’ll learn how to improve your core skill set and competence in running omnipresent digital marketing campaigns for recurring profits.

100K ShoutOut features weekly Q&A sessions in which students are invited to share their progress and receive feedback on their campaigns.

The 100K ShoutOut strategy is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to generate steady income streams. As a student, you do not have to figure out on your own how to find clients, how and where to promote their offers and how to monetize your campaigns, grow and scale.

Chris Munch has walked the talk and knows how to share his knowledge and experience with you.

What is the 100K ShoutOut Content Amplification Method?

In the digital age, there is a battle for attention. 100K ShoutOut reveals a simple three-step content amplification process that will allow you to stand out, outrank the competition and monetize your campaigns.

The 100K ShoutOut creator Chris Munch teaches students how to improve their online presence and exposure, land top rankings online and enjoy higher traffic and higher ROI on their marketing.

The 100K ShoutOut training outlines a three-step content amplification
process for creating a sustainable $100K/Year business.

You can create multiple traffic-generating versions of your message, have them distributed on the right high-impact online sites and platforms and get paid $2,079 and more per campaign recurring.

You can amplify your content, you can amplify your ROI and profits.

The fantastic ShoutOut content amplification campaigns help you reach top rankings on Google and attract buyer traffic on demand.

There is no need to pay thousands of dollars for traffic and for just a few leads from Facebook when you can achieve higher ROI on your marketing with the omnipresent marketing campaigns and the content amplification method.

The content amplification method helps you create copy and digital assets that make your mouth water and your bank balance happy.

Who Is Chris Munch?

Munch has a deep passion for creating innovative technological solutions and viral traffic strategies.

100K ShoutOut is a signature training program by Chris Munch that reveals the single most accessible path to extraordinary business success.

Product and software entrepreneur, Chris Munch develops and uses the most powerful traffic-generating strategies to help small and medium-size vendors and business owners, eCommerce experts, SEO and marketing professionals reach commercial success and financial independence.

In his course 100K ShoutOut, Chris Munch teaches students both the theoretical and practical aspects of digital marketing, content amplification and traffic generation.

He shares genuinely innovate massive traffic generation methods that help many business owners get high online exposure and visibility.

AmpiFire: The Automated Content Amplification Software App

Two components are extremely important for making an entrepreneur successful: a good strategy and the right software.

With 100K ShoutOut and AmpiFire, Chris Munch has streamlined the content amplification method and has allowed many users to enjoy a done-for-you marketing solution.

Chris Munch and his team offer a unique software technology, called AmpiFire. It enables you to run your omnipresent digital marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Amplify your marketing today with AmpiFire, the absolute best and most effective content amplification software app solution.

AmpiFire is the world’s first Content Amplification Engine that combines software automation, artificial intelligence with manual writing and optimization to create something quite unique and powerful.

AmpiFire is the type of software app that supercharges your marketing skills and allows you to automatically create, publish, distribute, repurpose and syndicate content across various traffic-distribution channels in just 6 minutes.

Here is a short demonstration of the software platform and what it does to create omnipresence.

AmpiFire Platform Demo Video

As seen in the video above, AmpiFire features a press release and blog post writing editor.

The platform podcast tool automatically transforms your blog content into a podcast episode and publishes it on Buzzsprout and Podbean. It also creates a professionally-looking SlideShare presentation and an engaging video.

AmpiFire features many presentation templates that are perfect for different niches and industries and for various creative projects.

AmpiFire includes many pro-grade video templates that are extremely easy to use. You can customize them to your preferences and needs. It is guaranteed that you will impress your target audience.

It enables you to repurpose your content into multiple formats: you can create and share pro-grade videos, blog posts, media announcements, presentations…

AmpiFire helps you to distribute engaging content that speaks to your target audience.

AmpiFire gets your annoucnements featured on:

  • Real High Traffic Blogs
  • Mainstream New Sites
  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • LinkedIn’s SlideShare
  • POdBean and Buzzsprout
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Even Google News

This amazing feature is worth mentioning again!

AmpiFire will help you get the information about you or your client’s products and services off the ground to more than 400 brand name media outlets, high-traffic blog sites, Podcast directories, SlideShare, Vimeo and YouTube, and many more traffic-generating channels… automatically… instantly…

You don’t have to figure out 8 or 10 different types of software programs and try to stitch them together when one single platform that you can easily master can do all the heavy lifting for you.

With AmpiFire, you can get your content out there in a way you and your clients will be proud of.

The platform will empower you to instantly create high-quality digital assets, to boost your buyer traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

Are you ready for the launch of AmpiFire?

The launch of the 100K ShoutOut training course is on August 20, 2019. Chris Munch and his team offer a 60-day guarantee to the 100K ShoutOut students. We assure you, you’ll see it and you will love it.

Discover the world’s first and only content amplification software platform and join Chris Munch’s powerful training at
https://100kshoutouts.com/begin .

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