The REAL Truth About The Plan And The Exclusive Crypto Multiplier Bundle Bonus That Will Help You Avoid Overlooked Crypto Traps That Could Potentially Make You Lose Money
Posted on Dec 2, 2021

The Plan By Dan Hollings – The REAL TRUTH & Best Bonuses Available

This post has the ACTUAL TRUTH about The Plan including the real risks of the method, the critical missing piece that you need, and our actual results using this method. As an actual trader with 14 years of experience and success, I am able to give you the real truth about what this is.

However, if you’re serious about getting access to The Plan, MAKE SURE you see the bonuses below that I’m offering that will help cover the gaps that we see with The Plan.

These bonuses are tailored to The Plan specifically and designed to increase your success and revenue from the Plan now and in the future.

No one else is offering these bonuses because quite frankly… they don’t know the information that me and my team does.

Even with that being said…there are a few things you should consider BEFORE you invest in the plan.

So in this review, we’ll cover the following:

  1. What EXACTLY Is The Plan?
  2. How Does It Work With The Crypto Markets?
  3. Testing The Plan With Current Results
  4. The Problem With The Plan and Why It’s Not Fail Proof
  5. What You’ll Need To Increase Your Chances Of Success With The Plan (Bonuses)
  6. WARNING – Avoiding the Hype Training and Fake Gurus
  7. Conclusion – 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Plan
  8. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Quick Disclaimer Before We Begin!

While I and others I know have had success in the markets (including the crypto space), nothing in this review or on this site is intended to be personal financial advice.

Investing can be risky and you could lose money. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In that regard, should you need financial advice, you should seek out a certified financial planner to help you get all of your questions answered about your financial future.

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out the way…let’s jump in!

(If You’re Already Sold On Joining The Plan, Go Ahead and Skip To My Bonuses Below and See How You Can Multiply Your Profits and Revenue BEYOND The Plan.)

What EXACTLY Is The Plan?

In short, Dan has created a training course that teaches anyone how to capitalize on the current trends in the crypto markets.

This is done with a level of analysis and bot trading using a prominent platform that takes some (if not most) of the emotion out of trading the crypto markets.

I’ll give you more insight as to HOW it works in a moment, but first…

To give you a bit of insight as to how Dan got started, back in 2017 when Bitcoin was in a frenzy, Dan had a friend tell him that he should buy some.

Because the market kept going up and up, Dan became hooked and thought he had found a proven winner.

Until the market crashed shortly thereafter.

So Dan tried multiple methods to profit with the crypto market. Following a number of self proclaimed gurus…only to still end up nowhere.

However, he was not to be deterred so he actually invested millions of his own money to try and crack a sustainable and simple way of profiting from the crypto markets.

After doing so, he introduced it to a few friends with no intent of making it public. But at the suggestion of his business partners, he finally agreed and thus, ‘The Plan’ was born.

How Does The Plan Work In The Crypto Markets?

Using Dollar Cost Averaging or DCA for short, The Plan teaches you how to take advantage of grid trading:


You enter a price range, set parameters, and let the bot do the trading for you. From that point the bot goes to work setting a grid of orders and looks to buy as the market goes down within your range.

Once the market begins to go back up, the bot sells off those orders for a profit.

The key however, is knowing the right parameters and instruments to set up your grid trading with. Which is what Dan’s course hands you. You not only get access to the training, but Dan’s personal settings (and more) that’s helped him make millions from automated grid trading.

However, if done wrong, or trying to figure this out on your own with no knowledge of the markets could lead to terrible losses if you’re not careful.

Testing The Plan With Current Results

To see if this strategy proved profitable, we decided to set up bots of our own and test it out.

Here’s a look at some of the results we’ve been able to accrue over the course of a couple of weeks:

While these results are promising, we have to be transparent and admit that there are some gaps in The Plan that need to be addressed if you expect to succeed long term.

The Problem With The Plan and Why It’s Not Fail Proof – And How We Plan To Help You With That With Our EXCLUSIVE Bonuses You Won’t Find Anywhere Else…

OK, this is where we really need to get down to the core of everything.

Now as I said earlier, I’m being transparent and I am promoting The Plan. But only because me and my team have the necessary strategies to cover the gaps we’ve found.

Also, I still believe that it’s a great investment for people who are either too busy to trade the crypto market, beginners who want to be profitable in crypto, or people who have trouble controlling their emotions.

So What Potential Issues Have We Found?

  • Yes, It’s Like Free PASSIVE Money – But Not Guaranteed 

This is one of the biggest draws of the plan. It puts money to work for you actively trading the markets. And since the crypto market is a 24/7 market, that means the bots can make money everyday around the clock.

And to be frank, it’s how technology should work. It should put money to work for us instead of us working for money.

However, it’s not 100% guaranteed because the market could go outside the range of your bot.

If it goes up, then that’s great! That’s more profit for you. But if it goes down? Not such a great feeling.

There are times this happens, but the market comes back within the range and the bot continues to sell off those buy orders.

The great thing about the crypto market is that it’s not like other markets like Forex which is a zero sum game.

With crypto however, if the market tanks…you always have a chance for it to come back.

Which leads us further into our next point…

  • Markets Could Turn Bearish

This has happened in the past and unfortunately, some people could not wait it out.  If you’re in it for the long haul, the markets have shown a tendency to rebound after a time and go on to amazing heights:

Bitcoin Crashed almost $40,000 from April to June of 2021. That’s two months of bleeding red.

And then it came back and has been challenging its new high. But just know that’s a possibility with any market you enter. (We’ve got a plan to help you alleviate this as much as possible)

  • There Are A TON of Coins To Choose From – How Do You Know Which To Pick?

This requires a bit of analysis to help you get monster gains from the market. But with all the options, picking one that will give you a decent return can be a little daunting for most.

Especially if you’ve never invested in the markets before.

But we’ve also got a plan to help you with this as well…which leads us to our next point.


Here’s My Exclusive NEVER SEEN BEFORE Profit Protection Plan Tailored For The Plan Students Who Sign Up Through My Link.

To help you get the most out of your journey with The Plan and to help cover some of the perceived gaps that I see, I’m offering these EXCLUSIVE bonuses when you purchase through my link.

These bonuses are tailored exclusively for The Plan and can help you make even more from your crypto investing:

The Easy Bot Profits 2.0 Training – Profits Hidden In Plain Sight

In this video, I’ll share how you can profit from coins and accelerate your capital growth using a certain exchange’s information that’s hidden in plain sight.

I already have a person on my team that does this and it’s so simple that it’s hilarious that others haven’t discovered it yet. 

I can’t go into it more on this page, but let’s just say that it’s like the crypto market tipping its hand before you place your bet and gives you an exponential chance of being profitable.

The Plan Quickstart Summary Guide Checklist

If you’re like most, you want a quickstart guide to help you get into profit quickly. In this guide, we’ll lay out the necessary steps you need to take to be up and running with The Plan in less than 24 hours AND position yourself to profit in 7 days or less.

The Ultimate Compound Profit Crypto Strategy

There’s a way to get more of a certain token or coin with the same amount of money in hopes that it will continue to climb.

We’ll share the math on screen in this video and show you how to time the market in certain scenarios to compound a number of crypto instruments.

This works great in multiple situations and can be a long term play with short term profits, but also can create wealth in situations like DOGE, SHIB, or similar coins.

Bot Insight Profits Training

If you want to get a little more aggressive in the markets once you’ve got your feet under you with The Plan, this training is for you. We’ll show you how to capitalize on bot trends to grow your earnings at an accelerated rate.

EXCLUSIVE ‘Ask Me Anything’ PRIVATE Plan Workshop

I’ve asked one of my members on my team who’s very active in the markets to spend 2 hours with you LIVE.

You can ask anything you want on the training. Have him pull up various coins, tokens, and walk you through step by step viable plans on how to profit.

You’ll see him LIVE show you strategies and how to look at the markets for the best opportunities with minimal risk.

If you think this is your normal trendline or pattern type of training, you’re wrong. People have paid MINIMALLY $2,000 to spend time with him learning this in a few sessions and you’ll get it for free.

And yes, we’ll also record it for your viewing later if you desire.

Bearish Income Booster – How to Profit When The Grid Goes Down (Down Market)

Most people don’t know how to profit from the crypto market when it goes down. And honestly, they get depressed because they see a lot of red in their account.

In this training, I’ll show you how to capture profits from a down market. While everyone else is crying, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Done For You Email Sequence

The Plan also has an affiliate program that pays its members 40%.However, not just anyone can join.

Because of my unique relationship with the owners of The Plan, I can not only help you get access, but also will give you a full 5 day email sequence to help you sell The Plan to subscribers.

Done For You Plan Review Promo Material

To make getting commissions from The Plan as simple as possible, we’ll also give you review material that you can edit and make your own to help you get sales.

Just make a few changes, post to your site, add your links, and you’ll be ready to start collecting commissions quickly.

Crypto Market Top Exclusive Workshop

Besides our ‘ASK ME ANYTHING’ workshop, me and my team will also host a private ‘market top’ workshop where we’ll show you on screen where the best places are to take your profits before the market takes a nosedive.

We’ve been quietly discussing this among ourselves over the last few months, but now we’re going to open this up to those who get access to The Plan using the link on this page.

3 Weeks of Expert Crypto Analysis

Finally, for 3 weeks after you sign up for The Plan, we’ll send you an in depth video analysis every week of your most requested coins.

You’ll get a viable plan and insight as to how to profit from the coming crypto trends in the future.

Simply send in your token request and we’ll gather all the reviews in one video once per week for three weeks.

NOTE:  These bonuses are only available through my link and will become available one week after The Plan launch ends.

WARNING! Avoiding The Hype Train and Fake Gurus

One thing I want to caution you against are people who tout this as a get rich quick scheme or unlimited riches. 

Especially b.s reviews that you’ll see online that have no credibility.

With The Plan becoming available to the masses, there are plenty who will pop up with a bunch of hype and claim to be experts in the crypto market.

They’ll show you something like a simple chart with a couple of moving averages and tell you what the market is going to do.

This is nonsense. There is a LOT more to the market than a few indicators and most of these people don’t know what to do when things aren’t working in their favor.

It’s one of the main reasons I’m offering the bonuses that I am. You get real in depth training and insight as to HOW to utilize The Plan best AND how to function when the coin you pick might be out of range.

Thus creating less risk for your funds and putting you in a better position to build your wealth.

This isn’t hearsay or theoretical ideology, but based upon techniques and experience that me and my team have had actually profiting from the market.

In other words, it’s money we’ve made that translates into real life.

Conclusion – 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Plan…

So the question remains, “Is The Plan right for me?”

Personally, I would say yes. There are far more pros than cons in my opinion and the gaps that exist are the reason why I’ve developed a set of exclusive bonuses to help fill those gaps.

But let me give you five reasons why you should invest in The Plan (in my opinion…)

  • Passive Income & Freedom

While this seems to be cliche and overhyped in online marketing, The Plan actually does help you to achieve this.

As I stated earlier, in order to really obtain lifestyle freedom, money has to work for you.  With the rise of the crypto market, this level of passive income has now become available to the everyday person and The Plan helps you capture that quickly.

  • A Place To Grow Your Money 

I’ve always said to people that it’s one thing to make money, but an entirely different thing to grow it.

You’ve probably seen online people always telling you how to make money, but rarely in online marketing or business does anyone tell you how to GROW the money you’ve made.

This is important because it lets you stop trading time for money no matter how much you make.

In other words, if you stop doing the work, the money stops. But with The Plan, the money continues to grow whether you show up or not. It’s as close to set and forget as you can get.

  • Better ROI Than Banks and Stock Market

It’s no secret that banks give terrible interest on your money. And for those who invest in the stock market, hoping to get 12% a year is a true miracle.

The returns that many have seen using The Plan have made bank and stock market returns look abysmal. 

In other words, by utilizing The Plan, you get to have your money do more and make more without any extra excruciating work.

  • Bigger Opportunities Now and in the Future

We’re still in the young phase of the crypto market so there are going to be more opportunities for more tokens to be capitalized   means that you’ll be able to utilize The Plan (and future sequential Plans from Dan Hollings) to grow your wealth to an incredible amount now and in the near future.

  • Catalyst For Re-Investing In Other Opportunities

One thing you can do is take the profits from The Plan and reinvest it into other bots or you can utilize those funds to reinvest in other external opportunities.

For example, if you run paid ads, then the funds you make from your bots can actually start paying your ad spend for your online marketing. 

Or you can put that money to work and utilize the profits to hire VA’s to run your online marketing business for you. You can also use the profits to hire people to help you get clients for your local agency, etc. 

In short, the profits from the bots can be used to help you grow other areas of your business empire.

Get The Plan & My Profit-Protection Bonuses ONLY Through This Link


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

To make sure that The Plan was actually legit, I reached out to Dan personally and grilled him with a number of questions.

Here are those questions which you should find useful:

Who is behind the technology? Or is it 100% you and your company?

> We are in Phase one of my 6 phase strategy that is as comprehensive as it is simple and effective. I’ll cover your answer for Phase One only because that is what is sold currently in this current webinar.

This is a diverse set of strategies and several tools and software platforms are used. This is NOT a software thing, it is a strategy thing. However one core strategy taught in Phase One is Automated Grid Trading with Bitsgap Software. But it is NOT the public facing software off their site. I’ve worked with this Estonia base company for 3 years and a proprietary version is offered to members of THE PLAN.  

In addition, I’ve invested approx 5 million two hundred and fifty dollars (real money) in grid bot tests, exceeding 10,000 bot runs over the last 3 years.

My net gains from this strategy alone are in excess of 1 million, and this is from BOT PROFIT only. I’m not factoring in gains made in coin value which push profits higher.

How does it work?

The concept is that of micro trading with vending machine-like profits earned minute-by-minute off slight consistent “wiggles” within the overall volatility. A wide range using a formula I’ve developed allows this to run without maintenance for weeks or months.  I teach creating a portfolio of these automations across researched coin pairs to further buffer losses.

It is possible with this approach and my settings to profit on all markets. Up, Down and sideways. Because rather than risking money like a spot trade which requires skill, luck and waiting…. this works instantly, ongoing, and without a doubt is the safest methodology out there for trading crypto.

The resilience of this approach is illustrated vividly in this example. This trade is DOWN 30% from where I started it and in fact is below the grid range I set. Yet after 1 month and 8 days and 12,000 transactions, it is in PROFIT over 71% (that is my gain) and the money is “in-my-available-balance already.”

Think about any other method of trading crypto that makes money (without shorting, without leverage, with minimal risk) while the market plummets?

This month alone on $66,000 invested, I have a 17.85% overall gain. Almost $12,000 profits in my pocket.

Every single phase one student has gains over the last 6 months.

This is NOT HODL (buy and HOLD) this is automated grid trading with my specific strategies.

However, as I said earlier, I go beyond just this. I also include Numerous ways to HODL, DCA and DIVERSIFY in a robust rules based system that I’ll put up against ANY OTHER SYSTEM.

What types of trades? Limit orders with stop loss? Based on what criteria/triggers?

100% LONG TRADES. No shorting, no leverage. Both market and limit orders are automated (the platform takes care of that). Criteria is grid ranges with 100+ open orders with the custom formula I teach.

How can you lose money? Where is the risk?

It is much harder to lose money with this approach. In fact it has not yet happened with our beta group. They are all in profit and/or active in on-going automation (meaning the outcome is in progress, but they make “spendable” money minute by minute as it progresses)

You can lose, but compared to all other known strategies, you lose LESS with this approach because it makes profit as it drops or goes sideways.

However, if you follow my COMPLETE “PLAN” it really is extremely hard to lose.

It does NOT function off the “luck” of picking winners or being in a bull market.

This is very very different in strategy, mindset, risk and outcome.

I hope this helps. I have tried to answer without any marketing talk. I hope I was successful 🙂

What actually has to happen for you to lose money?

– Not follow the rule-based system. 

– A significant and sustained across the board crypto crash. (Which would affect any strategy, though this would lose less)

How much do I need to get started?

It’s recommended that you start with $3,000 for one bot for the grid trading.

Can this be done from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Since this is on the blockchain, geographical location isn’t as much of a   only concern are the exchanges and where they allow customers. However the software lets you tap into a number of exchanges so you should be able to find one that’s right for you.

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