Posted on May 3, 2016

The Big Hiring Mistake

Advantages & Disadvantages of Freelance Virtual Assistants vs Experienced Talent

Watch this short video below which explains a critical mistake that over 90% of entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business and hire people to help them. The shift in perspective that is revealed in the video is the key to rapid growth.

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  • Kinda counter intuitive though makes a ton of sense!
    Integrators help make things happen.. and execution is key..

    Thanks for this video Chris..

  • charrosh says:

    Makes perfect sense, Chris! Thanks for taking the time to make and share with us!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you. Very interesting. And once you explained your thinking, it is obvious really.
    Gracias, Elizabeth

  • Phil Tozer says:

    bonza. Of course we must measure the outcome, but not much doubt that nobody pays someone $100 unless they make better than $101… ;)))

  • DM says:


    Awesome insight!

    What are the best sites to find this $40-100 / hour person?

    Do you think it’s best if this person works in the same timezone and physical location (or office) as $5 / hour person?

    • Chris Munch says:

      The pros to being in same location is speed of communication, the cons are it can be harder to find the right person and additional costs.

      Many of the same sites you hire low-cost people on, you can also advertise higher paid jobs and find great people. My philosophy is advertise everywhere and anywhere you can find to get talented people, and then just do an 80/20 analysis of what works.

  • Andy Fletcher says:

    Awesome video as always Chris.

    Some additional thoughts that came to mind while watching –

    1. Hire people to do things you are already doing and want off your desk or things you HAVE to do to get to the next level.

    I see far too many people hire a $5 an hour VA to “do the grunt work” and then assign them a load of stuff that has never been done in the business before.

    Get work of your desk to keep making the money you’re already making. Don’t hire someone to do new grunt work that doesn’t actually lead to more income.

    2. Make sure your integrator/project manager is a do-er as well as a manager in the early days.

    Long term, you need someone to march the troops but early on there’s nothing to manage, there’s just work todo. Find someone with those higher level skills but that doesn’t see actually doing the work as beneath them (or that is just incapable).

    3. Whenever possible, hire 2 people to do any new role. Chances are one of them will suck and the only way you’re going to be able to make an assessment (for work you’re not so good at yourself, commonly development in our industry) is to have a point of comparison.

    Worst case scenario you actually hired 2 good people and have an awkward conversation to let one go. Far better than being stuck with an idiot.

    • Chris Munch says:

      Awesome Andrew- agree on all fronts!

  • Great insight man! I LOVE it! Can you teach us more information like this?

    Running a business online is no different than running a business offline. In the beginning you have no choice but to do the grunt work yourself. You learn to multitask, you learn new skills and believe if you can master a little bit of this or that, you’ll get ahead – which is good if you can – but in the end it’s all about results, results, results and getting things done.

    This piece of information connects the dots and it sure did put everything in perspective for me. It makes sense to hire top notch managers in your business who are more qualified than you like The Donald does.

    I just find out that everytime I hire a VA on Fiverr for work, I don’t know what to expect everytime. If the results will be good or bad or if I will and end up managing the VA or hiring and firing people because of poor qualifications, communication, etc. That’s not a good use of your time when you could be doing a lot more.

    Thanks for this information.

  • Jocelyn Wing says:

    Great insight Chris. I’m too tired with the $5 people. I’m actually paying them $105 because of the lost times and lost income when the projects got delayed.

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