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Why 98% of Online Entrepreneurs Die...

And 2% Survive & Prosper

Does the economy destroy entrepreneurs?

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The hard working majority of online businesses are struggling to make it big. Some push through to survive, prosper and meet intense success while others just fade away.

What's the key?

Those trying to build a strong online business, from income supplementing hobbies to millionaire successes, can only survive and prosper if they put together an excelling and magnetic package that is always evolving.

You, as a savvy entrepreneur, must overthrow deadly challenges to hand-craft your dream business.

Can you hack it?

I'll be challenging you to be a better entrepreneur, to build a more successful online business, and helping you to gain essential new skills to make more money and inspire a hungry audience. If you can't hack that, walk out the door.

It won't be a get rich quick scheme or magic formulas for success. If that's what you are looking for then you are not an entrepreneur and you should not be here. This is real life, and in real life not everyone wins, and there's a reason why.

I went from unemployment benefits to building an online business that has allowed me to travel the world, independant of location, while growing an enterprise I have a passion for.

But I Made Mistakes...

I stayed trapped in a cycle of endless hours and no money. I hope to save you from making the same mistakes I did.

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This book will help ANY online entrepreneur break unknown bad habits to transform their business and avoid crushing failure even if they are a seasoned pro or struggling newbie.


- The distinct differences between failing entrepreneurs and the people driving hardcore successes.

- In-depth analysis of deadly entrepreneur flaws in SEO, business models, productivity and more.

- How anyone can develop the successful online entrepreneur skillset.

- Your own bad habits that unknowingly hold back your business.

- Why 98% of online entrepreneurs fail.

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- Weekly updates from the blog.

- Building a recession-proof talented location independant team.

- Insights into my passion, social trends, a hugely powerful tool for anticipating change and new opportunities.

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Posted by Chris Munch