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Hook Pigeon: Link Building Endgame!

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  • susan says:

    I am very interested in learning more about the Hook Pigeon. Your guide was informative and made me want to know more about your way of doing things for rankings. I have used tons of methods and yes some work and some don’t at all. I would really love to get my hands on a system that will work for the long haul for my clients.

  • MzCari says:

    So……………………. Where is my FREE copy???

  • It all looks right. Very interested in the launch…

  • John Corbett says:

    Hi, The link you sent for 11am isn’t working. Thanks, John

  • Gardenbella says:

    Link building has been a mystery to me and I would very much like to solve that mystery! It feels like Google plays with, me. One site gets some attention, I make a few sales, then it falls in the rankings, no more sales. Then another site of my starts getting some action but only a few visitors, no sales and then it disappears from the rankings. I’d love to know how to be consistent in my SEO and link building that is the right method(s) to have Google like my sites!

  • Linda says:

    I’m somewhat new to all this link building to my sites. I have tried several methods and nothing has seemed to work. I even paid for one of the methods. I can see with the information in your special report the methods I have been using is more than likely hurting me. I don’t understand everything about back linking, but eager to learn how to do it the right way.



  • Greg Tegtmeier says:

    I have been trying to connect for 45 mins, oh well

  • Aldric Chang says:

    This is a very useful report and clarifies some of the recent confusion with Panda. I had some sites disappear from Page 1 to Page X, and now I am seeing why. I hope I get to see the full Hook Pigeon soon!

  • Paul C says:

    The report looks interesting, but not too much info is given here in the report. And the launch looks like it killed the servers! Hope things get up and running soon. Cheers!

  • jack says:

    Very interesting info… How many of the products being sold today are soon to become obsolete as Google figures out what they do…

  • ICCIEV says:

    Well indeed it’s an interesting report, searching for ways to bring in more traffic and rank higher is done on daily basis by most webmasters and blog owners all over the web, the methods that they have learnt about which include perceptional links and link building has just gone away as you showed us in your report which is taking down most of webmasters and blog owners, your Mixed Pigeon methods seems very interesting which encourage me to wait for your live training as it’s going to be something worth.

  • TED says:


  • Jason says:

    Thank you for the free report and the makings of some good insight. It sounds like there’s a lot to learn!

  • Steve says:

    Been following you for sometime now and have purchased previous products. Not
    once did I not receive quality information and I am sure that will be true with the
    Hook Pigeon. Looking forward to your product Chris. Will have credit card in hand.



  • Yvonne says:

    Your “How Do I Do It?” section is very interesting–can’t wait to get to the meat of those techniques mentioned!

  • It’s an easy read with powerful information. It totally makes sense and I’m looking forward to the release.

  • Chris, Outstanding information, sounds well researched and thought out. It makes the process sound like between “Formal Education” and “Street Smarts”. Somewhere in between is exactly where I want to be, It is also exactly where I think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg came from. Thanks for making this available for the rest of us! Past products have already gained my trust – “Hook Pigeon” is a no-brainer for me.

  • hi!
    thanks for the free report. well honestly i hate link building game. and am eagerly waiting for this hook pigeon live.. hope it kills my link building boredom.

  • Janet says:

    I absolutely love the concepts you discuss in your article. I am not an experienced IMer – but there are many things about Internet Marketing tactics that I feel are intrinsically wrong. I don’t like anything that is unnatural and bucking the system especially if that means that the IMer is making loads of money and the punter is getting poor value. What you are suggesting here appears to be a far more natural way of doing things and will ultimately mean that the “customer” will get a better and fairer deal.

    Keep up the good work. I take my hat of to anyone who has such a level of understanding of the workings of Google. It is like a foreign language to me!!!

  • Javier says:

    yo tendré que traducirlo primero


  • Man, a complete eye opener! Chris, you’ve sold me on the” white hat” way.

  • stewart hunt says:

    very interesting – i think i never have really understood the even the basics of all the backlinking strategies

    maybe it’s because they don’t really make a lot of sense in the long run

  • Carlos says:

    Give Google want it wants and you’ll get the ranking you’re hoping for….very simple but many people get hooked or distracted with ‘golden bullets’ promising the same without the work. Thanks Chris for reminding us on what really works.

  • Craig M. says:

    So who won?

  • I thought I posted this but don’t see it although it showed up on my FB – It’s a good report, although if you have been around for any length of time, as I know you have, then you know that content is, was and will always be king. Real content not spun junk – with a cohesive and congruent message – supporting articles, pictures and media from good sites with excellent content that your visitor want to read. Having created and sold websites in the past I know that what you believe in you become the best evangelist to serve you visitors. All and all nice work – looking forward to see what you have come up with. peace

  • Thanks for all your insight. This site has been really helpful to me.

  • Lili says:

    Nice layout. I think it will help us a lot to get traffic and MONEY.

  • Evan says:

    I am very interested in what this idea of link building end game. I’ve notice that the sites that I create and don’t try to get traffic to them build traffic really well. But the website that I want to build a lot of traffic I struggle to get good traffic to it. So I would like to know what is the correct way to build traffic. Thanks.

  • Dan says:

    Yep, basically just as I believe: put links in relevant places to valuable content in front of the right crowd at the right time and you’ll stay in Googles good graces.

  • Hannes Kessler says:

    Wonderful. It is the first time that someone could get me interested in the link building game.
    Thank you. I want to use the knowledge to push my business forward.


  • I’ve been in marketing throughout my career in one way or another and have been either in or aligned with the computer industry and the internet for some time. The Internet and marketing has intrigued me for some time and in early 2008 I began to see how I could make it work for one of my businesses. It’s fair to say I was tinkering more than earnestly delving into it, but my curiosity was really keen, so I took a course (my first) in late 2008 and into early 2009. Again, I tinkered and had some success, but dropped the ball and didn’t pick it back up in earnest until January of 2011. I must have learned some helpful things, in 2008 and 2009, because within 2 months I was on page one of the niche I had chosen. This was about the time of Panda, but already content was king, so I basically coupled good content with back linking. I’m still earning about $100.00 per month off that little site, and I am still…. well, I just checked and I am number 1 and number 2. While I didn’t plan it, and I have no social going on with this site, the content is good enough that my bounce rate is around 18 – 19%. You only get that kind of bounce rate if the people who come are interested in the subject and the content they find is worth it.

    I apologize for the length of this, but one thing most people miss is how this is like any other project or vocation… it takes commitment, knowledge and determination to succeed. I am now doing a fair amount of offline local work quite successfully, but I long to get back to my own sites as my plan is to retire on them. Read on if you are committed like me and have some direction in your life.

    My point here is that I fell into what Chris is talking about because inherently I knew this couldn’t be a push button away from a million bucks and knew logic and common sense would have to guide me. This isn’t the first product I have gotten from Chris though… I think it is the second or third. He’s honest, he doesn’t talk about a million bucks for pushing a button… he tells the truth about the very information most of us are too lazy to read because it is sooo boring. I know, as I have tried to read the Google Webmaster help pages. I’d much rather (yes, I know a bit lazy too, aren’t I?) let Chris do and me buy what he puts into plain English and distributes.

    Oh…. one more thing the basics I learned first in 2008 saved me from Panda, as did my utter dislike for spun copy that was nothing more than gibberish. Oh, and those back links I admitted to, they’ve been stripped away or lied about, because they don’t show up anywhere anymore, but my site is still up on top. I do think they helped at first though, but I don’t know whether it was coincidental or not. Oh, yes, and my local clients…. I do first page for them too even the competitive ones like chiropractors, but I can tell you truthfully, regular global SEO is easier than the local kind, at least for me. So, I guess from all this you can tell my experiences bear out exactly what Chris is talking about in his Link Building End Game papers.

    And to you Chris, I simply say thank you, and wish I had run across you about $15,000 ago, but tuition to the school of hard knocks is always expensive. You are right on target and if this rambling review helps you in any way, please feel free to use any or all of it and if you’d like to verify my comments, just write me through my website at or contact me from your mailing list.

  • Joe says:

    Hello Munchweb,

    The first pages of the link endgame were no surprise to me.

    Yes Google changes its algo very often to avoid marketers to “manipulate” their rankings in their search engine.

    Your method reminds me about an article I read long ago:

    It explained how to build content that people LOVE & want to LINK to.

    I have no idea if the Hook Pigeon method has anything in common with that article but I am really curious to discover this method & also how much you will charge for it…

  • Hi: I am very excited about the possibility you offer to finally understand what Google is looking for. I am looking forward to see how your strategy is going to work. I already bought the Hook Pigeon and want to see if it is what you promise to be a fresh approach to solve a problem affecting thousands of marketers.

  • Randy says:

    ” You may find yourself throwing crap at the wall but nothing seems to stick.”

    You said it right there. Last year I spent over $2,000 easily on efforts using automated software, vps, content and other supporting software to try to get my sites ranking higher. It worked on a site or two, but failed miserably on other sites which should have been a piece of cake to push up the SERPS. Realizing the game has changed since I first started in 2008, I quickly scrapped everything in 2012 and haven’t done a damned thing to build one link. Is Hook Pigeon the game changer to save my motivation? I hope so because right now I’m in a state of loafing around and about to start throwing more crap at the wall 🙂

  • Jim Miller says:

    I think you are on to something that is in its early stages of development and will become more important over the next couple of years. Google also wants to save its bandwidth so the structure of your site must also be efficient to allow quick spidering.

  • Bill says:

    Who won ? Mr. Munch

  • FortunityDwi says:

    Over the years I build backlinks, but until now have not gotten the results … Chris help me! Destroy My Server with millions of traffic ….

    Please I’m Chris

  • Andrew says:

    Chris, I agree 100%. Your report boils down to one simple truth/characteristic of any successful website: The content is high quality and provides its visitors with what they are searching for… and just provides good value in general! And that’s all google really wants for its users anyway… so as soon as we understand that and start building high quality sites, rather than building small, low quality sites just to make a quick buck, we’ll be greatly rewarded with traffic from the search engines. And on top of that we will get traffic from our visitors who will reward us for giving them good content by sharing and liking our pages on facebook or re-tweeting on twitter or sharing on any of the other social sites. Makes sense, right…
    Thanks for sharing your report with us. Great Job!

  • Giorgio says:

    If there is just one specific reason why everyone involved in the Internet Marketing race should read the “Link Building Endgame” report is that Chris Munch highlighted and explained very well a pretty harsh truth: You cannot beat Google in the long run.

    Link building could be useful to build traffic, SEO can help to get indexed and to rank higher but if you want to stay ahead of competition you’ll always need fresh ideas.

    The Hooked Pigeon method seems to be an innovative way to successfully implement a constructive link strategy to increase traffic.

    That said I am really eager to test the system and share my experience with other members that will put this into practice…

  • Wayne Gin says:

    This is awesome. Have have also purchased Linkclaw and looking forward to finally succceed in making money!!

  • Denise says:

    Hi Chris,
    The Link Building Endgame report is very informative and it all makes perfect sense to me, I am just beginning to look into building links as I am relatively new to all of this. I can see this is what I need to be doing for my websites, your way I mean. To tell you the truth I am kind of floundering right now as to how to go about it and I think you are making it easy to do this. All the best on Monday with your sales.

  • I have read and purchased internet products and most were duds, and most talked about the Google slap, and how you had to be sneaky to beat it. What I have learnt here is that if you understand what Google requires then it is no problem if you follow what Chris teaches.
    Good on yu mate from Australia

  • Anatoliy says:

    The Link Builder report boils down to one simple truth/characteristic of any successful website.
    I already bought the Hook Pigeon and want to see if it is what you promise to be a fresh approach to solve a problem affecting thousands of marketers.

  • Peter Wurzer says:

    my name is Peter Wurzer, have just read your short brochure and it’s sounding great. Nevertheless it’s almost not to believe, but you say you’ve already tested this method out. Honestly, I really cannot believe Google’s algorithm method is to beat. Don’t you think they are steady on the hunt for smart guys, better: very smart ones they wanna show they (the ogle guys) are better finally. Sometimes it seems to me this is like a steady championship to figure out who is the better one.
    Best regards, Peter

  • Andy Rhea says:

    I guess I read this too late. Still hoping to have an opportunity to learn more about this. I like the ideas expressed in this report. I have always looked for “natural” ways to increase my presence online. Thanks for sharing the information with me.

  • Imran says:

    I have registered a few domains, Set up a few WP sites also, But somehow I do not like link-building as it is, If linking is considered as Votes how many false votes can I get for myself? Ok I will have the best pages of content for my niche but why on earth will someone take the efforts to link to my pages? When I go through your Link building Endgame report, I am happy not to have built any links to my Website surely we cannot be more intelligent than the guys at Google or we would be in their place. But don’t all the highly ranked website participate in link building? With most webmasters participating in link building how can a non link building method work?

  • D. D. says:

    Powerful, very powerful, truly very powerful information that can help a lot of maketers. Life changing experences will be created from this product if used according with right actions. Giving kind info to help others surely will bring great happiness.

  • Cesar says:


    Thanks for telling me about Link Building limitations and other ways to
    raise Page Rank.

    Thanks for the awesome content! This is why people visit your sites!


  • Natasha says:

    Looking forward to study this. Thank you.

  • I am going to go ahead and take a look at the Pigeon…I have tried quiet a few “shortcuts” in my time which never worked. Creating valuable content has gotten me further, but link building is slow so I will try this out….=)

    God Bless,

  • revan says:

    IT’s WORKS .. awesome!!!

  • lil says:

    I read your report and I thought it was very good. After buying numerous products and getting nowhere
    I have joined a monthly membership to get mentoring and I have decided to go that route. It makes sense what your report was saying about google and traffic, at the very least your have saved me money on buying ebookes on “How to get backlinks” and software that is now probable out of date.
    I signed up for early notice so I will be keeping a close check on my emails and I hope to hear from you

    Thank You

  • Paul Nixon says:

    Hi, My name is Paul Nixon and I am the author of several productive websites.
    The Link Builder is a great report that highlights one simple truth/characteristic of any successful website, if you can’t get traffic, you can’t get your message to your potential customers.
    I have been using SEO / link Building Techniques for sometime now and have noticed that it is getting more difficuult to rank on the first page of Google.
    Iam really keen to get hold of a copy of Hook Pigeon to see if it is what you promise to be and if it will deliver the level of traffic that you discuss in your articles.
    To Your Success
    Paul Nixon

  • Rolf says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the report! I enjoyed reading it.

    Google wants to make money of course. They are a business after all.

    They do so e g by selling ads.

    Of course it must make sense to them to prioritize web sites where people spend a lot of time and have a lot of recurring visitors. Unless there are visitors to see the ads it is pretty pointless.

    Naturally Google goes after those who try to manipulate themselves into higher places in the SERPs. If find annoying myself since it does ruin my potential business potentially.

    I would love to be on your live training to learn and discuss

  • Robert Polsky says:

    yes, very interesting. So now it’s April 4th. Are you still offering the training?

  • Jason P says:


    I am a newbie here and still learning the ropes, I am learning that the ropes keep changing though. I don’t have the experience yet of really doing link building. But I have been doing a lot of reading and I like what I read on your report and it makes sense. The most common thing I am starting to read is quality content wins at the end of the day. Google wants the internet to be made for the user so any website the is design for SEO and not the user will be eventually trashed.

  • Really good, but you leave me itching to hear the real secrets. Basically you’re saying that instead of working against the brilliant minds of Google, we should harmonize our ways of building traffic with the way Google runs their search engine. Clever long-term thinking over the fast and easy, but ultimately lacking approach. I would love if you could put something together so that me and all the others who missed it the first time will still have a chance to get inspired.

  • Linda Mans says:

    I really enjoyed reading your link building report, I’ve been having a hard time link building or getting my sites rank in google. Reading this report gave me some good information on what I’ve been doing wrong and how your system can help improve my sites and get them rank high. Thanks for the changes to see inside and read something that can help.

  • roy minks says:

    Well indeed it”s an interesting report, searching for ways to bring in more traffic and rank higher is done on daily basis by most webmasters and blog owners all over the web, the methods that they have learnt about which include perceptional links and link building has just gone away as you showed us in your report which is taking down most of webmasters and blog owners, your Mixed Pigeon methods seems very interesting which encourage me to wait for your live training as it”s going to be something worth.

  • James says:

    This is an eye opener for me. It will revelusionize how traffic is driven to websites. I’m looking forward to using this in the future. If the Link Builder dives as much traffic as you say it does it will be all I will need for my business. Thank you.

  • robert says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the report! I enjoyed reading it.

  • Sean says:

    Although I appreciate getting the free report, it was very vague and not that informative to me. Granted you mentioned that Google will basically make sure that every strategy a marketer comes up with Google will do its best to knock it down if it is not natural links, but it seemed more like fluff than actual informative information. I wish the report could have been better, but its free so I can’t be too surprised by my findings after reading it. Thanks for the free report nonetheless.

  • Chris,
    Everything you said in the report is true. How can I get a copy of Hook Pigeon LIVE?

  • Renan says:

    I’m one year late but I want so much learn with you. I’m initiating my journey in IM and I want so bad to start with the best techniques.

    Thank you for the article.

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