Posted on May 22, 2011

Milgram Experiment Creates Killers

Powerful Words & Psychological Tricks


We like to think we can think freely, but the more you delve into the human mind, the more you realize how we’re driven by illogical emotions and instincts.

Watch in the video below how about 2 thirds of everyday people are turned into killers, because the situation is right, the psychological weakness is exploited, and the right words slither into their ears.

  1. Please continue.
  2. The experiment requires that you continue.
  3. It is absolutely essential that you continue.
  4. You have no other choice, you must go on.

This just goes to show how people can be manipulated into doing things they think they never would. Create the right environment, and use the right words and people react in predictable ways.

You are part of the experiment…

In the online marketing world this phenomenon is not unknown. Every time you browse the internet it is pretty much guaranteed you are part of some marketers scientific experiment.

Statistical tests to see how you react to different words, different colors, different designs, different images are carried out by websites every day. Google is doing it, eBay is doing it, Facebook is doing it, and I’m doing it too.

The right words can make an incredible difference too how successful your website and marketing campaigns are. The right words can see you go viral all over Facebook, see sales of your product triple, and have people going click crazy for your emails.

In the Headline Handgun I share some of the hooks, headlines and words that have worked really well for me. Steve Lorenzo reveals his email marketing word wizardry and tested strategies in Sexy Email Marketing.

What has worked for you?

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  • Dean R Black says:

    Really great article here. It is true. The human mind is incredible in its ability. If you can figure out how someone is thinking and what they really desire then you can truly help them. While the Miligram tests show how people can be manipulated into doing bad things this same strategy can , and should, be used for good. The danger is in marketers going to far and manipulating people into making decisions that may not be good for them.

    There is a fine line between marketing your products or service to help people and manipulating people to buy what you have. While it is ultimately the buyers responsibility to be diligent it is also the marketers responsibility to be honest and not use outright manipulation.

    I guess it comes down to marketing responsibly. That is the way Mary and I try to conduct ourselves anyway.

    Thanks again for the content it was thought provoking for sure. 🙂

  • Clara D Reger says:

    All the depths of human depravity and all the triumphs of the human spirit, all the accomplishments that humanity is capable of, are all within us. We must choose. Not to choose is also a choice.

  • marc hamelin says:

    Where can I get one of those machines?

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