Posted on Dec 14, 2011

Owl Pigeon Coming Friday

Coming Friday, 16th December, 11am EST!

OWL Pigeon – Targeted Traffic in Any Niche (no SEO required)!

AFFILIATES! Sign up here…

owl pigeon
3 case studies, 3 days, over 1000 free unique visitors.


Simply leave a comment here telling me what you think of Munchweb and its products and we’ll pick 3 winners and send you a copy

– if you have never purchased anything from me before, check out  the rest of this blog, and come back here and post your feedback.

– if you happen to buy it on launch day and you are a winner, I will refund your purchase.

Left Your Comment?

Great! I appreciate your feedback.

Some Advice: The owl pigeon sends highly targeted traffic to a page of your choosing. It is perfect for promoting affiliate sites.

If you read my emails you will know that I frustrated with being the middle man and I think that having semi-passive ecommerce sites or infoproduct sites is the best way to get maximum results from minimal effort.

eCommerce expert Sam England has just released his new dropshipping course. Click here to see it…

This is the direction I wish to take my affiliate sites in 2012 – turn many of them into dropshipping sites.

P.S – Don’t forget to leave your comment here to win a free copy of OWL Pigeon which is being released on Friday morning.

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  • Hi Chris,

    I have bought many of your products like Rss pigeon, Trophy pigeon, keyword reality…. I have learnt a lot from you. i always look forward for your mails. This product too seems interesting. An addition of owl to your regular
    “pigeon” series. I hope to get the review copy.

    Thank you.

  • Neels Van says:

    Chris, I have bought every product that you released since I was first introduced to your mailing list. Not because of the normal excitement that accompanies launches but because of the real quality and unique approach that your products offer. Each one has added real value to my online marketing efforts. Thank you for that and thank you for your your constant and motivating guidance offered via your web posts and mailings.

    Your contribution to the IM world is widely recognized and appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Martin Hotz says:

    I thought I would try a limerick to see if the message comes accross…

    Theres a famous web coach called Munch
    Whose products rock, they’ve got punch
    Whether its Google, Traffic or Blogging
    His students competitors get a flogging
    So get the OWL, relax and and lets have lunch!


    • admin says:

      nice – thanks Martin!

  • Jarvis says:

    Hello Chris,

    I have purchased your link craw and learning how to get as much traffic as possible.
    Basically, I love seeing your email.

    Recently, I bough Amazon related product though your newsletter..

    Hope to learn more technics and strategy !!

    Also, Please let me know where can I purchase more of your cool products ?! Pigenon series ?

  • Matts says:

    Will surly get a copy, one copy is ready sold folks. The buyer me.
    thanks Munch

  • Integrity is key in this game where so many marketers do nothing but sell. It is funny how everyone quotes similar things about how to treat your list, yet most only ever send out promotional stuff.
    I have kept my email on Chris’s list because he only send me emails when he has something real to say or offer.
    Oh and his products rock.

  • Aaron says:

    Aloha Chris ~ Quality and Sincerity count – online and in ‘real’ life. Looking forward to Owl Pigeon because from my experience with your products in the past, you bring both. Enjoyed your email. Real work pays off one way or another and with focus and persistence, it can change your financial life. Definitely seems to be a growing movement separating the sincere marketers who bring value from those that are just out to make money regardless of method. Quality speaks for itself.


  • christian alva says:

    I like the Munchweb products because they actually work and Chris takes the time to write out detailed emails to his list instead of “This is hott! Don’t miss this new software!”. The “highs & lows” of each email is greatly apprecialted Chris! Would love to see what Owl Pigeon has to offer…

    – christian

    p.s. Piegon is spelled wrong on your blog title… it’s currently Pigon as I am reading right now ;]

    • admin says:

      thanks – I fixed that!

      • christian alva says:


  • Larry James says:

    I am a happy user of LinkClaw. I bought LinkClaw because of your excellent reputation on the Warriors Forum, and I was not disappointed.

    I am glad I bought LinkClaw because it is so easy to use, and it is building backlinks to my backlinks on auto pilot.

    I appreciated the follow up email you sent to me after I made the purchase. The recent updates you released made LinkClaw even more powerful. It is very obvious that you are committed to building quality link building tools.

    I am really happy with my purchase of LInkClaw and I look forward to the release of Owl Pigeon, and using it to get even more FREE Traffic to my website.

  • Hi Mr Munch. I love your products and have bought many. I would love to grab a copy of this, and yes free would be nice. I know it will be great as you haven’t let me down yet. Lick Claw is a fantastic product and it would be great to have something that compliments it. Thanks Chris. I can’t wait to either hear back from you or see the product launch. Take care. Morris Murphy (Murph)

  • Debra says:

    As the Munchweb support desk can attest to, I’m not one to mince my words. So far I’ve tried RSS pigeon, LinkClaw (which I use every single day) and the RSS Wildfire system. And I can honestly say that I truly appreciate how Munchweb gives us real actionable steps, and shares intelligent ways of leveraging both our efforts and our time – which is the most important commodity of all.

  • Vicki M says:

    One of the main things that I appreciate from this seller is that I know he is backed by the best 24/7 support. Each time I had an issue in relationship to seller, the support always replied back quickly and went overboard in providing the support I needed. They were very empathetic and their concern for my welfare showed in their answers to help me resolve the issues.
    Because of this and the reliable products, I never have a worry or hesitation when purchasing from this seller. I still have not implemented all of the WSO’s I have purchased from Munchweb.
    I am particularly interested in this new wso because I just made a commitment to myself yesterday that after working online all my waking hours, (7 am to 2 am), since I started IM in July 2011 and not making a dime yet, I would only limit myself to 4 hours a day of IM work so it became a pleasure, not a chore.
    I am active in Universal Laws and will devote my new extra time working and exercising this area instead, knowing the results will be more satisfying and fulfilling, especially since IM will now be a ‘fun’ thing to build on, instead of a chore.

    Thank you for hearing this,


  • Jean Morgan says:

    I was a bit of a latecomer to you and your products. I am a long time warrior forum member but due to illness I wasn’t around this last 2 years. I came back a few months ago and have purchased many products to help me lick my dying business back into shape and move forwards with a good plan since I will never be well enough to work a full time or even a part time job again.
    The products I get the most value and expertise from are by Munchweb and 1 other warrior. Link Claw is doing a great job for me but my big issue is traffic to my sites. Some are new and some old and neglected. I am getting this one for sure

  • PerthAdGuy says:

    I’m an aussie with 30 years in sales and marketing and over 120 WSO/OTO’s under my belt. I know what to expect from a WSO. I’m happy to write a review on your launch page as soon as you launch. And let me say I do like your previous work and usually buy other people’s WSO’s because of an email you sent me, but I have to warn you that I do speak my mind – I say what I really feel and some people don’t like that. The good thing is that when I recommend something, it’s a genuine recommendation, not just someone saying they love everyone’s product to get a free review copy.

    So.. a fair dinkum review. Are you game? 🙂

  • aaron says:

    the linkclaw is a cool and working product. The most important is it comes with responsive support. Whenever I have questions and challenge in implementation, I always get guidance and answer.

    I trust your product offering. If I get a sample copy of your new product, I definitely do a review and send that to you.

    Looking forwards to have your new product.


  • Susan says:

    Hello Chris, been a fan of yours for a while. Have purchased your Link Claw, RSS Pigeon and feel your products are very easy to follow, you provide very good content and have not been disappointed with any of your products. Thank you for working hard in putting out the OwlPigeon! Am anxious to work with it. Merry Christmas!

  • Ralph Morton says:

    As you are aware there are so many people sending email each and every day pushing something or other. However, I cannot resist checking out yours and I have benefited by doing so.

    Take for example your linkclaw, wow I thank you for that one. I am working on others I have bought so in a while I can give you some feedback.

    Thanks once more, for Linkclaw. (rhymes doesn’t it)


  • OWL Pigeon – Targeted Traffic in Any Niche no SEO required; well that sounds just great.
    I found out about this site from a link as a Link Claw user. Any software that can help without SEO would be fantastic.
    Yeah please put me in the draw.


  • Niko says:

    Bought linkclaw à few weeks ago, and it is really one of my best buy in my seo tools. Looking closer to your blog.
    Sorry for my english, i’m french 😉

  • George says:

    I think I first learned about you, Chris, with the purchase of RSS Pigeon + LinkClaw followed by Trophy Pigeon. Your apps work so well I find I can easily pass them along to my outsource crew to use and know that they’ll be able to work without problems. In fact, I’m not a very good reference for your help desk because I haven’t had to use it! Not once in over 4 months of use.

    But that doesn’t matter if the products don’t work. Fortunately, they do a nice job for us. And we’ve got a lot more we’re going to be doing with them.

    I really appreciate the value you give with these products (high function, low cost) and that you aren’t charging a monthly subscription for them.

    Finally, I REALLY appreciate your emails, especially the reviews of other products. I know that I can depend on them to be honest, free of hype and selective – if you cover it, it will be a worthwhile product and certainly not a tired rehash of someone else’s idea. So I truly value that rarest of commodities you have, integrity.

    Thanks, Chris.

  • ULC Seminary says:

    Love the linkclaw. I didn’t know you had other products! I’ll be checking those out.

    What I like best about link claw is that I can keep updated on my links without having to manually check each one. VERY helpful. Looking forward to your new product. 🙂


  • Yves Baggi says:

    Chris has given birth to kw reality, rss pigeon and linkclaw
    (among others). all of which I am a proud owner of. IF this
    method is really only 2-3 hours of work (how much is
    ‘a few hours’ ?) then it’s well worth my time. but even
    more so it is worth outsourcing.

    I’m looking forward to this magnificent product.

    Yves Baggi

  • John Wright says:

    Hey this is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for to increase the passive income streams in my business. I’ve already got my outsource team ready to go!
    Cheers from Australia

  • What can I say, Chris?

    The REAL reason I keep coming back is that awesome caricature headshot of you in LinkClaw that always makes me think “LinkJaw” !

    That should be enough for 3 free copies 😉

  • Munchweb,

    Looking forward to this new Owl Pigeon after seeing all the benefits of Link CLAW, Trophy Pigeon and RSS Wildfire – I like how you’re keeping with the animal theme… Cool beans – I would love to review Owl Pigeon and get a chance to show other SEO clients what I can do with it, in any niche!


  • Barry says:

    Thanks for this, Chris.

    I appreciate everything that you do. I am also a linkclaw purchaser and am pleased with my purchase.

    I am looking forward to seeing your new product and hopefully, putting it to good use.


  • David says:

    I’m a LinkClaw client. I am curious about this item.

  • Tim says:

    Another LinkClaw user here. You have intrigued my interest sir. Your linkclaw product was one of only two WSO’s i bought that actually did what they say they would do and I have bought many. With that said I am convinced this product will deliver and probably over deliver. This also comes at an excellent time because I have started to delve into the CPA industry and this is just what I need. Can’t wait, licking my chops:)

    The waiting is killing me.


  • Joshua says:

    Hi Chris,

    Think your products are great! My favorite is LinkClaw though and I use it extensively now for all my backlinks. It’s the missing link I’ve been looking for for quite a while and I love the drip feed feature.

  • kevin says:

    I am not buying WSO often as my budget is limited. since i started the IM business 12 month ago, i was bombarded by so many products that telling me they are the magic solution to make $$$. Stumble upon i bought one of your pigeon(RSS) and their claw(link), ^_^ from there i learn how to use the RSS to benefit my business, start making some progress of making $$. As those two i have is about RSS, not sure what will be the new pigeon base on. Would love to have another pigeon in my cage.

  • Balamurgan says:

    I already member of linkclaw, very useful rss syndicate program. i expect review copy

  • Jonas says:

    I simply like your stuff. I buy your products as well as many products you recommend

  • Daniel Moss says:

    Purchased linkclaw and love the usefulness and simplicity of the system. Have emailed in some suggestions for improvement and really appreciate your responsiveness having already implemented one of the fixes and added two others to the list. Looking forward to learning more about this new method and hopefully trying it out.

  • Marisol says:

    I have purchased all of Munchweb’s products and I know that this one will be a winner as well. The Link Claw was totally awesome.

  • Mike says:

    I spend every day about 12 hours in front of the computer doing all kind of stuff including Internet Marketing.
    I bought many SEO and non SEO tools to help me in promoting my websites and products.

    Until I discovered Munchweb with LinkClaw . This application changed my way to do business, but in the good way. Actually it saves me more then 70% of my total time of spending building back links to my money sites.

    I am not sure if I can express myself here in a few words how satisfied I am with this LinkClaw.
    But if you like to succeed then go ahead and get this product.

    And hey ! if you don’t buy it , it is good for me to have less competitors in my niche. 🙂

    All the best,

  • Lynley says:


    Chris’s products always work, well because he knows what he is doing and actually does it himself.
    I personally purchased a few most actually that are affordable for me right now.

    I would love a review copy and I would promote Chris’s stuff anyday.


  • Hey guys,

    So far I have only bought RSS Pigeon from the Munch range. However I found that it shouts, “Value” and “Quality”.

    Although I’m by no means a newbie, I shied away from anything that looked even the slightest bit techie. RSS Pigeon however took me from fear to confidence and ignorance to knowledge with regards to understanding and using RSS.

    The Munch empire is destined to grow as people love and respect people who give the kind of value and quality that Chris gives.

    I pray you get the success you deserve.


  • amandam says:

    Hi there,
    I have only just come across munchweb through link claw… thankyou.

    You offer what I need to learn…I am determined, and i will not give up –

    and I want to get to that 4 hours…..the incredible freedom and the option of living the 4 hour work week should I choose too – and am putting in the effort to get there but sometimes wish it didn’t take so long – much appreciate the help that you give.

    You say…’Any determined person can pull it off in my opinion, and they can do it quickly if they follow the right method and are determined.’

    Thats me…am looking for the right method and not the crap…
    thanks for the offer above…

  • Mike Hawkins says:

    Owl Pigeon – hmm… has something to do with hootsuite maybe? 😉

    In any case, it is up to the same high standard as your other Pigeon products I am definitely interested to learn more about it.

    All the best,

    • admin says:

      good guess, but nothing to do with hootsuite!

  • Joe says:

    Hi Cris,
    I’d purchased LinkClaw and working great. Look forward to the new product.
    Have u considered doing a OTO Chrismas special for all your products?
    I will be jumping on that 4 sure.


  • Anwar Galam says:

    I always believe on Chris products..The Owl Pigeon should be the same way of his high quality products.

    I am waiting eagerly to see and buy this product..



  • Ki says:

    Hey Chris,

    Fantastic news. I cannot wait to get hold of Owl Pigeon for my new site on which I am also waiting to unleash LinkClaw.

  • Chris, your birds are on my favorites list. They actualy fly! So I cannot wait to stew (or fry) this one!

  • Henk says:

    I love and use Munchweb’s products like I love PuckMan … it allows me to gobble, gobble, gobble up the opposition. Keep it up Chris. This looks like anther winner, just like Trophy-pigeon, Rss-pigeon, Linkclaw and your other stuff.

  • AdrianK says:

    Looking forward to this Pigeon. Pretty much a collector and user of the Pigeon series; Why? because these are quality products that deliver and are non buggy. So here’s to another Pigeon! Just one question.. What’s in a name? RSS Pigeon, I get it; Trophy Pigeon, I get it, but ‘Owl’ , well, do we do this at night? Decipher that…..

  • david says:

    Linkclaw is great.
    Watched the video – looks like we need to get to know each other real soooon!
    Traffic is all that counts!

  • Mary Greene says:

    Chris, I’ve bought Headline Handgun, Trophy Pigeon, and Linkclaw, so I know the high quality and usefulness of your products.

    Munchweb posts have the same immediate usefulness as your products. Notice you’re attracting a diverse readership, targeting three different age groups successfully: 18-24, 45-54, and 65+!

    I have two suggestions to make your great blog even better:
    1. Increase the size of your font for visual appeal and reading ease.
    2. Use your complete name under About and throughout your blog for name recognition. (Do the same in your email messages, so we can find them quickly. I notice that blogs with the highest Alexa ratings always have the same sender name–the full name of the publisher for branding. Names of products are in brackets at the beginning of the Subject line.)

    I’d love a reviewer’s copy of Owl Pigeon to help me promote niche sites. Warriors have complimented me for my honest, helpful reviews. I’ll be happy to post a review for you with or without a reviewer’s copy.

    Mary Greene

  • Jan Doan says:

    I’ve recently bought LinkClaw, and if OwlPigeon is as useful, I”ll be one of your first sales.


  • Alex says:

    I have always been getting my traffic though SEO whether using paid or free tools. Never before I have been told that I can get free traffic with no SEO!. Would really want to see what you can teach me. Thanks.

  • Laura says:

    I look forward to receiving your emails–you not only review products well, but also give ideas of how to use them–many times in ways I didn’t think of, which is so helpful. I also have many of your products!

  • Joe says:

    I have Trophy Pigeon and LinkClaw.

    I must admit that I haven’t worked much with Trophy Pigeon as yet, so I have no results to mention there.

    I am actively using LinkClaw, and so far I’m very happy with how it works. I use one backlink creation tool that gives me a list of the links it builds for me on each URL that I give it. But that tool doesn’t tell me if each link is valid. To manually check each link for verification is an immense expense in sweat equity.

    With LinkClaw I simply look down the list of backlinks that it’s monitoring to spot the invalid links. Then it’s easy to just click on each one to go find out what’s going on with the link.

    That’s a huge time saver which makes LinkClaw a prized tool for my business.

  • Asa Hersh says:

    The thing about Chris’ work:
    1. Absolutely UNIQUE in a crowded field of “me too” IM material.
    2. Integrity. Materials that are seriously helpful and give you the ‘bang for the buck.’
    3. Simple. Allows those who are technologically webonologically impaired to easily apply these methods.

    those are enough reasons to be one of the VERY FEW that I have not Unsubscribed, frankly speaking!

    Best wishes on your life journey,

    Dr. Asa

  • Erik says:

    I’m not going to tell you here how many products I have already bought from Chris.
    The main thing is to look forward to this Owl Pigeon.
    Traffic is what we all need.
    This looks like another winner.

  • Peter Davies says:

    Hi Chris

    Ive bought quite a few WSOs from you now and certainly learnt a lot from RSS feeds.

    Have to say I was very impressed with Link Claw, I hope its something you will continue to enhance and move forward.

  • Jag says:

    Hey Chris,
    I bought your Linkclaw product and I’m glad I did. I’m looking forward to the Owl Pigeon traffic getting method, because in the end that what counts. No traffic, no sales! The fact that you can boost this method with Linkclaw (as per your email) is a bonus for those of us who have that product. Looking forward to this one.


  • May be a very wise investment! 🙂

  • Kim Powers says:

    My experience with Munchweb is that it does not automatically place all of my products in one place. But the support staff is prompt and friendly and have moved my products together upon request. I have had no other need for support because the products are good quality.

    I have purchased all of the Munch products, except for the keyword research. The products have been helpful. I do have some non-WordPress sites that are overlooked by many products. Munch is more likely to give tips for my non-WP sites than other product creators. Additionally, there aren’t continuous software challenges with Munch products–unlike many other products that I have purchased.

    “Owl Pigeon” hmm, who was the daddy? mommy? 🙂

    I would greatly appreciate a review copy. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Paris says:

    Well unfortunately I am a newbie and as such am always impressed with great blogs and products. I purchased Link Claw because of it’s potential and the fact that it was highly recommended. Traffic seems to be the key to earning any money at all so I’m in! Can’t wait to try this product and as far as the blog is concerned I am absolutely impressed and envious at the same time. I have bookmarked this site and look forward to learning from you in the near future. Thanks, Paris.

  • Gerd says:

    Hi Chris,
    who doesn’t start drooling with those numbers. I’m just starting up a couple new sites and Owl Pigeon would help tremendously to get the traffic started. Looking forward to the release!


  • John Bowie says:

    Munchweb is for eating . . the content provided by Chris is always top-notch, workable, practical and with an emphasis on outsourcing and freeing up time to focus on the ‘Big Picture’ his products are something I do more than rate – I BUY. The fact that there’s well produced, well written and well thought-out support and some innovative, ground-breaking systems to take your business to not just the next level, but the one beyond THAT, is exciting.

    Munchweb = Dominateweb, everytime.

  • Winst says:

    For sure I do not like to spend money for traffic when I can get it for free.On the other hand I hating waiting for Google to dance my link around for months trying to make a decision where to place my site.But it looks like the “Owl Pigeon” is going to take care of all that.But what I will still love to know is what position does the Owl Pigeon takes when it comes to the building that very high traffic on very new sites.

  • Paul says:

    Owl Pigeon sounds intriguing, Chris. I’ve found several of your other products insightful … you come up with a lot of creative and practical solutions.

    Looking forward to checking out this one!

  • Gavin says:

    Trophy pigeon was / is awesome.

    I have a plan to use it int he new year for it to really explode things. What a like so much is the out of the box thinking that is a hall Mark of the munch web products.


  • Howard says:

    Since Link Claw is working well for me, I will certainly take a look at this one.

  • Roger says:


    The video looks amazing and if the product matches up then this has got to be a no brainer.
    Quality product from quality people sounds like a hoot! Just like the wise old owl I will be watching out for this!


  • Jean-Claude says:

    J’aime vos produits parce qu’ils sont originaux , differents, pratiques, et “sortis de la boite” comme vous dites en anglais: alors je suis certain que le prochain sera encore meilleur et rentable a l’extreme, “Munchmore”..

    Quebec, Canada

    • admin says:

      translated as…
      I love your products because they are original, different, practical, and “out of the box” as you say in English, so I’m sure the next will be even better and profitable in the extreme, “Munchmore”. .

      • Jean-Claude says:

        My post in french is my true feeling about his work, but it was also a test: the translation is not good because it is PERFECT and it shows that Chris has a great & efficient team behind him which makes his products reliable ; it also shows that is is travelling a lot and has a more global view than others..Keep on the good work, C’est excitant !


  • Chris,

    Being a Linkclaw & Trophy Pigeon owner I absolutly love how you develop new ways to think “outside the box”.

    As for the website this is my first time but I’m sure I’ll become a frequent visitor if not just to ensure I’m first in the queue for your next product! 😉



  • David says:

    I got LinkClaw Nov 22 and will get this one as soon as it is released. Chris’ emails are good ones. I keep his coming even though I have unsubscribed from some others for valid reasons. Keep up the good emails and I’ll stay subscribed. Others take note – bad endorsements to bad stuff get an unsubscribe. But from what I have experienced, Chris’ are good.

  • Scott J says:

    I just joined your list a week back so I don’t know much about you or or Products, however winning a review copy is a sure way to keep me on you list! If it’s good I’ll be sure to provide a nice review for the WSO launch.

  • scott says:

    I like Chris cos he’s straight to the point and doesn’t over-pitch his stuff to you. I’ve unsubscribed from many lists cos they’re always trying to pitch something regardless of whether it makes sense to you. It’s really tiring reading all the marketing emails with nothing of value. Waste of my time. Chris is different. There’s a bit of pitching, of course, but at the same time, there’s also some good value in there. Keep up the good work!

  • okky says:

    I have linkclaw n i love this product..,

  • david says:

    No brainer – bring it on!

  • Jerry Jose says:

    I am really interested and eager to hear about it. No doubt I am waiting for the launching.

  • Peter says:

    Have been following Chris´ emails and bought some of his products which all work out greatly for me. What I liked the best though is that when I had bought another product through one of Chris´ affiliate links, it went into delayed payment because of some misunderstandings with PayPal. Anyway, it was Chris´ Munchweb helpdesk that helped me greatly to get my hands on the product I had bought elsewhere. So very satisfied with the products, impressed with support.

    Have a great weekend,


  • Rick says:

    Recently received some email from you and this looks very interesting. So far I’ve been building traffic with SEO and time. Looking forward to this. Thanks

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