Posted on Apr 3, 2016

Gary Vaynerchuck Tips on Twitter Video Reply & Follower Engagement

Sometimes a new free tool comes along and we miss just how powerful it can be…

When Twitter came out with their new video feature I really didn’t pay much attention…

Until Twitter expert Gary Vaynerchuk revealed how he was using Twitter video to dramatically increase engagement, increase the depth of his contacts and increase real sales.

Vaynerchuk built millions of dollars in sales in the wine niche by searching out people asking questions about wine on Twitter and answering them right there on Twitter.

He pointed out how with Twitter’s new video feature you can post a video reply on Twitter in under 10 seconds and the impact is enormous

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  • Hi Chris,

    Great stuff, really like it!!! I do social media for clients and how would you advise using this information to build a deeper connection between my client and his customer base?

    Twitter and Socail Media is about building connections, trust, authority and liekability in the digital space. It’d be great if I knew how to apply this knowledge for my clients. Thanks.


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