Serpsuite vs RankReveal Keyword Tools
Posted on Mar 23, 2015

RankReveal & Serpsuite Comparison Review

Reverse Keyword Rank Tracking & Intelligence Tools

Two new software, RankReveal and SerpSuite, have hit the market with cutting edge technology that is changing the way we get rank tracking data and intelligence, and making traditional rank trackers obsolete.

If your reading this right now you might have seen some hype from afilliates, or you’re just doing the smart thing and researching. This comparison gets right down to the critical details, without the hype, so you get the true real skinny right here on Munchweb. So let’s dig in…

As you may know, discovering how well you’re doing in the search engines and where to focus your efforts can be a real challenge. With most regular keyword tools you enter a keyword and it gives you back a result telling you where your site is ranking for that keyword. But that’s not enough…

It is difficult and tedious because you don’t always know what keywords you’re likely to be ranking for and compiling and entering a pile of different keywords is time consuming.

Worse still you’re going to miss a whole pile of keyword phrases that might be highly lucrative for you.


This New Technology Spins Keyword Tracking On Its Head

The exciting news is there’s now a new generation of keyword tools harnessing the latest technology to monitor search engines for changes in rankings and traffic.

Instead of having to enter keywords and see how you rank on each this new technology allows you to enter a domain name and get back a list of keyword phrases your site is already ranking for.

This is incredibly valuable because it helps you focus on the areas where you’re getting results and also helps you to see opportunities in the keywords you’re ranking for now where you can expand your content to bring in more traffic.

But which of these keyword intelligence tools is right for you?

Here’s a direct comparison of the features and pricing of the two next generation keyword software that have innovated to reveal the keywords you rank for… RankReveal and SerpSuite:


RankReveal SerpSuite
Keywords tracked & monitored daily Keywords tracked & monitored daily
Okay interface for data Easy to comprehend interface for data
Local rankings option Rankings options from non US search engines regional and local rankings
Keyword rankings for press releases
Google & Bing rankings Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, YouTube & Google Video rankings
New Google & Bing keyword alert Custom email alert notifications
Scheduled customised email reporting for you and unlimited clients
Analysis & keyword change graph Tracking & historical analysis with trendlines
Custom advanced reports
Portal allowing custom white label access for unlimited clients
Unlimited team member access: you control access levels
$19/month for 200 keywords* $29/month for 250 keywords*
$69/month for 800 keywords $49/month for 750 keywords
$99/month for 1,200 keywords $79/month for 1,250 keywords
$199/month for 2,500 keywords $149/month for 2,000 keywords
$299/month for 5,000 keywords

*All prices listed are standard pricing. Special launch pricing may be different.


Using SerpSuite Vs RankReveal

The interface for finding keywords in SerpSuite is simple. You click on the “Discover” button, add in your domain name, add a “base keyword” and click on Add Keywords and you’re done…


With RankReveal it’s not immediately obvious how to search for keywords you’re already ranking for but it’s not hard to work out. When you make a search the keywords you’re already ranking for show up in blue…


Both SerpSuite and RankReveal are easy enough to use. Both will require a bit of a learning curve so you can get the information you want out of them.

One important point: with both SerpSuite and RankReveal you need to enter a root keyword or keywords to get the process of finding keywords you’re ranking for started. Neither software will simply give you a list of keywords without some kind of “priming” with a root keyword, and neither software will discover all the keywords you can rank for. There is no tool on the planet that can currently do that, but these are by far the most effective tools for finding a good chunk of the keywords you do rank for.

In our side by side tests SerpSuite was able to discover slightly more keywords at this time, but the technology in development by RankReveal could break through that barrier.


Keyword Reporting In SerpSuite

In SerpSuite you can export any keyword report with a single click in csv format, pdf or pdf with graphs…


At the time of writing this review with RankReveal I couldn’t find a reporting feature.


Keyword Reports For Your Paying Clients

Keyword reports are highly valuable when you’re working with paying clients helping them to rank in the search engines.

The reason is simple: they like to see the results you’re getting them for the money they’re paying you.

Being able to give them regular updates on the keywords they’re ranking for and giving them this information in professional looking graphs and reports can dramatically increase the fees you charge and your client retention.

Working with paying clients the obvious choice is SerpSuite.

You get:

  • Custom pdf or excel keyword reports you can share with clients.
  • A portal that allows you to give 24/7 customised access for each of your clients including ranking position data, reports and more.
  • You can set up automated, in depth reports to go to your clients’ inboxes on a schedule you choose making client reporting and retention easier and more efficient.



YouTube & Google Video Keyword Tracking

If you need to track keywords for videos again SerpSuite is the best choice with tracking for YouTube and Google videos, which is currently not available in RankReveal.

Just enter the URL of the video and SerpSuite will give you back a full range of keywords that video is ranking for…



Press Release Keyword Tracking

If you’d like to see how your press releases are doing SerpSuite will give you the keywords your press release is ranking for even though they’re on a bunch of different domains (watch the video below to see how this works)…


Minimum Keywords At Minimal Price

If you’re looking for a robust but affordable service to track less than 200 keywords on your own websites then either solution would work but you might favour RankReveal as it has a good deal at $19 a month for 200 keywords.



For most purposes SerpSuite would which has been on the market for longer is currently ahead on features and usability. You can find more details on SerpSuite and try it out by cliking here.

At the time of writing RanReveal has only just launched, so while a little bit behind SerpSuite has a lot of very promising features. Right now RankReveal is offering a launch special and you can get more details on RankReveal by clicking here.
(NOTE: RankReveal page will not launch publicly until 9am EDT 24th March)

What do you think of these tools? Tell me below?

Disclaimer: is an affilliate of for both SerpSuite and RankReveal. This is an honest review of both products and if you found this review helpful and a nice break from the hype, please share this post.

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  • Blogger says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for this review btw.

    I got rank reveal about 3 weeks ago, and so far it works well. But there are some little differences between rank reveal, google webmasters and other tracking software that i’ve got.

    What would you say to recommend more?

    • Chris Munch says:

      All tracking tools will give slightly different results for various reasons. One being they simply represent a snapshot of rankings at any particular time and rankings constantly change. Another is that they can change a lot from location to locaton, or city to city, so it depends from what locations the results are pulled from.

      So consider any ranking tool an estimate.

  • Scott says:

    I can’t speak for RankReveal, but I did have SerpSuite for about 3 months up til 2 months ago.

    Initially it was seemingly tracking my keywords for the YouTube videos urls I was tracking in Google.

    However over about 6 or 7 weeks everything was great as far as accurate tracking when I went and manually went thru Google to confirm the accuracy of SerpSuite.
    But then it would not “AUTO” refresh with each and every login to SerpSuite as it is supose to do and the numbers were way off as far as accurate tracking. I contacted support to see if there were maybe any issues with updating or some reasoning behind the inaccurate tracking and the creator himself replied stating everything was ok on his end of things.
    So I found it very unreliable as a YouTube url tracking for keywords over time and discontinued the service. Hopefully all issues that I experienced just a few months ago is resolved.

    • Aaron says:

      Hey Scott,

      I’m a co-founder and developer over at SerpSuite. I’ve been looking into our YouTube tracking service once I read your message and ran some tests on “dog training” videos. Our results seem on par with YouTube SERPS across USA search from my initial 3 findings.

      I’d love to discuss your experience in more detail as there’s not much data to go on in the previous support ticket conversation between us. This would be mutually beneficial to all of us as we’re very confident this tool can truly help those who practice SEO on a daily basis.

      Feel free to reach me personally – aaron(/at) and I’d be more than happy to help.

      Best wishes,

    • Daniel Tan says:

      Hi Scott,

      I am the co-founder of RankReveal. Give us a try, I am sure you will be delighted to see keywords revealed for you.

      So far customers are finding valuable data from RankReveal and our software works behind the scene monitoring the entire web for more rankings and alert you when we find a new one ranking for you.

      I am reachable in the support area any time.


  • Alex SF Web says:

    Thank you Chris for putting together this article. I was trying to find a tool like this on the market. Now all I have to do is to try on of the tools. I was thinking to try with the 49$ option, it look s a little more reasonable then rank reveal specially if you want to look for more keywords.


  • Alex SF Web says:

    I forgot to mention do you know any other tools on the market that can do that for you?

    • Chris Munch says:

      SerpSuite and RankReveal are the only two I know of right now.

  • simon says:

    I actually tried to sign up for rank reveal but they seem to have stopped taking new customers.

    i emailed them but in 10 days or so, i have not had a response.

    Not great…. I will try SerpSuite out.

  • asturwebs says:

    Hello good morning, today I’m going to test Rank Reveal, for the local positioning in Asturias, Spain, greetings and thanks

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