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Posted on Nov 18, 2019

Ignore Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Why SEOs in 2020 Get Lost in Penalties & Fixes

Last month, Google announced that they just performed ANOTHER Major update, this time called BERT. They said it’s the most important update they’ve done in five years…

And while the results of what YOU need to do in your business doesn’t really change, here’s what else Google themselves said about BERT:

“These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries, as BERT is able to help Search better understand the nuance and context of words in Searches and better match those queries with helpful results.

Particularly for longer, more conversational queries, or searches where prepositions like “for” and “to” matter a lot to the meaning, Search will be able to understand the context of the words in your query. You can search in a way that feels natural for you.”

Basically, this update is going to affect the more intricate search queries that depend on context. Traditionally, Google has been pretty bad at understanding the complexities of certain long tail keyword phrases…

This update will affect 10% of search queries, which is actually a HUGE number. That’s why it’s being considered a ‘major update’ and their biggest in 5 years.

An example of BERT and context is the famous “How to catch a cow fishing?” query. Google would turn up a search result for actual cows, when in this context, a “cow” is a fish; a large striped bass! See the potential SEO issues there?

This is good news for you, because it means Google will more efficiently rank your “hook mixing” pages and drive more targeted traffic to your sites… And if you help businesses with their marketing or SEO, then this is REALLY good news, because it provides another “upsell” for you to offer your clients.

Google Bert update 2019

Now, that doesn’t mean go out and create thousands of long tail phrases to try to take advantage of Google’s ability to understand context better. However, this is an opportunity to generate more traffic with content that is more focused.

BERT isn’t the end. It’s just a first step in a long, major journey toward more accurate search results. We’re all doing our part in programming the massive A.I. that is Google, will you make your mark?

But really you should just ignore Google Updates!

That’s an odd thing to say from someone who’s generated tens of millions of visitors from Google (and hundreds of millions if you take into account my students and software users).

However… that’s what I’ve been telling Amplifyers and her’s why…

Every Google update essentially ends up giving the same advice… create lots of great content and go softer with that greyhat/blackhat SEO

And each time SEOs spend a bunch of time GUESSING what has happened and what you need to do. A lot of theory is thrown around, but nobody really knows exactly what is going on.

10 years ago you could pinpoint what Google did – it was obvious… and you could change things and fix it. However, these days Google releases a lot of changes at the same time, and has stuff built into its algorithm to confuse SEOs.


If you spend any time with SEOs you’ll begin to realize most don’t know what is really going on and they are guessing, but talk about it like it’s truth.

When a Google update happens, sometimes good sites go up… sometimes bad sites get extra traffic… sometimes you were getting more traffic than you should and it goes back etc etc.

Don’t be too concerned about the movements, and just focus on the long term and what works. In the last algorithm I saw some sites decline, some stay the same, and some go up… and the ones that dropped last time, went up this time… I changed nothing during that period… just kept doing what I know works long term.

And with the low competition hook mixing strategy I teach to AmpiFire users Google has little choice but to rank your content anyway as it’s often the best source of info on the topic, and it’s placed on major sites Google loves.

Ultimately with Amps multiple sites are involved so if anyone drops out of favor, another one goes up.

And remember… the purpose of Amps is not Google traffic… it is something you would do anyway regardless if Google existed… and it just so happens Google loves what we do.

So just keep focusing on what you can control… doing more campaigns and producing more content, and getting more clients. Ultimately grow your business using what you know works and Google will follow.

To your success,
Chris Munch
CEO & Founder – AmpiFire.com

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