Posted on Jun 5, 2012


Google’s Social Erudite

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List of  Winners!


1. Geoff Lord

2. Paul Wood

3. Jane Stevens

4. Randolph Booth

5. Paul (commented on June 13 at 2:14am)

6. John Oosthuizen

7. Serge Shammas

8. Peter Murphy

9. Mike  (commented on June 13 at 4:49am)

10.Gaurav Mehrotra


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  • RobertT says:

    So now we’ll see products coming out that will generate 100k new profiles on facebook and twitter that you can hook up with your website to falsify social proof and google is going to change their search engine structure again and we have to start all over again. No thanks.

  • Joe says:

    Chris, a good report Google is heavily leveraging social signals. By doing this, they are saying that if ur brand is talked about by people then u will be counted more. This will be especially true for newer sites.

  • Deban says:

    Hi Chris,
    Today is more about “you” the person and not about >> bots, auto back linking…
    Perhaps Google wants “you” to surface out in all your web apps.

    The way forward tosurvive-n-thrive is in “your” social brand building, which you 4 page report shows.

    I am aware about the complex social brand building concept ,but no had come forward
    with an easy action plan…

    Wish this as easy as “you” make it sound.

  • Doug says:

    Looks like you are going to ‘wow us’ with another great traffic product. Traffic is King and always learning more about how to get it well worth the time.

  • Adam says:

    Went through the free concise report which was just enough information to get me super pumped as I know Chris will deliver the goods (no pressure Chris). I need traffic and Spokes Pigeon, I hope, will remedy my pain. The ones who pay attention and leverage Social Media sites rather than just relying on old SEO tactics will be the ones that prosper in today’s climate. I am really looking forward to seeing Chris’ powerful loop method unfold!

  • Kathleen says:

    Ok, I confess I was confused by the use of the word “erudite.” I think of myself as quite literate but I did Google the term. And I think the best definition I found was “savvy.” I also confess that I am overwhelmed by the list of tasks to do to be social and get social proof, not only for my business but also for my clients. So…I am eagerly awaiting SpokesPigeon. The idea of automating social presence has me all a twitter (so to speak). Thanks in advance, Chris!

  • Since I am not very familiar with social networking (I am a newbie) I will need a lot of help in understanding your plan and implementing it. It sounds like it will replace the old backlinking methods with a new approach that google will not only like but give it thumbs up for top ranking. I hope I understood it to mean that. Good luck!

  • Wei says:

    Great concise PDF…it illuminate the core reason why social media works in today’s online marketplace. SEO and Social Media lines are getting blurred…it’s almost as if one can’t properly exist without the other. Looking forward to seeing how SpokesPigeon can help!

  • Jane Stevens says:

    I am keen to see this product as I have built my business with Facebook and the first five results for my keyword locally are my Facebook page, you tube video or website but it does take up quite a bit of time so automation would be great. Cant wait to find out how it works and hope it increases my exposure especially now Facebook has decided not to show 100% of my likers my posts and photographs unless I pay!

  • Henryb says:

    Nice report. No hype, no fuss, no B.S., just plain good information. Having wasted time with Social Media with little or no gain in the past, am anxious to see what you’ll come up with.

  • Tony Gill says:

    The use of social media as explained in Chris Munch’s Google’s Social Erudite is an excellent example of systems thinking which if correctly applied leads to exponential growth. In this case, the growth is in traffic. As ever once you understand how the system works, then you can begin to exploit it resulting in getting the desired results with minimal time input. Suspect Chris is onto something here.

  • sue says:

    When you’re self-employed, you always look for additional heads, hands and hours in the day to get everything done. If you want to grow your business, time becomes even more of an issue.
    You’re right in saying that many small businesses concentrate on one platform, Twitter or Facebook. I’m interested in seeing how your automation can stretch what little time I have for social media across all platforms and make it work. It would be an immense help.

  • Paul Wood says:


    The easiest way to make Google happy is by giving them what they want; content that draws the attention of the viewer, is not misleading, and provides a quality information that they were searching for. The SERPs have been gamed constantly to the point that users are starting to disregard the results. Applying the social aspect to search rankings provides for stronger search results, maybe not right away, but after a period of time. Anything that helps automate the process is definitely a blessing. Can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

  • Piotr says:

    I wonder if this automation is relly possible. The report is just to the point no fluff. But if the product could deliver?
    Right now, the only automation content that , in my opinion, is and will be, working – is curation blogging. The setup phase is really work and a lot! but then if the niche is really full of fresh content sources then we are set for months and years.

  • Peter Murphy says:

    Chris Munch is one of the New Breed of Internet Marketing Experts. When I first bought one of his “Pigeon” branded products I was curious. Since then I have bought all Chris’s products because his analytical approach to the creation of a socially integrated marketing strategy is clear to understand an follow.

    As a free report, two of the four pages are worth the read. The MindMap as always provides a memorable pictorial representation, whilst the observation that 1+1+1=10 is a powerful message conveying the Traffic Value of an integrated strategy. And he is right – Google doesn’t watch TV, and can only make decisions based on whatever version of its algorithm is current. So if you behave like a brand, act like a brand and promote as a brand, then to Google, you must be a brand! QED.

    Page 4 is classic Munch ‘bait and hook’ gambit. Of course I want to find out about automation. Of course I am cynical about automation. Am I curious about yet another autopilot tool? You bet. I’m hooked, Munch style.

  • DigitalDave says:

    It’s all in the new social Digital Handshake…Glad to meet you.

  • Lee says:

    The report was short and to the point, which is what I like when learning something new. The mind map pretty much explained the entire concept without having to read, but I was surprised to read that Google can recognize branding.

    Looking forward to the launch!

  • Paul says:

    Thanks for the short report! Really don’t have much time, but I like the idea of shifting our present moment into the future – the social proof. And it looks logical. The backlinking belongs to the past. The key now is to get the social proof from the large social networks. Thank you again and looking forward to getting this info from you!

  • Paul says:

    You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting another social media guru telling you what you should be doing, and whilst most of it might be true, few of them tackle the question of the amount of time it takes up in a day to update all of the “recommended” social media profile, let alone have meaningful conversations with your networks on them, other than to say buy this integration platform, which we all know are fading into obscurity.

    I am curious Chris to hear your solution, and I’m definitely going to catch the SpokesPigeon.

  • Urpo says:

    I’m waiting for your newest product, I’m sure it will be great.

  • Your Google’s Social Erudite Report was an excellent read. I have been trying to understand all the nuances of Internet Marketing, I feel this is the type of information that not only makes sense but resonates with me.

    As an avid follower of Mr. Munch, I eagerly look forward to hearing, learning, comprehending and implementing any and all of the valued information that he has provided me.

    I look forward to learning more about Google’s Social Erudite Report in about 6 hours from now.

    Thank you. God Bless.

  • Paul says:


    I really liked your report: short and put to the point!
    Curious about your automated system that is liked by Google and really works 🙂
    Built some automated system on Twitter: nice following of some thousand people but no connection/relationship to the followers.

    a lot of questions:
    how do you choose the content for your posts? (google alerts?)
    how do you get engaged with your new fans – how much time do you still spend socialicing?


  • Shaun says:

    Social presence is always important, especially in the current IM environment. This report put it clearly the big picture of this importance. Now, I am looking forward to how I can automate this and implement it into my business.

  • Paul says:

    ups, what I forgot to ask:
    why is youtube not on your mindmap?
    because it is not that easy to automate?

    but it can be an important traffic source 🙂


  • Ken Williams says:

    The Google”s Social Erudite Report explains to me the importance of getting myself better educated.
    Great to have a short report that punches straight into the meat.
    Thanks Chris

  • jim hudson says:

    Information is DEAD ON!

  • Graham says:

    Very interesting pre-selling technique Chris! Never seen it before, but I will add it to my folder entitled “Pre-launch Ideas”. And of course the content is undeniably useful.

  • June says:

    Great information, Chris. This is very timely, with social interaction and community engagement swinging to the forefront of marketing strategies going forward. Who needs tedious linkbuilding when just building a community can build your business. Looking forward to the launch tomorrow.

  • Robin says:

    Intriguing report, and looks like you have created yet another helpful tool for our arsenal.

    You are right: we are not looking for yet another task to add to our to-do lists, so it would be great when some tasks can be automated without giving off an ‘automated vibe’ our public can pick up on.

    Waiting anxiously to see what SpokesPigeon is all about tomorrow.

  • Alex Newell says:

    Great to have some of the social part of SEO automated. Concerns about quality remain!



  • Terence says:

    Google’s attempts to “clean house” with the Panda and Penguin updates has done just that for a great many people, and continues to do so. However, there is now an increasing emphasis on the benefits of social linking to combat Panda. The Social Erudite Report points out the huge benefits to be gained from social linking and not just simple growth, but with exponential impact if done correctly. The IM sphere will change dramatically in this area, if we are able to use the power of a program to produce an automated method to achieve this exponential growth. Because trying to achieve the same result using manual methods will be almost impossible. Chris Munch may have just provided that method with SpokesPigeon! It all happens tomorrow and I for one cannot wait!

  • Kevin says:

    Spot on Chris and to the point. looking forward to you showing us how to automate some of this because there is a heck of a lot of work involved if we can’t make it easier.

  • Dale Walker says:

    Hey Chris, great report!

    As an educator, my mantra has become, “Think SIMPLE, It Will Be EASY!” Let’s apply that to SEO and Google….

    Rather than use a long, drawn out definition of SEO, let’s define SEO in the simplest of terms:

    SEO = “Give Google what it wants.” That’s it; it’s that simple. Google wants to serve up the most relevant of content to each search made on Google, and expects US, the Internet Warriors, to serve up that content in a timely and efficient manner!

    As the definition of the word ‘Erudite’ implies, Google has learned a LOT over the years about how we humans think, how we communicate and how we seek out our desires. Google is the GURU on the top of the mount in this regard. Google is the Wise One, and we humans all try to understand it, or at the least we try to “outsmart” Google. Kind of reminds me of turning chickens loose on a busy freeway. LOL

    Whether an online or offline marketer, our sacred duty is to climb the mountain and feed Google what it wants. Our reward? Google doesn’t play “ZOO” with US, and hopefully we will be counted as the Google Faithful and allowed to earn some money. (Of course, don’t forget to pay your tithes to Google along the way!)

    When Google said keywords were important, we fed Google keywords. When the diet changed to back-links, we fed the GURU back-links. Now that Google demands a diet change to “Social Proof”, we D%@# well better feed it Twits, Faces, Squids, Linkys, Pins and all those other social critters.

    But remember, these are just the APPETIZERS for the GURU monster machine. You can bet your a$$ that the MAIN COURSE is going to consist of Google +. (How’s that for Google ‘branding’ itself?) Google wants US to write the content for THEM. Being humbled and without any other better options, we will continue to do so……….

    Now, one might say that the moral of this story is that the fiery dragon always turns the brave knight into burnt toast. The real message; the one your are exposing us to later today, is that we have always “automated” our feeding of Google by using whiz-bang tools, toys and shiny objects that blind. Tomorrow will not change that.

    To save ourselves, our families and be in the graces of the Social Queen, we will come up with even more innovative ways to haul that Google-food up the mountain and force feed it to the Monster.

    We turn to you Sir Munch, our Most Honored Warrior, to lead us in the new battle this day. (This is where the EASY part comes in!)


  • Jane Cook says:

    Hi Chris, very interesting report and a little teaser! Lol. Can’t make the webinar will it be recorded? I know they usually are. Really looking forward to hearing more about Spokes Pigeon.

  • Stuart says:

    It should be no surprise to any marketer that this information is now a must do and must have in your IM arsenal.

    However if you’re like me then you probably haven’t ‘got it’ yet. I mean actually got the tools you need or the concept of using these platforms to best effect.

    Looking forward to further information

  • Pauli J says:

    I think automating FB and Twitter is a great idea! My interest is in getting good content on my website. My basic Google philosophy is to work with rather than against (try to trick) Google.

    Sometimes I think that because many internet marketers have never owned a brick and mortar business, that they forget or have never learned that the more value you give to your readers (customers) the more successful your business will become.

  • Mike says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have to say about the importance of social media and branding for your business. I have to admit, I’ve been slow to dive in to social media due to the overwhelming amount of time it can take to keep up with it all. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your newest tool to help ease my mind. Thanks so much

  • Julia says:

    Great report Chris.

    I used to use a blog network similar to myarticlenetwork but a few months ago I noticed that I wasn’t getting anywhere near as many visitors from google for the keywords I targeted in those articles. I started blasting out more articles only to find that it had no effect whatsoever. Obviously, google was onto them and reduced the importance of backlinks posted in the network.

    With the ‘penguin’ update, one of my domains was entirely delisted… dropping from about 2000 visitors per month to none LOL… all because of the domain name ‘automatedblogpostingsoftware’. Whoops!

    If you think about it, the changes made by google are actually a GOOD thing. I mean, it’s disappointing if you experience that sudden drop in rankings and visits but for those people who can’t afford to blitz the backlinks it will have the effect of evening the playing field. For example, since the penguin update, I’ve noticed that a couple of my sites have actually experienced INCREASED traffic. Doubtless because the sites that were ahead of me that had 1000s of automated backlinks have slipped in their rankings due to the changes which means I’ve received a bigger piece of the pie.

    At the same time, I have noticed that social proofs have become MORE effective so it would be fantastic to be able to automate that process.

  • billsam says:

    Another great information from Chris again. I bought Chris’ previous product before, and I know Chris really knows what he’s talking about. I think that he is real professional in Social Marketing and it is proved again in The Google’s Social Erudite Report.

    In this report it mentioned the importance of social marketing nowadays than before, especially after Google’s Panda and Penguin update. The idea in this report is really important today to make your page rank high in Google.

    “Google can learn about brands through its algorithm.”

    I strongly agree with the statement above which is mentioned in the report because today Google is looking for quality site to send to their searcher. Google is more smarter than before unlike last time, they only stuff key words. Creating a lot of back link cannot make Google rank your page high.

    I’m really interested with Chris’ coming product “Pokes Pigeon” that shows how to automate social presence, making my Social Marketing more effective and easy!

    Can’t wait for the product launch tomorrow ^^ Cheers.

  • Rk says:

    I was looking for something like spokespigeon. How to automate all the social proof stuff. Leave to Chris. Looking forward to this new product.

  • James Blackman says:

    Good info Chris, and it seems to be based on principles that anyone can replicate. As a relatively new internet marketer ( 1 year), I find your products are always top notch. It shows that you are an individual who has some of the answers, to some of my questions on a consistent basis. I can trust the things you write about, and social branding is a great thing. It separates the pros from the clowns!

  • Stan says:

    Great, targeted report. In addition to readable, concise content, it underlines the extent to which the online world is unwillingly and unwittingly beholden to Google. Hopefully SpokesPigeon (especially a complimentary copy) will alleviate my Facebook Phobia and provide another tool to pay obsequience to the Monolith G.
    Since Google’s own social-community properties (YouTube, Google+) should generate higher social signals than competing properties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), I look forward to either a SpokesPigeon OTO or a separate product adding these essential “spokes” to your pigeon. Fly high!

  • Geoff Lord says:

    Ho Chris.. Your google Erudite Report is a very good visual representation of how the “circle” works regarding social sites, profiles and branding.
    I have purchased your products in the past and can testify to the sound advice offered by you. Your training style is also very easy to follow and understand, even for a newbie, so I look forward to learning more about your New Spokes Pigeon Product when it is Launched.

  • Randy says:

    Haven’t launched the site(s) yet, but been studying hard and learning everything possible. I’m planning on there being a massive number of links to the main site, with very of them being posted by myself. It’s just the nature of my program, I guess. . . Part of the training for the members will involve all the social media sites. Chris you seem to be right at the forefront of these “new” traffic methods, and if you are correct about all this, then my ‘brand’ should be moving up the ranks very quickly. My members will need more training with regards to traffic, than I am able to provide. You are one of the ones who I will be looking to for ‘help’ in that area. Having read most of the garbage out there, and slowly, but surely obtaining a real understanding of what is going on web-wise, I see only a few of you professionals that don’t seem to be spitting out “tricky” garbage that is designed to separate the newbies from their money. Keep up the good work.

  • Gaurav Mehrotra says:

    The idea n concept that more social proof means higher rankings does make sense if you look at the broader picture – just like more links were proof of likability and popularity of sites earier, more social interaction and tweets/likes and pluses are the new back links i guess. looking forward to better understanding and automation of the task through your spokes pigeon.

  • Keith Dean says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am always interested in your ideas and products as you appear to be one of the real marketers who cuts through the crap and doesn’t hype up every single thing you do. I am also interested in the psychology of your email marketing as I always open yours to see what is inside! I think you mentioned on a webinar that you had a crazy open rate…70% or so??

    Anyway I digress….

    I am veru interested in your next product as automating social signals would be a big winner for me especially if I can use it for client website promotion in my SEO business. I presume you will have a developers licence or something?

    I do all of the things you mention in your report manually at the moment so if this can be automated and it works for longer than couple of months then I will definitely buy it.

    Good luck with the launch Chris.

    Keith Dean

  • Mike says:

    Nice report! Love the NO FLUFF way you presented it. I do hope automation is as effective as you point out. Waiting for your product anxiously.

  • Cindy says:

    Chris…..thanks for the information and looking forward to the new launch of your product given Googles’s changes.

  • Claude says:

    This report goes with what many have been saying in the past month since the Penguins took over Google
    You broke it down quickly and without the fluff I like that.

    I myself with more than 30 websites have no time to personally take care of the social media stuff.
    a cost-effective solution to this would be welcome


  • Ian says:

    Hey Chris
    Your PDF is very useful – I think that most of us are aware of what we now need to be doing to remain in the game and that is to become more “social”. My problem is finding the time to learn and implement even more “stuff”, so I am waiting to see what your latest product has to offer – hopefully it will be the time saver that I am in need of to get my social marketing up to speed.

  • Mike Witter says:

    MunchMan, you have your finger on the pulse, Auto FB & Twitter posting would be fanatastic…..let’s see it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vesco says:

    That’s obviously whats-his-name Party Model with a Munch update for 2012. The only constant seems to be Change these days. Just as always …. Nice graphics and great presentation!

  • Larry says:

    Great report, Chris. Google is changing as fast as (if not faster that) Facebook and reports like this help us to stay “in the loop”.

    Thank You!!!


  • Rob H says:

    This is very interesting indeed! No matter how you build backlinks you must do it properly. The big G knows an awful lot about what you are doing these days. Auto blogs are going by the wayside and other forms of push button automation, for anything really, seem to be discovered by Google and banned.

    Look, us affiliates just want to save some time for tedious mundane tasks or time consuming necessary tasks that we need for traffic. Social is in and if there is a way to automate some of this and not get caught by Mr. G it would be great. It is now a known fact that you need to be with the big 3, Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest if you want to get anywhere.

    By the way, is there a way to include Pinterest in this automation? Great read by the way. I’ve been watching how Google has been evolving and if you want to get anywhere you better follow their rules or risk getting beaten down the ladder in the SERPS. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got Mr. Munch and by my time it should be within the next 30 minutes!

  • DL says:

    Look forward to seeing this tool, and whether you can automate this process without it appearing to Google as automated and, therefore, worthy of Google slapping-down.

    I think the sum total of Panda/Penguin is Google forcing marketers to manage our own expectations regarding what is possible in the Google-run dystopia of continual slaps. (“Beatings will continue until morale improves!”) Google really wants to eliminate SEO practitioners as competitors – Aaron Wall figured that out first. (They will, however, allow us sell their paid links (AdWords).)

    Anything we can do to go around/cut out Google to get traffic and build community, that is what we should do. If your tools helps, great.

  • Leni says:

    It seems like a good concept, would be interested to know how the automation works.

  • Scott says:

    It is distressing to invest so much [both time and money] into bulding something based on what the rules are at the time of creation – only to have the rule-maker(s) not so much change but completely toss out and create a new rule book every so often. I understand and appreciate that the idea behind this [think as the rule-maker] is to 1) make more money; 2) provide results that generate the largest audience that engages the most often; 3) make more money; 4) enhances THEIR brand; 5) makes more money; 6) well, you get the picture. What I think Google, FB, Twitter and the rest of the big companies are going to eventually get to is find that fine line where the businesses start disengaging [and they will because they just get tired of jumping through all the hoops and seeing their recent investment(s) disappear]. When this happens [Yelp is seeing some of this right now] then the rule-makers will beging to make things more user friendly.

    But in all honesty, we are still in the very early stages of the internet and social media century [remember that there were 100s of American car companies alone in the early 1900s] so things still have a while to play themselves out. It will not take as long but it will be a bumpy ride.

    Thanks for the brain food Chris.

  • Ash says:

    This is very true. I’m been seeing that over and over with our clients. Cheers!

  • MB says:

    It is clear that Google is paying much more attention whether a website is “socialized” and to what extent. Whether this is the death of SEO & link building as we know it has yet to be determined.

    But having a tool that does your “socializing” on auto makes sense!

  • Nardo says:

    Glanced over your SpokesPigeon product, and it looks good – like usual. Looking forward to furthering my continued education in the world of website promotion!

  • MartinJ says:

    As a branding consultant and practitioner for over 20-years, I’m having problems knowing what people perceive as “Internet branding”.

    In off-line circumstances, ad specialty companies will tell prospects that putting their name and logo on pens or mouse pads will “brand” them. Nonsense – branding is not the same as exposure of your name. I see people now claiming on the Internet that “branding is name exposure”.

    Branding is really a consistent and on-going communications of a company’s promise to customers delivered in a way that differentiates the company from its competitors. It involves elements as diverse as names and logos, color palettes, trade dress, ads, websites, newsletters, sales pitches, customer relations, phone banks, annual reports – the list is endless. And, yes, it can include a company’s social presence through social media and its blog.

    Branding also is based upon knowing the target market well enough to create a consistent presence at each “touchpoint” in which the company will interface with its target markets.

    In addition, the brand must reflect the true “personality” of the company. If it doesn’t, credibility is lost very quickly, particularly in the age of instant messaging and social networks.

    Building a brand will take more than an automated system. It is first a strategic activity – i.e., an exercise in “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Only then can a company – even a one-person, part-time Internet entrepreneur – establish a meaningful and sustainable brand.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Gary says:

    As we’ve been taking the first steps to getting our Facebook timeline up and running I’ve had this vague, fuzzy unclear picture floating around in my head of what it was we were trying to achieve with it, but I couldn’t quite get the picture to form to where I could see it. At the same time I found myself with an edgy, near panicking feeling that there was too much to do to make this all work for our brand, but at the same time it obviously had to be done. The question kept popping into my head – “How are we going to do all this stuff and have a life?”.

    You drew the picture for me, clear as daylight, in your report. As for the anxious question that kept popping into my head, I’m now praying that you’re going to answer it with Spokes Pigeon. How incredibly timely that would be for us.

  • Amanda says:

    Love the mindmap, Chris.
    Authenticity is all…

  • Simon says:

    This looks great – and complements the also excellent Viral Social Control. Getting going with this. Its another new reality.

  • Adrian says:

    Hi Chris,

    I do see the value of social media. However, I find that I am overwhelmed by all the information out there on social media of what to do and what not to do.

    Thank you very much for the google social erudite.pdf.

    Have a great day.

  • Susie says:

    Thank you for putting all the pieces together for us. Spokespigeon sounds great, just what we need to stay on top of things without pulling our hair out!

    I look forward to trying it out.

  • Donna Gibson says:

    My traffic (and sales) suffered after the Penguin update in April. Sales bottom out. I have been working furiously with adding more content to my sites (I have several eCommerce site) and setting up Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest accounts. Updating existing blog on 1 site. 10-12 hours a day been doing tons of reading only to be left with much confusion. I want anything that might make my days shorter and actually start seeing some results before all my bills go past due…lol I understand what google has done but I think it’s a guilty by association thing. If 1 link turns out in the end to be a so called bad link google punishes anyone that has a link there. And as I have read all the information surfacing out there we are also getting punished by google for having anchor text that matches the linked page on our site. I will look forward to seeing what you have to offer to help me fix all the problems going on right now.

  • John says:

    Quick summary and review:

    Google and social networks such as FB and Twitter can work synergistically to generate much more traffic and branding efficacy and power, and therefore a higher Google ranking as well. Google increasingly favors branding and the social proof it implies.

    At the same time, while automated link building is becoming more precarious, automated profile building can be perfectly acceptable to Google, when populated by unique, relevant, and enganging content issuing from your blog posts. This automation is the promise of the new Pigeon software: automated real content delivered and leveraged to the social networks, increasing the number and enhancing your relationship with fans and followers, while simultaneously improving Google rankings in proportion to the growth of the social proof achieved. “No longer will you need to spend each day checking in on Facebook and Twitter to nurse and foster your community. You will be able to have this working for you on autopilot”

  • Jeff Hopp says:

    The infographic all by itself makes the report valuable. It is easy to see the power of the loop. Automation is great for leverage, but can be dangerous, so I am very interested to hear how it can be used safely.

  • Robert says:

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent report – however, I didn’t see any reference to YouTube or video marketing. I do believe this is an important piece of the puzzle as well. I also see Pinterest moving up the ladder. Pinterest is still in it’s infancy with many tweaks to come. For me, videos and images can be more rewarding than a tweet or FB post. Just my opinion of course. 🙂

  • As a new person dealing with SEO and Social integration, I find the entire world a bit frightening. Chris, you and your team have a way of being straight to the point without making me feel like a complete and total idiot. i appreciate that and look forward to learning how to take not only mine, but my client’s sites and pages to the level of “Branded!”

  • Hi, Chris – I always pay attention when you make contact; your products are always great.

    My major complaint about wretched google is that now I have to be sociable. Already I am spending too much time on the `net.

    Also, how do you create a “brand” when you are marketing 6 completely different niches? The whole thing becomes a 16 hour work day drag.

    And I am not really a social animal, so this sounds awful. Your “pigeon” thingie will hopefully make things easier; just a pity that I as a newbie have finally run out of finace.

  • Raymond says:

    Erudite … from the Latin adjective rudtus, “well-instructed, learned,” from the past participle of the verb rudre, “to educate, train.” Definition from the The Free Dictionary dot com.

    That about sums up the report and the SpokesPigeon promise as the report illustrates how SpokesPigeon is designed to generate maximum branding of “you” through social media interactions.

    Good job.

  • sathish says:

    hi i am sathish here.. it looks great. my small request is pls dont charge anything.. because lots of cheaters are there in the market.. give the syuff.. tell our community peoples to earn and ask them a reasonable donation.. that will be much better idea i think..

  • Carl says:

    Correct, the golden days of rigid ways to create backlinks and ranking them is close to getting over. I think the game now is shifting to “gaining” backlinks social following rather than “creating” them artificially.

  • mido says:

    for me was first time to know the impotance of social media to my serp in google great info

  • Liz says:

    If you have a good pictorial mind this is a very succinct way of presenting this information. It can be confusing to some and so perhaps a little more depth to the verbal explanation would help. It is a great way of presenting a rather complicated subject in a way that is easy to remember. Thanks Liz G

  • Darryl H says:

    Hi Chris I was goning my past purchase and was trying to get access to SpokesPigeon training which by the way (I purchase) I have the PDF however I’m trying to access the video training which was promised in your sales letter here…..

    “SpokesPigeon is Your Complete Step-By-Step Manual And Video Training (Plus My Personal Case Study) to get your Fully Automated Facebook and Twitter Campaigns off to a flying start…”

    I would like access to my purchase it seems you delete membership details from your system because your system wouldn’t let me access the video training part of this course, and I had to optin for this which by the way I don’t need more stuff being pitch to me at this time, all I want is access to the videos make sense?

    Why not let us have direct access to our purchases and not be force to jump thru hoops, could you please fix this link at WarriorPlus whereas I could access the video part of this course.

    Thank you in advance Chris for your support.

    DArryl H.

    • admin says:

      Access is in your payment receipt. Please read what you click. No accounts are deleted.

  • Laurance says:

    Really a simple and easiest way of presentation about social media

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